Hana Hana, Haymarket

24 September 2012, 03:50

Watch out Mappen, there’s a new kid in town! I absolutely love Mappen but the hordes of humans always makes me want to bite off my arms when battling for a seat so when I spotted this post I quickly dragged the boy out for dinner after work. Hana Hana (5/209 Thomas St, Haymarket) is blissfully quiet without the dreaded crowds and comes with the novelty of touch screen ordering. Photos and easy navigation makes ordering simple, there are soups, rice bowls, okonomi-yaki, ramen and udon.

After placing your order and grabbing the ticket from the machine, make your way into the restaurant and take a tray. The fried foods section is first and I can’t resist the Croquette ($3) which is a fat, golden crumbed puck of smooth potato. Noods stares entranced at the Chrysanthemum Tempura with scallop ($3), drawn to the neon green.

Slide on along to the cold foods fridge where boxes of sashimi, seaweed, salad and desserts live. We grab a box of sashimi ($5) and while it is a tad on the small side it is enough to appease us, the slices of salmon, tuna and kingfish are fresh and tasty.

The Ontama Bukkake Udon is a steal at ($4.90), fat squiggly udon are satisfyingly chewy with the right amount of bite. And an oozy soft boiled egg? Just perfect for stabbing and letting gloriously yolky innards bathe the noodles in deliciousness.

Noods has chosen the Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen ($8.90), the soup is not as flavourful as the nearby Menya but we love the ribbon of fatty pork and the bouncy noodles.

There’s also a nice little incentive to return your tray- receive a stamp on your loyalty card, five stamps = a free bowl of Bukkake! Hana Hana is right next door Emperor Garden and down from Paddys markets and I reckon it’s only a matter of time before it gets inundated with the uni students but for now get in and enjoy no lines!

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  1. HA! Awesome sauce… finally another place that I can escape to with no lines (yet). Bukkake yummmm… The more of these, the better!

    Trisha    Sep 24, 08:06 AM    #

  2. mmmmm Tonkotsu ramen and ontama bukkake in one place!! Sounds like heaven!

    Ramen Raff    Sep 24, 08:46 AM    #

  3. LOVE udon!!!

    Nic@diningwithastud    Sep 24, 11:40 AM    #

  4. That top photo of yours is the MOST crowded I’ve ever seen Hana Hana…lol. I think this is great spot for a noodle fix without the crazy Mappen-like queues.

    Miss Piggy    Sep 24, 12:23 PM    #

  5. it seems hard to believe that anything can beat menya mappen but this looks like a steady contender with the lack of lines and tasty food! have you checked out the bondi junction mappen Suze? they are always empty, unlike the city one, soo awesome!

    Christine @ Cooking Crusade    Sep 24, 12:24 PM    #

  6. So cheap lah! And hmmm I think I would have been tranced by the chrysanthemum too. lol

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Sep 24, 12:56 PM    #

  7. yay for no lines! hopefully will get to check it out sometime this week

    Jacq    Sep 24, 02:04 PM    #

  8. Someone else blogged about this recently and it looked soooo good. and now YOU blog about it, I GOTTA GO. yummo.

    catty    Sep 24, 07:12 PM    #

  9. seems to be much busier during dinner time! hehe i just need one more stamp to get a free bukkake udon/soba ^^

    Vivian - vxdollface    Sep 24, 08:38 PM    #

  10. YES! I’ve been hoping to find a less crowded spot for the same food. Such a good find!

    — Belle    Sep 25, 03:09 AM    #

  11. I went yesterday!!! I love how they have half sizes!!

    Kiki @ Simplykiki    Sep 25, 04:29 PM    #

  12. This looks like a nice place to go, should give a try sometimes :)

    Mina @ My Hunger will go on    Sep 27, 12:36 AM    #

  13. Dear Suze,

    The udon and egg looks looks delicious. I think the crowds will come now that you’ve told the world about this place.

    ChopinandMysaucepan    Sep 28, 11:24 AM    #

  14. an oozey egg with chewy noodles! YUM!

    tastyfoodsnaps    Sep 29, 10:27 AM    #

  15. Looks like more variety of toppings than Mappen? Mmm looks good… definitely putting it on my list of places to try :)
    Rynagh x

    Rynagh    Sep 29, 06:46 PM    #

  16. WOW, I was just about to head to Mappen on Tuesday! Going to check out this place instead :D

    Jen    Sep 30, 07:48 PM    #

  17. I love touch screen ordering – it’s fun and usually means you get your meals in lightning quick times. I’ll have to give this place a try.

    Amanda@chewtown    Oct 1, 04:32 PM    #

  18. I eat at Mappen so much it probably isn’t healthy :D – time to try somewhere new. Looks awesome!

    Mr C @ The Food Diary    Oct 5, 02:11 AM    #

  19. Muhhh I wanted to eat here so badly the other night but my friend insisted on dining elsewhere. Glad to see it’s got some Mappen vibes, hopefully when I visit it won’t be packed out like every other noodle place!

    Alana    Oct 6, 08:24 PM    #

  20. this definitely looks like the new mappen!
    thanks for the comment as well :)

    ellen    Oct 7, 10:14 PM    #

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