CQL Mini Pot, Burwood

  4 November 2012

OH HAIIII! So like, Mother Nature is being pretty damn annoying with her ups and downs in temperatures! I was all set to chillax on the beach over the weekend when ugly grey clouds started to form and bam instead of getting some much need Vitamin D my thoughts turned to hot pot.

It’s pretty rare for me to want hot pot as I’m usually super picky of what goes into a hot pot as I have a certain order that I reckon foods should go in (mushrooms, tofu and fish balls first, followed by meats, followed by noodles and leafy veg). But this post has been lurking in the back of my mind and woot I do love a bit of novelty, so the boy and I headed to CQL Mini Pot (117 Burwood Rd, Burwood) for lunch.

Check it out!!! Individual hot pots!!! I die at how cute they are AND how practical it is! No more fighting over other people’s sliver of meat! No more stealth needed to nab that fish ball! Mini Hot Pot Buffet is $29.90 and is only available at lunch on the weekends but available for dinner every day except Monday. You get a 2hour time limit but seriously that is heaps long. The hot pot broth comes standard with a chicken soup but if you want to pay a bit more you can get the chili soup (extra $1.80). Some metal platters land on your table so grab em and pick out what you want from the freezer at the front or from the containers towards the back wall.

It was a little weird picking out the frozen scrolls of thinly sliced lamb and beef but they cooked so fast like within 10 seconds!

The other side of the freezer had fish balls, fish dumplings, seafood sticks, taro balls, mushroom filled dumplings, and even fish dumplings filled with curry.

Move towards the back wall and be greeted with a seemingly never ending wall of fresh vegetables! Oh and eggs. Crack in an egg into your hot pot for poached egg goodness. Trust me.

I love mushrooms. Especially enoki mushrooms. They are seriously the best things in a hot pot!

Tofu galore! And er potato slices? Well hey whatever floats your boat.

Oodles of noodles. There’s a hot bain marie section too with fried foods incase you cbf cooking your own noodles and/or you wanted something non soupy to go with your hotpot. Oh and also a seafood section filled with prawns, mussels and slices of fish but I uh forgot to take a photo of it my bad.

Mah pot! The flashing lights on the induction stoves confused us a tad but the lovely waitress came by to explain when she saw us frantically stab at them haha the key is to only lightly touch the left button! 3 different temps- keep warm, cook, and crazy ass boil- be warned if you have too much liquid in your pot or you run the risk of freaking hot soup everywhere!

This is Noods’ chilli soup pot. See how red it is? It is exactly as spicy as it looks haha

Once your meat is cooked don’t forget to grab a dish of sauce or make up your own! Dip the meat into your sauce and enjoy!

Total destruction. There are freshly cut fruits available but we were too full and our bellies were sloshing about. There is a larger range of desserts available during dinner so methinks I will have to bring the family out and hot pot again soon!

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