Pub Life Kitchen, Surry Hills

  30 July 2012

Edit: CLOSED You know what the best thing about reading blogs is? Finding out about random places that you never even knew existed! I’d been having cravings for a good juicy burger and after reading this post I knew I had to visit Pub Life Kitchen (42 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills) and get my burger on especially when I found out that every Wednesday they have some kinda crazy ass burger special!

My first visit to Pub Life one Wednesday night saw me chortling at the sight of the Tropic Thunder ($15)- a fat juicy piece of fried chicken with a sourdough beer battered pineapple fritter topped with a jalepeno and bacon relish and double monterey jack cheese on a fluffy house made bun. Holy moly that was one awesome burger!

Couldn’t resist the drink special- a Splice Of Heaven, which was rich and creamy with a swirly of mango and a sprinkle of toasted coconut flakes.

Noods has chosen the 300g Grain Fed Rump with fries, salad & gravy ($18) which was deliciously tender with just the right amount of char. He gave it the thumbs up and is plotting on visiting on a Tues when it’s cheap steak night lol

The following Wednesday we’re back again after hearing that the special burger was a PB&J burger. Yep I’m totally a sucka for novelty especially anything with peanut butter! The School Kid Special ($15) was, wait for it.. LEGENDDARY. The peanut butter sauce was more like a satay sauce with heaps of crushed peanuts and I loved the sour cherry jelly layer which went awesomely on the slow cooked chicken.

Noods has opted for the Wagyu Beef Schnitzel ($18) which has a crunchylicious crumb and surprisingly tender innards. The mountain of mashed potatoes is ethereally light and I stealthily swipe forkfuls when Noods isn’t looking. And after a while I just didn’t care that he saw anymore because it was just that good. Good thing he’s the sharing type heh

Some stalking on the book of faces meant that there was no way I was missing out on the “Banana Split”($12), a classic updated without any fresh banana! That’s right folks there was some gorgeous slices of incredibly fragrant banana bread with giant scoops of ice cream, juicy morello cherries, peanut brittle and a blast from my childhood past- banana chips! Loved everything in this dish buuut kinda wished there was at least 1 piece of fresh banana buried under everything.

Visit #3 and I’m back with the penguin and the blue belt and have ordered a round of entrees to share. We were pretty devo when we found out the bone marrow on toast was goneskies but the fat golden batons of Cheesy Polenta Chips with Jalapeno Mayo made up for our sadness.

We um had to order more frieds! The Beer Battered Potato Scallops ($8), had a higher ratio of batter than potato and the Chicken Wings ($8) were a little on the slightly burned side but nm it was the burgers we were after.

Even tho it wasn’t a Wed when we visited, there’s a whole heap of burgers on the menu and I couldn’t resist the Cheeseburger($15). Aaaand because I always think that there’s never enough cheese on a cheeseburger I asked for extra cheese and almost swooned when my burger comes out with 4 slices of cheese haha yeah all that cheese/dairy pretty much defeated me but IT WAS WORTH IT DAMMIT.

The O.G Burger ($15) ie the Original Gangster contained a house ground beef pattie with caramelised onion, tomato, lettuce, smoked cheese, aioli on a house made bun. Richard demolished this with ease (mostly) but the humongous pile of chips defeated us all.

Sir D had the Chicken Burger ($15), with pieces of fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayo and which I eyed with envy even though I was struggling with my own burger.

Clutching our stomaches we decided to share the Brownie Sundae which was a good idea as it was freaking massive! Rich chocolatey brownie pieces lie hidden in the depths of that bowl, surrounded by whipped cream, shards of honeycomb, peanut brittle AND GLORIOUS BUTTERSCOTCH SAUCE. I love you butterscotch sauce! You make the world go ‘round!

I’m reeeeally hoping they decide to put the bone marrow back on the menu but either way I’m totes coming back for more crazy burgers!

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