The Morning After the Night Before at Ms G's, Potts Point

26 March 2012, 01:55

Oh boy. Reeeally wasn’t feeling so great after a fun Friday night out on the town and the boy was feeling even worse after celebrating his footy team’s win. It just so happened that the next day was Dan Hong and Jowett Yu’s event ‘Morning After the Night Before’ at Ms G’s (155 Victoria St, Potts Point) with 5 courses + a drink ($50) for a hangover breakfast cure and there was Bloody Mary’s to get us functioning.

Dim Sum. I was so glad that there was something deep fried. Cos I mean, everything feels better after eating something oily and greasy to soak up the night’s remaining alcohol right? My only problem was that even though the spring roll was golden and crispy, it was pretty near perfect and not at all oily. Filled with chicken and cucumber wedges and interestingly enough a layer of stretchy cheese, the spring roll was smashed down fast. The siu mai was pretty massive- topped with a scallop and holding a perfect ratio of mince to prawns and held together by a silky wonton wrapper.

Fried Breakfast Bowl. Teehee couldn’t help but lean over and stare into the bowl and go naww whatta cute little egg!

Stab stab! Mmm ooozy eggy innards! Now what happens when you take an already delicious platform of a 60 degree egg and smother it all over delicious fried bits of bacon, croutons, mushrooms and potato? That’s a stupid question because it just becomes MORE DELICIOUS. I ate it ALL.

Tonkotsu Ramen. The boy perked up at being dragged out to the city when he knew there was ramen for brekkie. I’d been stalking Dan Hong on twitter and had seen the slices of porky that was going to be used for the ramen and I was sooo excited! And it was amazeballs. Pleasingly chewy noodles with a whole lotta fresh corn nubbins, slices of fatty pork, bamboo shoots, seaweed and all bathed in the glory of rich pork bone broth.

Fresh Melon with Berocca Sorbet. So after the ramen I was all like well ok I’m pleasantly full and yes the sorbet did taste like Berocca but did it in fact give me back my b-b-bounce? The fruit gave me mixed emotions- I was feeling kinda healthy at eating fruit as I don’t really eat the correct portions of fruit a day so had probably been in need of some vitamins but at the same time I was like hmm wish all these fruits had been spiked with vodka…

Bacon Coke Float. Now usually I love crazy combinations buuuut I’m quite particular about Coke, I haz mad issues with flavours mixing with Coke I mean c’mon vanilla Coke? Lemon Coke? Tchh! The scoop of vanilla ice cream was studded with bacon pieces and I reckon I would’ve loved it if it wasn’t submerged spider-style in my Coke. But for $50 I reckon this hangover brekkie was pretty awesome and oh, hey Dan? Put the ramen on Ms G’s menu please!

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  1. Fun Friday night indeed! lawl. More cheese? The fried breakfast bowl looks crazy delicious!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Mar 26, 02:07 AM    #

  2. Hangovers are a bitch!!! But I’m sure the food will make you feel better ~ The breakfast bowl is amazing I’ve never seen anything like it and would love to try it :D

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet    Mar 26, 02:15 AM    #

  3. Ok. 3 things.
    1. Is that a Bloody Mary in your first pic? Genius.
    2. Ramen for breakfast? Yes, please!
    3. Coke and bacon? So confusing. Could be terrible, could be genius.

    Great post!

    SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa)    Mar 26, 03:07 AM    #

  4. That ramen looks super good! Not sure about that bacon float though…

    Karen missklicious    Mar 26, 07:41 AM    #

  5. ramen for breakfast is a brilliant idea! Hope that amazing feast made you feel less shady afterwards!

    thesuzchef    Mar 26, 08:10 AM    #

  6. I hope ramen gets added to the Ms G’s menu. looks so good!

    Annie    Mar 26, 08:21 AM    #

  7. Ramen and Berocca sorbet? Legendary. Glad to see you went to the even prepared with a hangover ;)

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Mar 26, 09:15 AM    #

  8. The photo of you is AWESOME! So expressive.

    richard elliot    Mar 26, 09:18 AM    #

  9. Ramen for breakfast?!
    Hell yeah!!!!!

    Brenda    Mar 26, 10:41 AM    #

  10. the ramen looks fantastic! i certainly do hope that he does put it on the menu!

    gastronomous anonymous    Mar 26, 10:55 AM    #

  11. mm the ramen does look good! the bacon coke float is such an original combination, not sure how i feel about it though lol

    Vivian - vxdollface    Mar 26, 11:18 AM    #

  12. The ramen was a big hit for us, really hit the spot. The bacon cola float, was a little eww sadly.

    Sara @ Bellly Rumbles    Mar 26, 01:47 PM    #

  13. I bet no more sad face after this meal, haha! With five courses for breakfast, I think it serves more than just a cure lol. I’d love to try this out if I have the chance. :)

    Emily    Mar 26, 08:29 PM    #

  14. i just went there on thursday! now i’m tempted for the breakfast. :P

    Melissa    Mar 26, 09:20 PM    #

  15. That looks like a great place to go after a big night out. I love the sound of the berocca sorbet – what a clever idea. Hope you’re feeling better by now! xx

    Hotly Spiced    Mar 26, 10:06 PM    #

  16. Well at least that ooozy egg cheered you up!

    Adrian (Food Rehab)    Mar 26, 10:42 PM    #

  17. Glad there was something deep fried on the menu! Hope it did the trick. These courses all look lovely!

    Anna @ the shady pine    Mar 27, 07:13 AM    #

  18. ooh that fried breakfast bowl looks like the perfect hangover pick-me-up – so dericious!

    Jacq    Mar 27, 10:46 AM    #

  19. omgawd everything looks yummy. Want to try that ramen :D

    Julie    Mar 27, 01:06 PM    #

  20. No words to explain how good that breakfast bowl looks right about now!

    Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy    Mar 27, 06:52 PM    #

  21. What a fun menu. Glad you went, even though you were in slight pain on the day. Hope the food turned your spirits around. I think the Berocca sorbet should be offered in chemists for all the frail morning-afters people suffer!

    Lee Tran Lam    Mar 27, 07:07 PM    #

  22. that sounds like an amazing hangover breakfast! i want to try that berocca sorbet…and that fried breakfast bowl too.

    excusemewaiter    Mar 27, 09:25 PM    #

  23. OMG! I just realised that you were sitting around the corner… mmm I think all us girls polished the fried breakfast bowl.

    Jenny (minibites)    Mar 27, 09:38 PM    #

  24. Ummmm look at that Ramen! holy crap. Overall the whole menu looks fan friggen tastic!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Mar 30, 08:36 AM    #

  25. Bacon…..coke… float I cant move from that spot

    Squeak    Apr 11, 08:58 PM    #

  26. I loved all of Dan Hongs merivale events! I couldnt decide if this one was my favourite or the milk bar memories!

    The ramen & fried breakfast bowl was amazingly delicious & so was the golden gaytime x monaco bar dessert!

    tastyfoodsnaps    Apr 21, 10:32 AM    #

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