The Baron, Castle Hill

  5 February 2012

Dude’s there’s an awesome new cafe out west! The Baron (Shop 461 Castle Towers, Castle Hill) opened in early December and it is all kinds of sexy with single origin coffee and get this: it turns into a small bar at night! It’s part of the Castle Towers Shopping Center but the cafe is located outside near the old Timezone and near the bus bay.

One sunny arvo a caffeine hit was much needed so it was a latte for the mothership and a piccolo latte for me. Note: On Monday’s the Baron is an Espresso Bar and do not serve food but full menu is up for the rest of the week tho kitchen closes around 2ish so check what they’ve got.

Aaaand all fueled up I decided to teach my mother how to use Instagram bahaha that’s right kids my mother is on Instagram! Rofl her username is alwayseating or hey follow me chocolatesuze for much lols! But wait what’s that she’s eating?

OH MY FREAKING GOD. How can you not drool at the very sight of this BLAT ($8.50)! I’m suffering from incredible food envy at this sandwich which is packed with avocado slices, crinkly coral lettuce, slices of tomato and the most incredible bacon that was crispy and bubbly. I heart bacon. It makes me oh so happy. And apparently, it runs in the family.

My Meatball Baguette ($10) was tasty, with shavings of salty parmesan and the balls (heh baaalllls) were juicy but woe oh how I wished I had some more bacon!

The menu at the Baron is concise till they find their feet and sadly there’s no desserts on the menu though there’s some marshmallows and tarts from Sweetness Patisserie in the display and I spy a dude at the front counter slowly melting a whole block of chocolate for the deeelicious Hot Chocolate ($4).

They have daily specials which are tweeted and I saw pics of cheeseburgers which made me go omg so will definitely have to come back and check that out and also the bar one night so if anyone’s been let me know!

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