Mexico Food & Liquor Restaurant, Surry Hills

10 December 2012, 00:59

EDIT: CLOSED OH HAIIIII! 14 days to Christmas you guys!!! Not that I’m counting… but gosh I absolutely cannot wait for the holidays! So anywhos last week Mexico Food & Liquor Restaurant (17 Randle St, Surry Hills) finally opened up in the space previously occupied by District Dining. And yes I know everyone says don’t judge a restaurant that’s just opened blah blah woof woof but when you work less than 50m away I couldn’t resist checking it out for lunch with Ramen Raff and again over the weekend with the boy. And yes I drank that whole carafe of frozen strawberry margarita ($25) by myself cos hey tis the season to be merry :P

We start with Tostaditas of Crab ($8) presented on the ubiquitous chopping board. The gloriously golden tortilla triangles hold shreds of crab meat and combined with the dollop of creamy apple and green onion mojo makes this snack ridiculously moreish.

Mexico’s Fried Chicken ($12) comes with the tagline “Not to be missed!” so of course it had to be ordered. Visions of a pile of chicken drumsticks or wings covered in a crispy batter had filled our minds but unfortunately a basket of boneless chicken arrives instead, with a breadcrumb-ish exterior and covered in a layer of cumin. It was still tasty though and the 2 chilli warning surprisingly didn’t send me screaming from the room.

Chipotle Lime Ceviche ($14) is an instant hit with Noods who loves all things kingfish. The flavours are fresh, the jumble of capsicum, tomato and garlic chips vies for attention but are ultimately sorted through to get to the kingfish.

I don’t think I could ever be sick of tacos. Tacos make me happy! The Pibil Rubbed Pork Soft Shell Taco ($6) is so packed full of juicy pork, black beans and red cabbage that it requires two hands to pick it up without dropping any of the precious.

The Coffee and Ancho Braised Beef Rib ($16) catches my eye on the specials blackboard and it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. As soon as the board lands in front of us I just knew it would be the rib of my dreams! The sweet, caramelised edges of tender meat with ribbons of creamy fat was just so satisfying and probably health-sucking but oh man this is one rib you definitely do not want to share! This rib is the reason I returned 2 days later! I hope it remains on the menu for like, FOREVER.

Finger licking deliciousness right Raff?

I would’ve like more cheese in the Roast Eggplant Quesadilla ($12) but it’s stuffed with just the right amount of eggplant and walnut nubbins and a quick schmear of cumin sour cream makes everything right with the world.

There’s only two choices for dessert and being too full for the Chilli Chocolate and Cinnamon Cake ($8), I opt for the Mexican Shortbread Biscuits with Mandarin Curd ($8). The shortbread alone isn’t special but the mandarin curd? WOAH. Creamy and with a citrus zing it is the perfect match with the buttery shortbread.

While I will mourn the loss of the crispy pigs ears from District Dining I know I’ll be returning to Mexico for that beef rib. BEEF RIB I WILL COME BACK FOR YOU.

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  1. How fortunate that a place like this opens so close to where you work :)

    It would be nice to see the beef rib on the regular menu. Hopefully it’ll be popular enough that it will be!

    Keen to try out the ceviche when I’m next there too.

    Simon @ the heart of food    Dec 10, 01:32 AM    #

  2. Gah that beef rib sounds amazing!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Dec 10, 01:45 AM    #

  3. Hurrahh! I love their tacos and the ceviche! But have yet to try their beef ribs.. (don’t kill me!) =P

    Food is our religion    Dec 10, 06:41 AM    #

  4. lol Totes! The beef rib was freakin’ delicious!

    Ramen Raff    Dec 10, 07:06 AM    #

  5. LOL the pic of Raff with the rib. Damn I need some beef rib in my life right now..

    Christine @ Cooking Crusade    Dec 10, 09:19 AM    #

  6. I think a lot of people went over the weekend. You may have started a trend Suze ;) I have to say, the food does look pretty good. I want my hands on that beef rib!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Dec 10, 09:24 AM    #

  7. YUM! Love Mexican food and this all looks superb. I’m bummed about DD’s pig ear too (and their crispy school prawns) but I cannot wait to go here.

    Miss Piggy    Dec 10, 12:07 PM    #

  8. When you post these places I feel like the only person in Sydney that doesn’t know where to go for dinner :P I know that they probably don’t need to advertise because they are so awesome but I wish they would!

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Dec 10, 12:24 PM    #

  9. Ribs! you had me at Ribs! love your blog suze!

    Nino Estrada    Dec 10, 01:58 PM    #

  10. oh man that beef rib looks amazing! the food look pretty reasonably priced as well

    Jacq    Dec 10, 02:20 PM    #

  11. oh wow – that beef rib looks fantastic! i want some now…. food looks great too

    gastronomous anonymous    Dec 10, 02:43 PM    #

  12. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Fiona    Dec 10, 07:15 PM    #

  13. Wow, that Rib – I can only imagine how good it must have been! And I looooove ceviche – definitely adding this place to me to-eat list!

    (not)justachef    Dec 10, 08:16 PM    #

  14. I think that beef rib just poked my eye out through the PC monitor!

    joey@FoodiePop    Dec 10, 11:07 PM    #

  15. My eyes zoned in to one and only one dish: BEEF RIB! Nomnomnomnomnom

    Trisha    Dec 11, 07:07 AM    #

  16. The beef ribs are sooooo tender!

    JB    Dec 11, 01:17 PM    #

  17. I think it’s safe to say that beef ribs are the most popular with the readers!

    Mr C @ The Food Diary    Dec 11, 08:24 PM    #

  18. Suz, it looks great, no wonder you went back 2 days later. Everything looks fresh and gorgeous and… handy from your work

    My Kitchen Stories    Dec 11, 08:37 PM    #

  19. ive heard so much about this place, cant wait to try it! that rib looks amazing!

    Milkteaxx    Dec 11, 11:59 PM    #

  20. I see what all the fuss about Mexico is now! That crab tortilla thing looks delish and so do the ribs mmm…

    Excuse Me Waiter    Dec 12, 12:08 AM    #

  21. Dear Suze,

    Why is everyone raving on about the beef ribs when that first pic looks so hot?

    ChopinandMysaucepan    Dec 12, 08:04 AM    #

  22. Coffee and ribs!!!!!! I hope the ribs are there this Saturday!

    Denny@feedmycamera    Dec 12, 10:04 AM    #

  23. Oh man you had me at ceviche!!!! And the rib does look absolutely amazingly juicy. Pig ears can oinkle along elsewhere! But seriously, where did DD go?

    — Tammy    Dec 12, 11:29 AM    #

  24. hehe mm i do like the food there :) we should go for another lunch date!

    Vivian - vxdollface    Dec 12, 04:54 PM    #

  25. Oh wow! Everything looks so delicious! You can certainly put away a meal and half given it was only lunch ;)

    Your ribs look like the “must have” dish.

    I would also like a carafe of what you were drinking, Yum!

    Gourmet Getaways    Dec 13, 11:52 AM    #

  26. Working in Surry hills sure has it’s perks!! I tried this for lunch last Friday and really enjoyed – can’t wait to go back and try out more of the dishes (and cocktails!)

    missklicious Karen    Dec 13, 11:21 PM    #

  27. I work in Surry Hills too and love how spoilt for choice we are for places to eat! Now that you’ve highlighted the beauty of that rib dish methinks I’ll have to head there next week!

    Amanda@ChewTown    Dec 16, 03:35 PM    #

  28. Woah! The ribs look incredible!!! Will definitely have to check it out soon.

    Lisa    Dec 16, 08:31 PM    #

  29. Ooh, looks like fun! Definitely keen to try, especially the ceviche!

    Rynagh @ More Dinner Than Cents    Dec 16, 10:13 PM    #

  30. I too will miss District Dining, but Mexico looks so good. Can’t wait to try it out in the new year.

    Sara @ Bellly Rumbles    Dec 17, 12:29 AM    #

  31. mmm *drools the beef rib looks so juicy

    tastyfoodsnaps    Dec 18, 07:29 PM    #

  32. Suze, brilliant spot out! I went their the other day because of the rib! It’s a shame it wasn’t there. I can only imagine what it tasted like sadly. I put a post up just then :

    mr. C    Dec 27, 12:07 AM    #

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