Ramen Zundo, World Square Sydney

5 August 2012, 23:32

“Ramen with friends” is a status that Noods and his mates use regularly on the Book of Faces and word on the street ie blogland meant I spotted a new ramen joint- Ramen Zundo (Shop 1030, Level UG, World Square Shopping Centre near the sushi train, 644 George St, Sydney). World Square is running a promo atm so print out this voucher and you can get any ramen or curry plus a side dish and Japanese ice cream for $15 anytime after 4pm till 12th of Aug.

The Crunchy Tiger and I have both chosen 3 pieces of Karaage (normally $4.50) for our sides. The juicy morsels of chicken are tasty even if the batter wasn’t as crispy and nubbly as I had hoped.

Noods has opted for the 3 pieces of Gyoza (normally $4.50) and before it occurs to me to try a piece he’s managed to snaffle the lot. He was quite descriptive too- “they were good”.

Aaaand what we’ve been waiting for- Tonkotsu Ramen Zundo White ($11.80)! Two fat slices of chashu roast pork belly sit atop a bowl filled with bouncy squiggles of noodles, 2 squares of crisp seaweed and 2 halves of runny soft boiled egg. There is a disturbingly large pile of bean sprouts and cabbage amidst my pile of goodness which I immediately fish out. The pork bone broth isn’t as super rich as Gumshara but woah. WOAH. The chashu? INSANE. I would return for the chashu alone. It is all kinds of amazeballs, incredibly tender with beeyootiful ribbons of fat. There’s also the Zundo Black which has garlic oil and the Zundo Red which is spicy chilli oil.

Choice of desserts is limited to ice creams (normally $2.80), so I’ve gone for the green tea which is creamy and the wafer oddly addictive.

Japanese curries are also available and I’m totes coming back and trying the Mount Chashu which looks to be loaded with porky goodness mmm

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  1. great find. looks so good. will have to try soon :-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Aug 6, 02:54 AM    #

  2. lol what the boys staring at? and haha I think noods is finally onto your sneaky snaffling. heh.

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Aug 6, 03:05 AM    #

  3. OMG x10!!!!!!! tonkotsu ramen & chashu rocks my world. Can’t wait to try!

    Ramen Raff    Aug 6, 06:19 AM    #

  4. Thats a pretty awesome ramen deal! Karage chicken FTW?

    Food is our religion    Aug 6, 08:26 AM    #

  5. lol! The number of times I get told something along the lines of ‘it’s good’. ergh!

    Mary @ beyondjelly    Aug 6, 10:05 AM    #

  6. don’t think anything will be the same as gumshara but this still looks just as good. I would love to dig into that bowl of ramen with chashu pork anyday!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Aug 6, 11:03 AM    #

  7. Oh snap! I missed the voucher though… Can’t wait to try their tsukemen!

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Aug 6, 11:13 AM    #

  8. Mmm that chashuuu….

    Hahaa I was quick and managed to snaffle one of Jchow’s gyoza before he ate them all. It was indeed good teehee.

    mel (@crunchytiger)    Aug 6, 12:29 PM    #

  9. check out the fat on that chashu!

    Jacq    Aug 6, 12:47 PM    #

  10. That tonkotsu ramen looks spectacular! In fact, it all looks pretty amazing. I’ll be searching for this place the next time I’m looking for city meal inspiration.

    Amanda@chewtown    Aug 6, 02:19 PM    #

  11. salivating at my computer in wagga! sadly there’s no where to buy ramen in my town and I’m not brave enough to try making it myself… must book sydney trip in soon!

    Sonya    Aug 6, 06:18 PM    #

  12. Love a good ramen place. Shall try next time I’m in the city!

    L    Aug 6, 06:47 PM    #

  13. I’ve JUST gotten to Ryo’s and now you talk about this. I haven’t even been to Gumshara yet! damn you, slow down!

    catty    Aug 6, 10:41 PM    #

  14. hmm seems like all everyone talks about here is their amazing chashu! will need to check this place out since the chashu is my fav part of ramen LOL

    Vivian - vxdollface    Aug 7, 11:43 AM    #

  15. hehe… yeah I totally agree with you about the chashu Suze! I think I might have to go back for lunch there today!! :) Gotta make use of the voucher while it’s still on right? ;)

    jack    Aug 7, 12:32 PM    #

  16. Totally craving ramen now. Thanks Suze!

    Christina @ The Hungry Australian    Aug 7, 04:09 PM    #

  17. whaaa i was at world square yday and didnt see this place! punches self

    sugarpuffi    Aug 9, 04:32 PM    #

  18. That Zundo black sounds right up my alley! Also love the green tea icecream with wafer yumm

    excusemewaiter    Aug 10, 12:44 AM    #

  19. I could just eat Gyoza and Rammen my entire life…it’s just delicious.

    — Laura Alfonsin    Aug 10, 02:52 AM    #

  20. Haha, “they were good”! And now I have a back-up plan for dinner with some girlfriends tonight phew

    Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse)    Aug 10, 10:30 AM    #

  21. Mmm love some good ramen, but the Gyozaaa look great – love ‘em!!!

    Anna (a.k.a Ladybird)    Aug 10, 04:49 PM    #

  22. This looks like a great place. I love the look of that green tea ice cream – fabulous colour and how inexpensive! xx

    Hotly Spiced    Aug 10, 11:55 PM    #

  23. tsukemen on the menu looks yummy! thats what I will be ordering when I have the chance to visit :)

    tastyfoodsnaps    Aug 12, 04:15 AM    #

  24. Another ramen place in the city! Sounds like the pork is good!!!
    Want to try soon…

    Potato Princess    Aug 14, 09:49 PM    #

  25. There are so many ramen places lately LOL everything here looks great and very reasonably priced too :) SIGHHH I MISS SYDNEY!

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet    Aug 16, 12:21 PM    #

  26. I tried them out using the voucher deal for a lunch date with a friend. Each of us had a ramen, and turned out really good. Agree on the excessive sprouts – not a fan of them! Otherwise, it was a good noodle/soup combo..

    Sophie @ teathymes    Aug 20, 02:26 AM    #

  27. I actually went here last week. Had the “Chicken Katsu Curry”. Delicious and good value. Will come back again! :)

    Ryan Golla    Aug 27, 02:19 AM    #

  28. This place looks great, wi;; definitely try it out!

    thecasualfoodblogger    Sep 7, 10:22 AM    #

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