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3 December 2012, 02:42

OH HAI! So like, after living in Parramatta for close to 5 years now it seems almost ridiculous that I haven’t eaten in nearby Harris Park more often! But then the other day I dreamt about eating a dosa. I tend to have random dreams about food and until I eat it I become obsessed with finding one and eating it!

So after waking completely ravenous a quick google search and short drive later we found ourselves at Billu’s (62 Wigram Street, Harris Park). I’m chucking photos from a couple visits into this post so don’t be alarmed, I didn’t eat all this in one go :P

The Ghee Roast Masala Dosa ($11.90) is freaking massive. I mean, just look at it! I reckon if I’d picked it up it’d be half the length of my body! Flakey and crispy on the edges and more crepe-like in the centre, the dosa is stuffed with buttered potatoes and is demolished with ease and satisfies my dosa dream. There’s about 14 other dosa’s on Billu’s menu and methinks I will be working my way down that list shortly..

On our second visit we are seated near the front of the restaurant and after watching some frying action I couldn’t resist the…

Channa Bhatura ($8.50, weekend special) aka GIANT PUFF OF HAPPINESS! It was fried, it was crispy and seriously how can you not smile at a giant deep fried puff? There was much satisfaction at squishing a puff before ripping off shreds and dunking into the accompanying chickpea masala.

I wasn’t sure if a giant puff would fill me up when I ordered it so as back up I randomly picked Billu’s Khasta Kachori ($8, weekend special) off the menu. The pile o stuff was so tasty but oh man was it filling with quartered deep fried puffed pastry discs topped with spicy moong dal stuffing.

Noods always has a soft spot for the Lamb Biryani ($15.90) and although I’m generally not a huge fan of biryani the rice is fragrant with spices and saffron and holds massive amounts of tender lamb.

And then there was that time where we had ordered some Garlic Cheese Naan ($4), Chicken Madras ($15.90) and Rice ($3) and discovered our chilli tolerances were all kinds of fail and had to order a Mango Lassi stat. But it was a good kind of burning. We couldn’t stop eating it and alternated bites between chugs of the mango lassi.

The Mango Lassi ($3.50 each) is soothing and refreshing and helps with the oh-god-my-tongue-is-on-fire burning though we did have to order another ahem 3 rounds haha

The display case at the front of the restaurant houses desserts of all the colours of the rainbow but on all our visits we’ve just been way too stuffed to try any argh so next time I’ll promise to save some room!

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  1. The most common food that visits me in my dreams is suckling pig. Dunno why but I’m sure glad I dreamt about it! That is one monster dosa!

    Ramen Raff    Dec 3, 05:42 AM    #

  2. Haha food dreams are so crazy aren’t they? Love it when you go on adventure to seek what you’ve dreamt about. It’s almost like a sign that its your destiny! haha I think there is so much on offer in Harris Park. People definitely overlook the area.

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Dec 3, 09:03 AM    #

  3. Oh man I love dosa. I want the giant puff of happiness!!!

    Steph    Dec 3, 09:26 AM    #

  4. Mmm food dreams the best kind. Man everything looks so good, especially the dosa and the lamb biryani. Why do I always read these when I’m hungry >< lol fail

    Christine @ Cooking Crusade    Dec 3, 09:39 AM    #

  5. Argh I love dosai. I call it a trumpet. So crispy and dericious.

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Dec 3, 09:43 AM    #

  6. I love dosas! Now I just need to figure out how to have dreams about them… lol

    Jacq    Dec 3, 12:09 PM    #

  7. I’ve demanded Noods invite me next time. I have the most massive craving for a Lamb Biriyani right now. Also i need to hit up bundi ladoos as well. Its been waaaaaaaaaaay too long.

    — Josh    Dec 3, 03:06 PM    #

  8. Um…that is freakin huge. But of course, you can demolish that shizz no problem ahahaha

    Adrian (Food Rehab)    Dec 3, 06:04 PM    #

  9. Whoa that Dosa is massive! Looks like a really filling dish right there :)

    Mr C @ The Food Diary    Dec 3, 07:49 PM    #

  10. Holy shit! Is that a dosa or a cricket bat??

    joey@FoodiePop    Dec 3, 08:15 PM    #

  11. mmm yum mango lassi! my fav!

    milkteaxx    Dec 3, 08:34 PM    #

  12. hehe i get food dreams too :) wow never seen a dosa before but it looks like a big crisp crepe?

    Vivian - vxdollface    Dec 4, 02:28 PM    #

  13. My what a big dosa you have there!

    catty    Dec 4, 10:31 PM    #

  14. I’m just as bad as you.. if not worse. I live 10 mins from Parramatta and have never step foot in Harris Park before. Must give this a visit, been wanting to go ever since I set my eyes on it.

    Food is our religion    Dec 5, 09:00 PM    #

  15. Oh everything looks so delicious! Love it all :)

    GourmetGetaways    Dec 6, 11:43 AM    #

  16. That looks amazing. The lassie looks very creamy :)

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Dec 6, 01:45 PM    #

  17. Where would we be without the mango lassie relieving the burn

    Flick Your Food    Dec 7, 05:39 PM    #

  18. Oh wow, look at that dessert cabinet! The dosas look oh so very crispy and tasty.

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Dec 7, 11:33 PM    #

  19. I want that giant dosa!! yumm

    Karen    Dec 8, 09:33 AM    #

  20. OMG that Dosa is massive! This place looks so great.

    Amanda@ChewTown    Dec 8, 05:04 PM    #

  21. I LOVE Harris Park and I love Dosa…though I’ve not get been to Bilus…I want a big fried puff thing too!

    Miss Piggy    Dec 10, 12:12 PM    #

  22. I await your Billus dessert post with glee.

    Hannah    Dec 11, 12:12 PM    #

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