Umi Sushi & Udon, Darling Harbour

  29 April 2012

Oh look it’s Monday again. Did you guys have a good weekend? I spent mine at the mac store seeing if I could get my poor laptop fixed but to no avail ugh but luckily I managed to get some pics off the hard drive and found some places I haven’t blogged yet.

Late last year I was at the new Darling Quarter area with the lovely Anna and oh boy isn’t that area all pretty now! Loving the ping pong tables and crazy playground for children of all ages! In the mood for some Japanese, we decided to hit Umi Sushi & Udon (Shop TR10 Darling Quarter, 1 Harbour St, Sydney) where I started off with my all time favourite Sapporo beer and nabbed a plate of salmon sashimi ($7) from the train. I’ve eaten at their Capitol Theater location quite a few times so was keen to see how the DQ measured up.

I spy with my little eye something that looks like deliciousness! Crispy Salmon Skin ($5.80) is amazing, crispy and salty and so freaking moorish, it is the perfect beer snack!

Decided to go with the Udon ($7.50) with an additional Onsen Egg ($1.50) and well, generally my mind doesn’t go kaboom when eating udon noodles in miso soup but it was piping hot with clean flavours and a perfectly gooey egg. The noodles had a pleasingly chewy bite and a spoonful of fried tempura bits and seaweed fills my stomach with happiness.

Anna has opted for the Salmon and Avocado Salad ($10.80) and holy moly it was one ginormous salad! As expected the salmon was fresh as can be, and packed with creamy avo slices the salad looked to be pretty damn filling.

Last but not least, Nasu Dengaku ($7.80). YEAH BABY! Now that’s what I’m talking about! I loooove eggplant which alot of people find surprising thanks to my texture issues but I love eggplant BECAUSE it’s squishy! Whack on some miso paste and grill until slightly charry and the eggplant turns into freaking awesome on a plate!

Will definitely be back for the eggplant and I reckon some plum umeshi one weeknight will be on the cards soon 😛

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