6 months until Christmas

  25 June 2012

That’s right you guys! Exactly 6 months to go before Christmas! Has this year flown by or what?! So anywhos over the weekend I was determined to hit the toy sales for a skateboard preferably in the pink end of the rainbow spectrum and teehee oh hello Optimus Prime! Yes I’m a sucker for people in costumes 😀

Seems like dinosaur toys are making a comeback and I was THIS close to buying this crazy neon orange dino that does absolutely nothing. The boy was barely awake and so was not as impressed as I with the selection of toys.

Why so serious? Haha super tempted to get the Darth Vader mask too but I want a Stormtrooper mask more so will hold off lol

In need of sustenance we hit The Baron (Shop 461, 4-16 Castle St, Castle Hill) where it was packed to the max thanks to the awesome writeup on SMH Cafe Guide but managed to squeeze ourselves onto a free space. Noods has opted for the special of the day, a freaking incredible grilled barramundi with super tender flesh and gloriously crisp skin sitting atop a pile of roasted potatoes and beans. I managed to steal some quick bites before he very sneakily hoovered the whole plate in less than 5minutes.

In case you don’t follow me on the fabulous world of Instagram (stalk me on @chocolatesuze), I had the Autumn salad ($15) which was a freaking ginormous mound of greens & rocket pesto, potato, confit ocean trout aaaaand then I added crispy bacon, fetta and mushrooms ($3 extra each) because I always feel like a salad is never a proper meal and I tend to get hungry soon after. And oh boy was it delicious and filling! Awesome coffee and quirky beers makes The Baron a tops place to hang out on the weekend. And now I must go and buy that dino head, brb kthnxbai!

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