The Forresters, Surry Hills

1 October 2012, 01:18

ERMAHGERD PORK!!! So like, The Forresters (336 Riley Street, Surry Hills) is ridiculously close to where I work and with Helen and Richard in the hood it makes for good times. Especially during happy hour :P

Here porky porky porky! Ain’t that one beyoootiful platter of deliciousness? That there is a BBQ Pork From the Pit ($30) which can totes feed 3 hungry peeps.

The pile of gloriously tender meat shreds is just waiting to be shoved into the warm buttered rolls and in case you want it juicier there’s also a bottle of tangy bbq sauce. The Korean salad had a bit of a spicy kick for this chili intolerant noob but the golden fries are pretty damn awesome and makes for my alternate salad.

Oh and then we may have ordered some sides. Like this corn! Hawaiian Corn ($8) may not have been as bursty with liquid sunshine juices as I’d hoped but the crispy bacon and salty popcorn bits more than made up for this especially when smothered in the tabasco mayonnaise and topped with pineapple smidgens.

Moar popcorn? Popcorn Squid ($14) are crunchy nuggets of happiness and irresistible especially with the green peppercorn mayonnaise and popcorn bits.


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  1. How awesome is that platter?! Such good value too for that price!

    — thesuzchef    Oct 1, 08:04 AM    #

  2. Love the revamped menu here, and great pizzas too!

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Oct 1, 11:46 AM    #

  3. OMG the pork looks amazing!

    Lisa    Oct 1, 12:07 PM    #

  4. wow looks like a massive meal once it was shredded!

    tastyfoodsnaps    Oct 1, 12:14 PM    #

  5. Hahah love that first pic of you. Love that they serve the food in share platters – too awesome!

    Christine @ Cooking Crusade    Oct 1, 12:31 PM    #

  6. Umm excuse me but I need to get my tummy there. stat.

    Food is our religion    Oct 1, 01:44 PM    #

  7. Srsly how is it that you’re not fat with all these sinfully delish food you seem to eat all the time. So bad it’s good! Soooo unfair. :P

    — Julia    Oct 1, 02:19 PM    #

  8. WOOOAAAHHHHHH… the platter looks bigger than you in the first pic! It’s ginormous!

    kiki @ simplykiki    Oct 1, 02:30 PM    #

  9. Geez! So much meat!! It looks totally spectacular. The Forresters is rather close to my work too… yet I’m ashamed to say I haven’t made it there recently. You may have just changed that with this post.

    Amanda@chewtown    Oct 1, 04:30 PM    #

  10. Mmm… pork. And serving corn with popcorn, bacon and pineapple was such a devilishly revelation!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Oct 1, 08:16 PM    #

  11. shit YESSS. Just pack it into my veins!

    food porn=er    Oct 1, 09:36 PM    #

  12. Well now I know where to go to satisfy my pork cravings! Yum!

    JasmyneTea    Oct 1, 11:37 PM    #

  13. $30 goes a long way!

    Flick Your Food    Oct 2, 12:36 AM    #

  14. God, 9am in the morning, I just had breakfast and now I feel like a big plate of BBQ pork. Thanks, Suze… :P

    Cath @ Confessionsofaglutton    Oct 2, 10:16 AM    #

  15. holy moley such a big glorious platter! crinkle cut fries too <3 i walk past every now and then on my lunch break but never go in cause im by myself.. hehe lunch date some time?

    Vivian - vxdollface    Oct 2, 03:58 PM    #

  16. WOW, I had no idea the Forresters did this sort of food…I thought it was all pizzas for some reason. Duh.

    Miss Piggy    Oct 2, 08:17 PM    #

  17. I heart pineapple smidgens! That platter is just over the top – but in a really good way!

    YaYa    Oct 3, 12:35 AM    #

  18. mmm~~~ that pork looks so amazing!! gahh … my stomach just agreed and rumbled HAHAHA!

    Cass @ nextstopfood    Oct 3, 01:45 PM    #

  19. i LOVE the look of that pork! that looks fantastic

    gastronomous anonymous    Oct 3, 02:33 PM    #

  20. So Yummy! Jess never take me to that kinda place!

    — Adi    Oct 3, 04:04 PM    #

  21. Popcorn squid and mayo? Looks like an awesome combination!

    Mr C @ The Food Diary    Oct 5, 02:12 AM    #

  22. Oh, I LOVE the Forresters! The rueben is tres tasty and those crinkle cut fries… holy awesome.

    SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa)    Oct 5, 08:51 AM    #

  23. Id love to go to that place, it all looks so nice

    Lucie    Oct 7, 05:51 PM    #

  24. Love the look of this pork. I want to eat this right now!

    Christina Soong-Kroeger    Oct 7, 07:11 PM    #

  25. How old school are those crinkle cut chips?! That popcorn squid has my name written all over it :)

    the hungry mum    Oct 8, 12:10 PM    #

  26. Gosh that looks sooo good…making me hungry even though I just had lunch!

    spiceandmore    Oct 8, 01:52 PM    #

  27. LOL!! DUDE that platters bigger than you!! I Am defo making a trip to this place soon

    Rhonda (The Dainty Baker)    Oct 8, 04:20 PM    #

  28. Wow, that looks amazing! Gotta get to Forresters for that pork ‘n popcorn combo stat!

    Angelique    Oct 9, 10:44 AM    #

  29. pizza and cocktail jugs at forresters #likenoother

    cooksuck    Oct 9, 02:42 PM    #

  30. plus the staff are sooooo hot

    — STEPHANIE HENDERSON    Oct 9, 11:46 PM    #

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