Super Easy Toffee Apples

29 February 2012, 20:01

I loved toffee apples as a kid! I mean, most kids never even reach the apple part and our faces would just get schmeared in sticky toffee. Toffee apples fall in the same category for me as carnival or festival food which equals to sugary happiness. Over the years my festival candy of choice has been fairy floss and it’s been ages since my last toffee apple.

And then I stumbled upon a bag of teensy tiny apples at Costco and oh they sure were cute! Perfect bite size apples they were! A quick google hit brings up this recipe which is said to coat 15 normal sized apples. Obvs I wanted multi coloured apples so I did quarter batches at a time with diff food colourings.

15 small apples
4 cups caster sugar
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1 cup water
1 teaspoon food colouring
Paddle pop sticks

Wash and dry the apples and shove in paddle pop sticks into the middle of each apple. Make sure the paddle pop stick is wedged in securely.

Combine the 4 cups sugar, 1 tsp vinegar and 1 cup of water in a small heavy based pot and bring to the boil

Stir in the food colouring and leave the syrup to simmer for about 20mins until temperature reaches 150C or until a small amount of syrup dropped into cold water reaches crack stage – it should set hard and be hard to crack with fingers.

Remove the pot from the heat and stand in a baking dish of water until the mixture stops bubbling. When the mixture has stopped boiling, hold an apple by its stick, dip into the syrup, tilt the pan (and the apple) till the whole apple is covered.

Place toffee coated apples on baking paper and leave to harden.

Woohoo rainbow!

Alternative to giving candy flowers hehe

Aaand here’s my puddle of leftover toffee. If the toffee hardens in the pot just heat it up till it melts again to make cleaning simpler. Also, quadruple dipping an apple into different coloured toffee definitely doesn’t work :P



  1. DYING OF CUTENESS OVERLOAD! The psychedelic colors, the wee little apples!

    Heh I freaking love toffee apples especially when you get to the refreshing crispy apple part and you chew it altogether with the crackly toffee. Ummmmmm

    Karen | Citrus and Candy    Feb 29, 10:37 PM    #

  2. I’m terrified of working with sugar! Especially after a recent failed attempt at making honeycomb. Your toffee apples look perfect! :D

    Lucy    Feb 29, 10:44 PM    #

  3. They look so cool. You should have made a rainbow one somehow! Hahaha. Can’t believe how easy this is!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Mar 1, 09:23 AM    #

  4. I always eat the toffee off the apples and leave the apples for… uh… later?

    Did you eat the hardened toffee shard? Yes yes yes?

    shez    Mar 1, 10:05 AM    #

  5. I don’t remember much about the apple part from when i was a kid either! Then again, those apples were much larger than these and I mostly felt sick after eating off all the toffee =p

    But, I also want to know whether you ate the leftover rainbow toffee?

    Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse)    Mar 1, 01:43 PM    #

  6. Love this suze! i was thinking oh is there a rainbow one but your last statement answers it ;) damn!

    Julie    Mar 1, 03:54 PM    #

  7. Last time I had a toffee apple I ended up at the dentist. Its def a lot easier to chow down on one as a child lol

    Nic@diningwithastud    Mar 1, 04:46 PM    #

  8. What gorgeous toffee apples. They look amazing. I love all the colours – in my day you could only get red! So beautifully styled too xx

    Hotly Spiced    Mar 1, 09:38 PM    #

  9. Are you sure those apples were old enough to leave the tree? These are seriously cute and the perfect size for tasting but not over-indulging!

    YaYa    Mar 1, 10:28 PM    #

  10. Argh it’s been years since I last had a toffee apple. The pooled disc of toffee at the bottom/top was always the best bit!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Mar 2, 01:39 AM    #

  11. There are SO SO SO Cute!!! It looks fantastic ~ I’ve gotta try it!

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet    Mar 2, 03:56 AM    #

  12. You got some pretty perfect toffee there lady! Toffee apples never used to have decent apples in them anyway – soft and squidgy normally. These look better with a greater toffee to apple ratio :)

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Mar 2, 08:41 AM    #

  13. oooooh these look so pretty….I want to make these for my little niece or for me…haven’t decided.

    Anna @ the shady pine    Mar 2, 01:51 PM    #

  14. wow! the apples must have been really small! lol looks so colourful!! :D

    kiki @ simplykiki    Mar 2, 04:02 PM    #

  15. How cute are your toffee apples?

    I am so making these for my daughter’s birthday party. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Christina @ The Hungry Australian    Mar 2, 09:24 PM    #

  16. Hehehe I can always trust you to do the cutest and coolest recipes! Love it!!!!

    Brenda    Mar 2, 10:20 PM    #

  17. These are adorable!! Love the ones sticking out of the pail :)

    Cappucino    Mar 2, 11:16 PM    #

  18. Wow, are those paddle-pop sticks or tongue depressors? lol. What a great recipe, the colours look gorgeous together!

    JasmyneTea    Mar 2, 11:22 PM    #

  19. Wow they look really cool – a super idea for a picnic, party or BBQ!

    thesuzchef    Mar 3, 07:28 AM    #

  20. Groovy! They look like giant Chupa Chups!

    joey@FoodiePop    Mar 3, 09:23 AM    #

  21. Hi! I’m so glad I chanced upon your blog! :) I’m going to Sydney in April and your blog’s been giving me some great ideas where I could hang out at! ;)n *And I also love the battleship-shots game. Makes me wanna try it out! Cheers!

    Eunice    Mar 3, 01:18 PM    #

  22. Love the colour combs – looks perfect for Mardi Gras. LOLs.

    Miss Piggy    Mar 4, 12:06 PM    #

  23. They look fantastic. Question, are they tiny apples or did you use tongue depressers instead of paddle pop sticks?

    Sara @ Bellly Rumbles    Mar 4, 11:06 PM    #

  24. Oh they are way, way too cute! Super gorgeous!

    spiceandmore    Mar 6, 11:45 AM    #

  25. I LOVE the vibrant colours! Says “Party time” all over!! xo

    Saya    Mar 7, 10:12 AM    #

  26. OMG!! They are just the most super cute things ever :-) You’re blod is always an amazing source of inspiration! Peace x.

    B's Adventures    Mar 8, 09:07 AM    #

  27. What a great idea, will be diffently trying these out, how long do they last once made

    — Tara    Jan 12, 04:54 PM    #

  28. me and my family loved the toffee apples.

    — nicole merriman    Sep 20, 05:35 PM    #

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