Sit 'n' Chats Cafe, Westmead

26 February 2012, 22:24

Edit: CLOSED So like, I LOVE Instagram. Calling everyone in the world who has an iphone: go forth an install the app now! And add me (chocolatesuze) hehe it totally makes me rage less than Twitter. So anywhos, I’ve been following julianvc on Instagram and drooling at all the gorgeous cakes and macarons that he makes and knew I had to get myself over to his family run cafe stat.

Sit ‘n’ Chats (151-155 Hawkesbury Road, Westmead) is located across the street from Westmead hospital and is a mere 2min walk from the station. They’re only open M-F, 7am-4pm so it was only a chance day off that I managed to get myself over there for a quick bite to eat.

Helllooo delicious baked goods! Everything is made on the premises, from the colourful macarons to the loaves of buttery brioche and chocolatey muffins.

The mothership has come along for lunch and orders the Roast Duck on Brioche ($15) and gets quite a kick at the sight of the chips placed jenga style on the plate. She gives it the thumbs up and I managed to sneak bites to have a taste- the duck is roasted in house and is tender and flavourful. Good stuff.

I have zeroed in on the Pulled Pork on Brioche ($15) and it is amazing and incredibly juicy, like, bathed in porky juices. I’m not a big fan of coleslaw in general but surprisingly loved it on the burger and kept lunch from feeling too heavy.

I return for breakfast with the intention of only ordering something small like a macaron or two but Julian convinced me to get the brioche with berry mascarpone and fresh strawberries ($12) which is so beautifully presented and tastes even better than it looks. The brioche is buttery but not heavy thanks to the secret of swapping the milk out with water in the recipe and the quenelle of mascarpone is creamy and rich and is soon slathered everywhere with glee.

Of course I had to grab a box of macarons ($2.50each)! The salted caramel has me in raptures, there’s just something about salted caramel in anything that makes me weak at the knees.

Hehe board of awesomeness.

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  1. Everything looks so good! Especially those burgers and the brioche… that is indeed awesomeness! :p

    jack    Feb 27, 01:26 AM    #

  2. Loving the name of this cafe! How could you say no to that brioche!

    john@heneedsfood    Feb 27, 07:58 AM    #

  3. Suze, I think you need to convince this cafe to open up on weekends…you can do it!

    Miss Piggy    Feb 27, 11:03 AM    #

  4. oh wow that brioche looks amazing! totally awesomeness!

    Jacq    Feb 27, 01:11 PM    #

  5. A great find. And pulled pork and coleslaw make the perfect combo. I’m with you on the salted caramel too… knees weaken…

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Feb 27, 01:18 PM    #

  6. Oh I’ve been past this cafe when I picked up gran from the hospital but never went in. mm love salted caramel

    Vivian - vxdollface    Feb 27, 02:44 PM    #

  7. I wish this place was around back when my brother was at Westmead hospital with two broken legs…would have made visiting a whole lot more pleasant :) That pulled pork sounds great and of course the macarons are always such a nice treat.

    Anna @ the shady pine    Feb 27, 03:01 PM    #

  8. mmmm…good choice with the brioche. Lookin geewd.

    Also lovin the name name of the place.

    Adrian (Food Rehab)    Feb 27, 03:53 PM    #

  9. the roast duck and pulled pork brioches look soooooo good! But westmead so damn far away lol.

    catty    Feb 27, 05:31 PM    #

  10. Lunch was yum! breakfast next time?

    — alwayseating    Feb 27, 09:51 PM    #

  11. Brioche makes everything better in my world!

    Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse)    Feb 27, 10:49 PM    #

  12. Ohhh yum I really wanna try the pulled porked on brioche! And the macarons!!! :) but too bad its so far away and they only open Monday to Friday >_< would be better if they also opened on weekends ~

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet    Feb 28, 03:18 AM    #

  13. I am a product of your obsession with instagram.

    ah dear – your world influence, dear chocolate, is quite incredible.

    — Anna Lisle    Feb 28, 11:49 AM    #

  14. West and Hills is definately picking up in the food game thats for sure.

    Em Lomu    Feb 28, 02:28 PM    #

  15. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog template (and you blog of course)! Could you please let me know the name of the agency you’ve used?

    Mademoiselle Slimalcious    Feb 29, 02:12 PM    #

  16. mm mascarpone and brioche looks delish! wouldn’t mind some roast duck either. too bad it’s only open m-f :(

    excusemewaiter    Feb 29, 07:37 PM    #

  17. Damn that’s a lot of Brioche! But it looks really good there, if I ever happen to be in the area I’ll be sure to stop by :)

    JasmyneTea    Feb 29, 09:26 PM    #

  18. I work in Parrmatta, I have to check this one out next week. Salted Caramel yum. Thanks for posting this one.

    — Frasers    Mar 2, 07:35 PM    #

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