The Pie Tin, Newtown

  30 January 2012

OH HAI! Ohmygosh you guys do you love pie? I have been brought up on a diet of American tv shows and always, ALWAYS they get pie for dessert! It didn’t help that one of my favourite shows Pushing Daisies was all about pie (till they canned the show tch) but hey once you start thinking about pies you just cannot stop. After stalking posts here here here here here and here I knew I had to get myself to Pie Tin (1a Brown Street, Newtown) quick smart.

The Pie Tin’s hours are pretty awesome: M-W 10am-8pm, T-F 10am-10pm, Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 10am-6pm though the place is pretty packed during lunch hours and the humans seated at the communal table are eyeballed for their premium property.

Beers and ciders ftw

Selection of savoury pies

I’d managed to convince Noods to take a trek out to Newtown with the promise of deliciousness and he quickly devours his Tender Steak, Cheddar Cheese & Smokey Bacon pie along with sides of mushy peas and mash potato and a river of gravy ($10 for pie + 2 sides). I’d managed to snare the last Slow Roasted Shredded Pork with Apple and BBQ Sauce pie and was rejoicing in the tender nubbins of juicy pocine encased in golden flakey pastry with sides of mash potato and coleslaw.

Of course the real reason I wanted to go to the Pie Tin was for the dessert pies. OH BABY LOOKIE LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTIES! My heart, it was a-racing at all the choices! How to choose from such a drool worthy selection? It’s like picking a favourite child!

And the chosen child that day was the Snickers pie which comes with a side of cream ($6.50). It was everything I imagined. With a dark chocolate biscuit base, layers of chocolate and peanut butter mousse with a ribbon of caramel oh man it was GLORIOUS.

Visit #2 sees me being a tad greedy and ordering 3 dessert pies. It was sweet. Both in taste and in awesomeness. Picks of the day was the Malteser pie, Lemon Meringue pie and Gooey Caramel & Chocolate Ganache pie. As expected the Malteser pie was out of this world, surprisingly uber light and fluffy and unsurprisingly the caramel and choc pie was crazy rich like oh wow how many cavities am I gonna get rich. Not really a big fan of lemon meringue pie but I was suckered into ordering it when i saw the cloud of meringue piled sky high and it was sweet with a tart edge though I kinda wished the meringue was a bit more torched.

WHY SO PRETTY! Visit #3 has me seeing stars after spotting Noelines’ Triple Chocolate pie in the cabinet. If I thought the caramel & choc ganache tart was sweet then this pie kicked it out of the solar system in sweetness even with the scoop of vanilla ice cream ($1 extra) that I’d ordered but really what did I expect if there’s triple the chocolate lol but hey good times! I am foreseeing many more visits to try each dessert pie before possibly getting diabetes heh.

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