Tim Tam Colosseum

27 August 2012, 01:27

ERMAHGERD!!! It’s a Tim Tam Colosseum!!! I love Tim Tams, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love a Tim Tam. What’s not to love? It’s a delicious chocolate biscuit! So anywhos a long, looong time ago, back in 2006, I followed a blog by a girl called Bex and she built a Tim Tam Colosseum for her Roman/Toga party and ever since then I have known that I would try and recreate it. And then like magic, I was sent a couple of cases of Tim Tams from the good people at Arnott’s and while I did my best to eat as many as I could, I knew that my time had finally come. A high school mate’s bday was near and with nothing scheduled for the weekend I set to work! I made it over 2 days because I wanted to make sure the base set properly before attempting the upper tiers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: my Tim Tam Colosseum! Isn’t it just beyoootiful?! It didn’t take too long to assemble but it did take a bit of time to wait for each layer to fully set and be stable enough before adding another level.

What you’ll need! Tim Tams. Lots of them. My colosseum was a bit over the top considering only 5 people were gonna be eating it so um maybe half everything if you’re gonna attempt this… I used about 30 packets of Tim Tams, about half a kilo of chocolate to melt and use for the ‘cement’, 2 packets of gummy men, 1 packet of gummy snakes and dinosaurs, 450g tin of Milo and a board to place your creation on. I used a foam board that can be bought from art shops, I wanted something quite sturdy incase the chocolate seeped through. Start by drawing a circle so you can use as a guide to place the bottom row of Tim Tams.

Melt chocolate in small portions at a time either by microwaving in short bursts or on a double boiler over the stove. Dip the ends of Tim Tams into the melted chocolate and place on your circle. Be sure to space the Tim Tams out evenly, use another Tim Tam as a guide- they need to be close enough that a Tim Tam can lie on top with another. I kinda suck at explaining so look at the pics! Make sure the Tim Tams are fully stuck and cooled before doing the next layer.

Spoon melted chocolate on top of the standing Tim Tams 3 at a time and place Tim Tams horizontally around the circle.

While the layers are cooling stack Tim Tams for the audience stands. I used more melted chocolate to keep everything in place but I reckon ‘next time’ I wouldn’t bother. I stacked it 3 Tim Tams high for the back stands and 2 Tim Tams high for the front. I only did a half circle for the stands because I didn’t think I had enough gummy men to put in the stands so whatever floats your boat.

Aaaand next layer, dip Tim Tam bottoms in chocolate and place in the middle and repeat.

Lol Noods snapped this while I was doing the next horizontal layer and started placing the gummy men. It was freaking cold but I was too paranoid to turn on the heater in case the structure melted haha but yeah dip the gummy men in chocolate and place on the stands.

Colourful crowd!

Continue with your 3rd tier

The 4th tier is the ‘broken’ tier, so only do a tier halfway around.

Noods said I should’ve blitzed some biscuits for the dirt but I was worried the icing in the Tim Tams might clump together so chose the easy option and dumped in a can of Milo :D

Of course what is a colosseum without an epic battle? Chuck in your gummy snakes and um dinosaurs. “Next time” I’d use a giant python gummy instead. And of course chuck in some of your gummy men to fight!


From da back

Hello windows

Happy birthday Mig!




Gone! Well, mostly. We barely made a dent so we demolished the colosseum and packed the tiers for work treats :D



  1. lol that is insane. Love the gummi crowd!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Aug 27, 01:36 AM    #

  2. My brain cannot handle so much amazingness in one post!!! LOVE!!!

    Steph    Aug 27, 04:08 AM    #

  3. Woman, this beyond being cray cray! The idea is epicly awesome! Love it

    Food is our religion    Aug 27, 08:30 AM    #

  4. Sheer genius!

    skiourophile    Aug 27, 10:05 AM    #

  5. EPIC! I was following your instagram pics of this in amazement =P

    eesh    Aug 27, 10:18 AM    #

  6. You’re insane….but i love it!!!!

    Erwin (thelearnerchef)    Aug 27, 10:20 AM    #

  7. This is beyondddddd kerrr-rayyy-zeeeee! I was wondering how you got it to not collapse – didn’t realise you needed melted chocolate to ‘weld’ it together. Haha what a nood I am! Love it suze!! absolutely LOVE IT!!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Aug 27, 10:40 AM    #

  8. It’s a, er, colossus!

    I notice the strategic placement of gummi men – no two same colours stand together heheh.

    Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse)    Aug 27, 10:40 AM    #

  9. Crazily insane and fantastically fun! This is so YOU!!

    Anh Nguyen    Aug 27, 10:46 AM    #

  10. there is no other word for it. GENIUS.

    catty    Aug 27, 10:54 AM    #

  11. Freaking genius!!!

    What fun and how lucky are your workmates: Tim Tams and gummy men and snakes sounds like a sensational textural combo! Thanks for the inspiration!

    BusiChic    Aug 27, 11:03 AM    #

  12. lol!!! so much epic man nice one

    Lex    Aug 27, 11:03 AM    #

  13. AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fiona    Aug 27, 11:05 AM    #

  14. This is awesome!! Next I challenge you to make a Tim Tam Eiffel Tower!

    Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy    Aug 27, 11:17 AM    #

  15. That’s a whole lotta tim tams! Who would’ve thought they would make such good construction tools haha. I love the jelly baby spectators!

    Jacq    Aug 27, 11:20 AM    #

  16. nice work suze. those gummy bears are a bloodthirsty lot

    — koji    Aug 27, 11:54 AM    #

  17. Hahah. Absolutely love this! Was so awesome watching the progress pics on instagram… Sooo many tim taaams <3

    Christine    Aug 27, 11:54 AM    #

  18. Coooooooooooooool. whats next!

    — Gill    Aug 27, 12:07 PM    #

  19. wow! awesome!
    I absolutely love this :)

    rizza    Aug 27, 12:13 PM    #

  20. Why do I have a feeling you’ll be on 9gag again :P
    innnnnsane but I totally love it!

    Iron Chef Shellie    Aug 27, 12:16 PM    #

  21. You know you ARE crazy don’t you Susan? This is absolutely awesome, fun fun fun!!!

    Sneh Roy    Aug 27, 12:16 PM    #

  22. Only you can pull this off! I kowtow to you!

    Billy (atablefortwo)    Aug 27, 12:35 PM    #

  23. OMG! That is EPIC! Look at all those Tim Tams!

    Martyna @ WholesomeCook    Aug 27, 12:36 PM    #

  24. That’s an insane amount of Tim Tams…but this is 110% better than the Lego colosseum I saw at uSyd last month.

    Miss Piggy    Aug 27, 12:44 PM    #


    — Lil    Aug 27, 12:50 PM    #

  26. OMG! wow! that looks frigging amazing!

    gastronomous anonymous    Aug 27, 12:51 PM    #

  27. That is so cool! Love the gummy spectators and the gummy gladiator fighting – too cute :)

    jack    Aug 27, 01:31 PM    #

  28. This looks freaking amazing and delicious! Quite possibly the tastiest craft project ever :)

    Swah    Aug 27, 03:14 PM    #

  29. Oh. My. God. Best. Idea. Ever! Those spectators are so darned cute :)

    vanessalillian    Aug 27, 03:24 PM    #

  30. so that’s what 30 packets of tim tams looks like. now i want me some tim tams!

    ragingyoghurt    Aug 27, 03:28 PM    #

  31. That is freaking awesome.

    Its got Masterchef challenge written all over it.

    — Paul    Aug 27, 03:47 PM    #

  32. This is amazing! You are amazing! That is all.

    Rhonda (the Dainty baker)    Aug 27, 04:25 PM    #

  33. This post is too much awesome for me to handle

    mel (@crunchytiger)    Aug 27, 05:19 PM    #

  34. Dayem. This is just cray cray! Good idea bringing them, all to work! LOL

    Adrian (Food Rehab)    Aug 27, 05:48 PM    #

  35. OzHarvest should have come by afterwards and picked up some of the TimTams – 30 packets is alot!

    — Elle    Aug 27, 08:49 PM    #

  36. impressive effort!!! chocolate heaven!

    Melissa    Aug 27, 10:45 PM    #

  37. It’s fanatastic!:)

    — Simona    Aug 27, 11:35 PM    #

  38. I love it.

    Holiday Baker Man    Aug 28, 01:01 AM    #

  39. happiest birthday boy ever haha, good work!

    Vivian - vxdollface    Aug 28, 01:18 AM    #

  40. I would most certainly support you as Dictator of Rome and not stab you in the back for this.

    Hannah    Aug 28, 05:12 AM    #

  41. This is genius!!! :) So creatively awesome!

    Tina    Aug 28, 09:25 AM    #

  42. hehe you crazy chocolate girl — looks fantastic :-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Aug 28, 10:12 AM    #

  43. Oh my GOD! This looks absolutely amazing! Luckily you’re doing this in winter and not summer otherwise you would have had a melted (but still delicious!) Tim Tam mess!

    Cath @ ConfessionsofaGlutton    Aug 28, 11:34 AM    #

  44. So does this mean that those crazy people I see walking out of Town Hall Woolies with bags and bags of TimTams are actually Roman architects?

    Y    Aug 28, 05:21 PM    #

  45. I’ve been staring at the keyboard for 60 seconds not knowing how to put into words how AWESOME this is…

    Amanda@ChewTown    Aug 28, 06:43 PM    #

  46. I shall have this a birthday cake please…. THANKS!

    penny aka jeroxie    Aug 28, 09:24 PM    #

  47. This is EPIC :) I can’t believe you did it! HAHAHA It’s so amazing!!! wow 30 packs of TIM TAMS WOW!!! Maybe i’ll do a smaller version sometime hehe THANKS for the great idea :P

    Daisy@Nevertoosweet    Aug 28, 09:59 PM    #

  48. Amazing! :D

    Potato Princess    Aug 29, 10:15 AM    #

  49. Oh wow! That’s alot of efforts there >< Great work and it looks very fascinating ;)

    My Hunger will go on    Aug 29, 06:48 PM    #

  50. All of the above! Looks fantastic – now I have a craving for TimTams – oh no wait, I ALWAYS have a craving for TimTams :-)

    — Loving Lunches    Aug 29, 11:12 PM    #

  51. DINOSAAAUR! In a colosseum? Yeah, that works :D It’s such a neat thing, pretty cool for a party!

    Sophie @ teathymes    Aug 30, 03:03 AM    #

  52. What an uber cool idea!!! So cute.

    fatboybakes    Aug 30, 05:06 PM    #

  53. This is fabulous! Love the lollies addition too! Well done :-)

    — June Caroline    Aug 30, 05:07 PM    #

  54. OMG.. that’s looks amazingly yummy – you make me want to have tim tams NOW!!

    nextstopfood    Aug 30, 11:28 PM    #

  55. WOW! That is so incredibly clever (not to mention delicious!)

    Helena Liu    Aug 31, 09:28 AM    #

  56. Woah, that looks SO awesome and delicious!

    Kim    Aug 31, 08:47 PM    #

  57. What an awesome idea! I could make this for my little ones birthday cake! I would probably like Lego men as the fighters.

    I want to munch on gummy bears now.

    GourmetGetaways    Sep 2, 09:06 AM    #

  58. This is truly Tim Tam Tastic Suze. Love your work, such fun. Feeling inspired now to make Stonehenge out of Mars bars or Violet Crumble’s….now there is an idea.
    Great post, love the pictures so much fun. Well done.

    Gareth    Sep 2, 11:48 AM    #

  59. Wow! Looks amazing and delicious!

    Foodsaurus    Sep 3, 11:41 AM    #

  60. I saw this on twitter while you were still constructing it. It looks so awesome complete! I can’t imagine how long it would’ve taken to fully complete it and look as neat as that :)

    Kat    Sep 5, 11:31 AM    #

  61. Bahahahaha love it!

    Nic@diningwithastud    Sep 5, 03:07 PM    #

  62. This is the coolest/craziest chocolate thing I’ve ever seen! Great job!!

    Cynthia    Sep 6, 03:51 AM    #

  63. The best tribute to the Tim Tam Colosseum! Thanks for keeping the dream alive! :)

    — Bex    Sep 6, 11:16 AM    #

  64. I just wanna know how you got the 2 cases of Tim Tams from Arnotts :P

    — Rita    Sep 9, 02:11 AM    #

  65. You are amazing!
    You need an award for this! You should get free TimTams for life!

    Miss Kimbers @ Fruit Salad & Mixed Veg    Sep 12, 07:49 PM    #

  66. Oh Suze you are too awesome for words!!!!!!

    Brenda    Sep 17, 11:51 AM    #

  67. OMG How Awesome!!!

    Sara @ Bellly Rumbles    Sep 21, 06:26 PM    #

  68. Amazing Tim Tam coliseum! Wonder if you can use jam as blood. What’s an epic battle without blood?

    Raging Cravings    Sep 26, 11:32 PM    #

  69. This is incredible! And I love your hoodie :P What a delicious monument!

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Oct 9, 01:02 PM    #

  70. What a cool idea!

    joey@FoodiePop    Oct 25, 02:57 PM    #

  71. You are a genius. This is brilliant~! :D Thank you for sharing~!

    Haylea    Nov 19, 12:00 PM    #

  72. You are making me miss every delicious confection of Australia. It’s amazing!

    — Jenn    Feb 1, 09:12 AM    #

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  74. faints That is beyond amazing.

    the hungry mum    Mar 4, 05:21 PM    #

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  76. wow this is awesome! i have a history project and we have to make an “edible ancient structure”. i wanted to make a Colosseum. this is perfect!

    — Isabelle    Dec 11, 08:28 AM    #

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