Wilbur's Place, Potts Point

  9 September 2012

Absolutely loving this weather right now! So over the weekend the boy and I just happened to be in the hood and with this gorgeously sunny weather we’ve been having we managed to stumble into Wilbur’s Place (34 Llankelly Pl, Potts Point), a tiny hole in the wall eatery that smells awesomely like bacon.

The lunch menu items that day were slim, only the Suckling Pig Roll, Mustard Pickles, Dill Mayo & Crackling ($12) was available. And it was delicious. Even with my most hated herb of all time (die dill die) the roll was amazing. The slabs of of porky flesh was freakishly tender and with just the right amount of creamy fat but the best part? That giant tile of golden crackling! CRACKLING BABY YEAH! How much do I love thee? Bloody amazing. Salad innards of lettuce and pickled cucumber lift and brighten all the flavours and all too soon the roll disappears.

The breakfast menu has substantially more items available and Noods has chosen the Big As Breakfast ($18) which comes with crisp rashers of bacon, a pile of plump baked beans, a muddle of sauteed spinach, two sunny side up eggs, a pork & fennel sausage and 3 fat vine ripened tomatoes. The brekkie, while tasty, isn’t quite as big as Noods had hoped and with very little persuasion we decide on dessert.

DESSERT TIME IS MY FAVOURITE TIME! Check out this Ice Cream Sambo ($12)! Is this not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen??? BEYOOTIFUL! It just screams EAT MEEEEEEE! The slices of buttery brioche is surprisingly crisp and holds a slab of ice cream that is covered in a GLORIOUS CARAMEL GLAZE. It is eyes roll to the heavens amazing. High 5 to the Bourke Street crew for creating the very awesome Wilbur’s Place!

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