Vicinity, Alexandria

19 November 2012, 00:29

It has been a looooong week. Whew. The boy and I have been criss crossing the city all weekend and we just happened to be in Alexandria when we spotted The Grounds but alas! The crowds! The hordes of humans! Instead, we turned the corner and nabbed a table at Vicinity (90-96 Bourke Rd and Cnr Collins St, Alexandria) which was just as packed but lady luck was shining and a table had just left.

It was super late in the arvo but we just managed to place our order with the kitchen before they closed and first up is the Sticky Beef Ribs ($14) which was so freaking tender and just straight up awesome that I’m drooling at the very thought of how delicious it was. Like seriously, my stomach was all like, ‘hot damn I want more.’ Followed by ‘I wonder how much I can eat before Noods notices..’ All the flavours were just balanced, from the fresh slivers of apple to the ridiculously crisp potato wafer and the irresistibly moreish slab of meat with just the right amount of fat to flesh ratio. Did I mention how much I love coriander? Oh and puffed rice?

I couldn’t resist ordering the Pork Scratchings ($6.60) envisioning golden curls of porkilicious crackles and while tasty they weren’t quite what I had imagined and oddly felt like a healthier version. But they were still good! Esp with beer!

Chicken Liver Parfait ($14) is always a must-order on my personal hit list of all time favourite foods and it did not disappoint. Perfectly smooth and rich, the serving of parfait was pretty much spot on with the amount of seeded bread provided even with my overly generous inch thick schmears.

The Whole Flounder ($22p.p), was impressive in presentation and tasted every bit as delicious as it looked. Noods was overjoyed with the amount of clams and mussels scattered about while I had fun sneakily stealing the shreds of speck and scooping out spoonfuls of delicate fish. Unfortch by the time we made it through our food we missed out on ordering dessert but it was a great meal and I know where we’ll be again this weekend :P

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  1. wow the beef ribs look amazing! yummmm

    Jen    Nov 19, 12:39 AM    #

  2. Those ribs look glorious! And hello parfait… did you scrape the jar clean?

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Nov 19, 12:54 AM    #

  3. Oh man, I’ve been wanting to go there to try the ribs in particular!

    Ramen Raff    Nov 19, 05:25 AM    #

  4. I’m sure you scraped the jar clean! I really liked the meal we had at Vicinity and you’re right, it’s getting as busy as The Creche, I mean The Grounds across the road.

    john@heneedsfood    Nov 19, 08:04 AM    #

  5. mm that chicken liver parfait sounds fabulouso! inch thick smears are the way to go :)

    Vivian - vxdollface    Nov 19, 10:53 AM    #

  6. Mmmm, I find it really hard to go past chicken liver pate as well! It’s just so good on toast.

    Amanda    Nov 19, 11:22 AM    #

  7. It’s pretty nuts there but if you time it right, no worries. I find though that it’s trying to be everything – bar, restaurant, breakky spot but they’re not quite laid back enough to do it all successfully.

    The second time I went they just sort of…had to know did we want dinner or just drinks, we weren’t sure, and the space seems to be segmented into sections based on whether you are getting a proper meal or just drinks, which we were confused by, it was a slightly odd experience. I also don’t know why they have the TVs on ALL THE TIME if they want to be an upmarket place…and things like TVs on the bathroom ceilings, I just don’t get.

    Overall I think it is a gorgeous space and is still finding its feet. I’m glad to have it in my hood though.

    lau@corridorkitchen    Nov 19, 12:58 PM    #

  8. I tried to get into the ground once. They made us wait for an hour, promised us breakfast and then said no more breakfast. Broke my food heart. This place looks awesome! I’ll have to head off for lunch this week :D

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Nov 19, 01:12 PM    #

  9. Love the look of the beef ribs! I noticed this place when we passed by Alexandria the other day as well, time to put this on the visit list.

    Mr C @ The Food Diary    Nov 20, 03:08 PM    #

  10. Hm, I really need to get here for lunch or dinner. Brekky was OK… but no ribs at brekky :/

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Nov 20, 06:03 PM    #

  11. I can imagine healthy-esq pork scratchings being something of a letdown…. I could inhale those ribs, though!

    Mary @ beyondjelly    Nov 21, 07:05 AM    #

  12. I love chicken liver parfait. I only just discovered it on my trip to the USA and ever since then I have been obssessed! It tastes soooo good!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Nov 21, 04:20 PM    #

  13. Those pork scratchings look so good – I would’ve thought they were super unhealthy…surprised to hear they’re healthy!

    Excuse Me Waiter    Nov 21, 10:40 PM    #

  14. Oh that looks so good! Ribs look amazing and then the flounder wowwy!!it is a shame the pork scratchings weren’t fatty salty and artery hardening delicious! See you on the weekend ;)

    GourmetGetaways    Nov 22, 10:21 AM    #

  15. ohh nice! will have to put that on the weekend brunch list :)

    JJ - 84thand3rd    Dec 2, 07:08 PM    #

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