Coco Cubano, Parramatta

  4 March 2012

OH HAI! How was your weekend guys? If you’ve been stalking me on twitter you’ll know I was in Fiji for my extremely belated honeymoon and we had absolutely beyootiful weather so it was a complete downer when we landed back in Sydney and were met with pelting rain. But on Sunday arvo the sun smiled happily upon our group of food bloggers as we gathered at Coco Cubano (302 Church Street, Parramatta). Aaaand there was Sangria! White Sangria! Sangria rocks my world! So many short sentences! And exclamation marks!

Coco Cubano had kindly offered to provide some food and drinks for a mini westie food blogger meetup and the lovely Tony gave us a quick run down on the company and how he and his wife wanted to recreate the atmosphere, food and drinks of Cuba. I particularly loved how the photos on the wall were taken by him to give the place a personal yet quirky touch. Check out the mo’s on some of the fellas!

Haloumi salad ($15.90) arrives first, the wedge of lemon is squeezed onto the strips of salty squeaky cheese and disappears fast as we alternate between mouthfuls of the refreshing white Sangria ($28) and the charred capsicum slices.

The Patatas Bravas ($9.90) are fat and crisp with delightfully fluffy potato innards and smothered in a rich and slightly spicy tomato sauce.

Calamari with chilli salt and roasted garlic sauce ($12.90) is a bit heavy on the batter but the curls are crazy addictive with the garlic sauce.

We fight over the Mini Beef Burger Sliders (2 for $9.90) with grilled cheese and onion jam, the sesame studded buns are lightly toasted and hug the juicy patty with love.

Vegetarian Nachos ($12.90) OH YEAH LOOK AT THAT OOZY QUESO CHEESE! Mmm oozy gooey cheesey rivers of deliciousness. I heart queso cheese! Tho not so much the beans- I’m kinda a corn chip, cheese and guac type of gal.

AND MORE GOOEY CHEESE! The Serrano Melt ($14.90) has me in near raptures, ribbons of Serrano ham lie smothered in beautiful queso cheese on a jalapeno and olive bread.

A bowl of fries with chilli salt ($7.90) rounds out our savouries, the fries are golden and perfect and dunked into the garlic sauce with much relish.

A round of Mojitos ($14.90) makes us all merry, the mango and the lychee are instant winners and refreshing on the almost summer afternoon.

But at last! Dessert time! The Chocolate Fondue ($9.90) is a sight to see, the glasses of melty milk and dark chocolate is immediately attacked with marshmallows, wafers and fruit being dipped and dunked and covered in glorious chocolate.

I’ve never been a fan of churros but the Choc Cinnamon Churros ($13.90) are pretty damn tasty, piping hot and uber crunchy.

And last but not least, the Revolution Waffle ($13.90) comes with a toasty warm Belgian waffle, strawberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with more glorious chocolate sauce.

Group photo (thanks Dk and Yvn). Stuffed to the max we waddle off into the sunset and promise to return for the Cuban sandwich and more margaritas hehe good to know there’s a great place to chill and eat some tasty foods in the Parra area!

ChocolateSuze dined as a guest of Coco Cubano

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