Lex’s Chef’s Table of Awesome

  20 February 2012

This is Lex. Aka super awesome chef that has returned from the land of ice hockey, maple syrup and mounties. So anyways according to him he was bored one day and decided he wanted to cook an epic meal for some friends. Well hey now I hope you’re bored more often mate!

We sit and find ourselves faced with the decision of which to eat first- the freshly baked brioche or baguette with Pepe Saya butter and Schmaltz (rendered duck fat) that we gleefully schmear on our bread.

“I gotta shuck the oysters so uh drink some wine while you wait!’ No worries Lex. Shuck away.

Mmm hello fresh bivalves!

Ooh and a second lot of oysters with Belvedere Black Vodka, creme fraiche and ocean trout roe. I love the pop of ocean trout roe when you squish them with your tongue yup I’m all class here.

Bacon foam oysters. YES YOU SAW THAT RIGHTBACON FOAM! Someone asked Lex how he made it cept my eyes glazed over after hearing words like emulsion and stabilisation and all I could think of was ohmygawd how I heart bacon.

I would’ve been fine with the amount of food so far and managed to plow thru the kingfish and scallop ceviche with ease until Lex plonked the biggest bowl I had ever seen of the excess guacamole right in front of me as well as the remaining bag of spinach chips and my eyes must’ve looked like 0_0 seriously guys guacamole makes the world go round.

Duck wontons were fried to crispy golden perfection, the wonton skin bubbly from the hot oil and encasing juicy duck nubbins. Oh and they were fried in duck fat- be still my artery clogged heart! Orrr drag the wonton into the crazy awesome aioli ohhh yeahhh that’ll hit the spot!

Woah mama look at that paella! Look at all the yabbies! Look at how they are all staring! Also, when Lex portions out his food it’s like he’s trying to feed a giant who hasn’t eaten in weeks. My bowl was filled waaay to the brim with freaking tasty rice and slabs of chicken and sausage and a whole yabbie! Stomach totes at explodey point!

While we were slowly making our way thru the paella Lex had chucked the biggest hunk of steak I have ever seen on the charcoal bbq and had finished it in the oven. The smell of that steak had us all sniffing the air and drooling as if we hadn’t just devoured 5 courses. When it finally made it’s way in front of us we attacked it like there was no tomorrow, it was the best steak I have ever eaten and by golly I am a fussy one.

A lil pre dessert- frozen kiwi fruit on sticks that had been coated in brown sugar, these was just damn addictive.

Bubur Ketan Hitam aka glorious black sticky rice has the perfect bite and consistency and while the mango bullseye is cute we all smash that in seconds and reach for extra slices of mango hehe

But of course the best is saved for last, with a rich and chocolatey brownie, sweet raspberry coulis and the most incredible peanut butter ice cream that was just so light but intensely peanut buttery thanks to a lucky accident of doubling the peanut to cream ratio haha mega thumbs up!

Lex and his helper apprentice Lael, thanks heaps guys!

Muahahaha table is demolished. Awesome foods and awesome peeps love you guys and here’s to many more dinners to come!

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