Happy Easter!

5 April 2012, 01:14

Hey guys! I’m battling a cold at the moment so a quick post from me today but woohoo who’s excited about the Easter long weekend! Anyone got exciting plans? I foresee myself visiting several supermarkets and/or department stores and hitting the candy aisle to grab some discounted chocolate. Because for the first time it seems I have oddly not overindulged in my favourite food eating holiday and have been sadly lacking in chocolate consumption. I was all set to bake something super chocolatey for a post but then got smashed with this cold. Bleh. Anywhos not too sure how the above carton of eggs happened but the boy is crazy and I figure well, these are our nutty household’s temporary alternative to Easter Eggs hehe just be sure to use a non toxic marker! Have a safe and awesome Easter and hope you all eat lots and lots of chocolate :D




    — Belle    Apr 5, 01:49 AM    #

  2. TMNT! Although I really want to get a slingshot and play Angry Birds for real. lol.

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Apr 5, 02:10 AM    #

  3. Happy Easter suze :D

    misskliciois    Apr 5, 08:09 AM    #

  4. It sure does make eggs that much more exciting! Happy Easter and get better suze xx

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Apr 5, 09:17 AM    #

  5. Ha – what a great representation of our times..!

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Apr 5, 09:51 AM    #

  6. Get well soon! Those eggs are great!

    Mary @ beyondjelly    Apr 5, 09:51 AM    #

  7. They are so angry Suze… grrr.. lots of oranges for you miss.

    — Anna Lisle    Apr 5, 10:29 AM    #

  8. Wow, those are some mad sharpie skills!

    CheezyK    Apr 5, 10:42 AM    #

  9. What an artist! Get well soon Suze, hope you have an egg-cellent Easter regardless!

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Apr 5, 11:06 AM    #

  10. Get well soon suze! That is some epic drawing! Ps chocolate makes colds better sooner ;)

    milkteaxx    Apr 5, 11:10 AM    #

  11. hehe so cute! i did that to my eggs once.. mum wasn’t impressed :( hope you get better soon!

    Vivian - vxdollface    Apr 5, 11:45 AM    #

  12. get better soon! hopefully the cold wont linger all over the long weekend.

    happy Easter!

    gastronomous anonymous    Apr 5, 11:51 AM    #

  13. oh noes :( hope you feel better suze!

    Julie    Apr 5, 02:08 PM    #

  14. Funny eggs and happy Easter.

    Best Restaurants of Australia    Apr 5, 05:07 PM    #

  15. thanks for the awesome post….sorry about your cold..I look for your post everyday….love your sharing…xo thankyou so much you cutey..for keep on keeping on..xo

    — Anna    Apr 5, 10:35 PM    #

  16. Happy Easter suze! I just got hit with a cold too which sucks but hope you get better soon. i heart the spiderman egg hehe

    Jacq    Apr 5, 10:57 PM    #

  17. happy easter to you too suze! get well soon!

    Melissa    Apr 6, 09:38 AM    #

  18. haha I love the spiderman. I hope you get better soon, I’m feeling sniffly too :(

    Jenny (minibites)    Apr 6, 06:33 PM    #

  19. The eggs look awesome. Hope you feel better soon and can have a post easter indulgence in chocolate

    Flick YourFood    Apr 6, 06:47 PM    #

  20. Ninja Turtle egg up there is the greatest! Hoppy Easter!

    SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa)    Apr 7, 04:10 PM    #

  21. Happy Easter Suze! And I hope you’re feeling better. Love your egg carton! xx

    Hotly Spiced    Apr 8, 09:34 PM    #

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  23. Hope you’re feeling better now Suze! Happy Easter :D Get well soon ~

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet    Apr 9, 03:05 AM    #

  24. aww, feel better soon – I’m sure all that discount chocolate will help though ;) Love the eggs – especially the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one!

    JJ @ 84thand3rd    Apr 9, 09:00 PM    #

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