Dinner at The Baron, Castle Hill

  2 July 2012

So I’ve blogged about The Baron before and no doubt if you follow me on Instagram you will see that the boy and I visit The Baron (Shop 461 Castle Towers, Castle Hill) at least once a week to get our daily bacon fix. But back in June they started opening for dinner and even tho we had just had brekkie we promised the boys we’d be back again that night. And oh how we regret not visiting sooner! With candles flickering in jars on every table, the vibe is definitely more cosy and relaxed and is far, far away from the teenager prone area of the Piazza.

Our beers of the night were: Red Duck White Garden, Red Duck Hoppy Amber and my fav- the Badlands Brewery Pale Ale.

We start with the incredibly smooth chicken liver pate that’s made in-house and has my eyes glazing over in raptures as I spread it inch thick onto the fluffy slices of Sweet Infinity bread. For $6 that’s damn good value especially with the cube of salty sweet butter to slather on your remaining piece of bread because you don’t understand the concept of trying to make the pate last…

The Corn Fritters ($9) are golden nuggets of happiness, the fresh corn kernels are bound together in a light batter and deep fried to perfection. The sprinkle of sea salt makes these babies addictive and soon it’s a battle of will power as we eye off the last fritter hiding amongst the fresh peas and mint.

Much love to the boys for sending us the Smoked Trout Paupiettes on the house- it’s almost too pretty a parcel to open! The paper thin slices of smoked trout is so delicate it’s a wonder they manage to hold the tiger prawn innards without breaking. I ‘had’ to eat this by myself as I only allowed the prawn allergic Noods a tiny bite and decided he could eat the fennel 😛

The Braised Oxtail ($26) is perfect for the chilly winter’s night- a muddle of tender meat hugs baby carrots and potatoes and are bathed happily in an incredible rich red wine sauce. I would have preferred if there was mashed potato so I could mop up the sauce but everything is cleared from the plate within moments of hitting the table.

Our favourite waitress Jess has sold us on the risotto special of the night and it is as perfect as she has described. Creamy and just the right amount of bite, it definitely felt like someone had stood at the stove and lovingly stirred each grain to just the right point of deliciousness. Tiny florets of cauliflower hide amongst the grains and slices of chicken (I believe poached?) sit atop the risotto mountain.

Clutching our stomaches and reaching explodey point I just couldn’t resist the Spanish Cheesecake and ohemgee if I hadn’t been so full I could totally just imagine being curled up near a fireplace and slowly demolishing the cheesecake spoonful by spoonful and not letting anyone near me. Made with fluffy ricotta it was incredibly rich and the quenelle of cream probably would have been better had it been ice cream instead and would’ve loved more of the butterscotch sauce. Because butterscotch sauce totally rocks my world.

New items for the dinner menu is in the works, I hear there’s a possibility of pork belly mmm. Currently The Baron is only open for dinner Friday and Saturday nights and hopefully thinking of opening for more nights which lol guess that means more visits haha

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