Beschico, Epping

  14 May 2012

YARMMM. How was your weekend everyone? Hope you all treated your mums to an awesome Mother’s Day yesterday! So anyways my Fridays lately have been about hitting the one and only Arisun for some fried chicken and beer and well, there may have been Soju involved last Friday which made for the memory of eating said chicken a lil hazy. So the next day I was googling for fried chicken in the area and stumbled upon a mention of Beschico (41 Beecroft Rd, Epping) and managed to convince the boy that fried chicken was a requirement for marital happiness.

Luckily he agreed to the fried chicken and with Epping being pretty close to our hood we rocked up to the restaurant and while slightly unnerved that the place was completely empty, we settled into our booth and were presented with a bowl of popcorn. That’s right, POPCORN. Haha we were totally expecting banchan! I LOVE popcorn you guys! Max beer ($7) for Noods and Orion beer ($5.50) for me. Yes I totally picked Orion beer because as soon as I saw the name I was all like ‘The Galaxy is on Orion’s belt!” /nerd

IT’S CHICKEN TIME!!! I am a diehard fried chicken fan but Noods wanted something with sauce so we went with the combo special of Spicy Half Chicken and Chico Hot Half Chicken ($33).


The fried chicken is incredible, seriously out of this world spectacular! Not at all oily, the nubbly pieces just begging to be ripped into, no forks and knives here folks it’s all finger licking good 😛 A side dish of lemony mustard is all the sauce I need when I’ve hit the wall and take alternating bites of the pickled cubes of radish and washing it all down with beer.

The sticky sauce on the Spicy Chicken is surprisingly not very spicy for this chili failure blawger and I managed to power through a couple of pieces that Noods so kindly offered. It is lipschmacking delicious but the original fried chicken has the keys to my heart.

Beschico’s website is nonexistant and I know absolutely no Korean so I couldn’t read the signs but from what I can gather they’re open at 11.30am every day till late and takeaway is pretty popular with the after work crowd. Ignore the weird RSL feel of the front of the room and the mishmash of Asian lacquered furniture at the back and grab a booth along the far wall. Chicken gets the thumbs up here with about 90% of the menu dedicated to the bird. If anyone knows any more places with fried chicken in the west hit me up in the comments! P.s yes I’ve been to Eastwood Hotel but I haz mad issues with ginseng.

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