Dulce Luna Viennoiserie, Sydney

16 December 2012, 23:58

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One can never have too much pastry. Dulce Luna Viennoiserie (66 King St, Sydney) opened it’s doors last week to spread the pastry love with their super cute ‘Media Luna’ which are a softer, sweeter pastry in the shape of a croissant served in all Argentine ‘Cafeterias’. I was invited to the launch to try their range and hear from founder Gus Mendez and head chef Herve Boutin.

Located on the corner of King and York St, blink and you may miss this tiny shop! A cabinet filled with Media Luna’s is set against the entrance, perfect to peer into while you decide which flavour to get.

I’m drawn to the Glazed Dulce Luna ($2.50 each), which isn’t as sweet as the shiny glaze suggests. While I do miss the flakiness of a normal croissant, I love how the Dulce Luna pastry is buttery with a surprisingly light texture and doesn’t leave me feeling like I’ve eaten my weight in fat.

I can’t resist the Chocolate Dulce Luna ($3 each) with an oozy chocolate centre or the Raspberry Dulce Luna ($3 each) which was my fave of the lot and sells out by 11am each day!

We get a sneak peek demo with Herve to see the production of the Dulce Lunas with dough that had been proving overnight.

All Dulce Lunas are cut and rolled by hand and it is evident that he loves each and every one as shown with the care he takes as he arranges the newly formed Dulce Luna on the baking tray.


(Photo from Excuse Me Waiter) I attempt to roll a Dulce Luna but uhhh I won’t show you how badly mine looked!

Mmm box of treats! Facebook and Twitter followers of Dulce Luna get discounts for a limited time- 15% off for mixed half dozen box ($12.50) and 15% off for mixed dozen box ($24) till 31st March 2013 so be sure to grab a box for arvo tea!



  1. Pastry heaven! Everything looks so amazing that I don’t know what I would eat first!

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Dec 17, 08:04 AM    #

  2. Love the sound of them Choco Dulce Lunas!

    Ramen Raff    Dec 17, 08:20 AM    #

  3. wahh so many delish patries and so cheap as well!

    Food is our religion    Dec 17, 08:24 AM    #

  4. Man those unbaked pastries look all so perfect. If i rolled one up they would definitely be all special in its own way. That’s pretty affordable for a patisserie in sydney! Hmm may just need to wonder….

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Dec 17, 09:39 AM    #

  5. All of it looks so amazing…the pastry looks quite different than anything I’m accustomed to…love the glossy, shiny, tempting look of it all =)

    The Squishy Monster    Dec 17, 09:40 AM    #

  6. i love the buttery goodness of croissants! yum!

    milkteaxx    Dec 17, 11:58 AM    #

  7. Ohh!! The Chocolate Dulce Luna sounds oh so mmmm~~~ mmm~~
    Actually, everything does, but that “ooze” of choc just made my mouth water!! :D

    Cassie @ Next stop: Food    Dec 17, 12:20 PM    #

  8. Suze, its on York and King, not Kent and King! You sent me on a wild lunchtime chase for pastries! But its ok, cos now I can eat them guilt free :)

    — Annie    Dec 17, 01:32 PM    #

  9. I drooled all over this blog post (wipe)

    Shall have to pop in next time I’m in Sydney.

    Tamz    Dec 17, 04:50 PM    #

  10. Me name is rabs. Great tasting crossainte.

    — Rabs    Dec 17, 07:19 PM    #

  11. OMG yum!!!!

    Erin@TheFoodMentalist    Dec 18, 07:59 AM    #

  12. Haha I queued up for a freebie last week when they opened! I will have to go back to try their almond ones.

    — @alwayseating    Dec 18, 08:22 AM    #

  13. They do look like mini croissants. I saw a few bloggers tweet about it a week or so ago and was drooling on my laptop. Still need to go try one. Wishing you and Noods a very merry xmas, with lots of yummies! xx

    catty    Dec 18, 09:57 AM    #

  14. his unbaked croissants are so perfect! such a cute little bakery :)

    Christine @ Cooking Crusade    Dec 18, 10:31 AM    #

  15. Looks divine, can’t wait to try them out! The box looks delicious!

    Dilhara    Dec 18, 11:00 AM    #

  16. croissant heaven!! <3

    tastyfoodsnaps    Dec 18, 07:28 PM    #

  17. I just got overly excited… about food…

    cquek    Dec 18, 07:36 PM    #

  18. I’ve walked past this place over the past few weeks and keep thinking how cute it looks. Must pop inside next time!

    JJ - 84thand3rd    Dec 21, 12:43 AM    #

  19. Oooh raspberry one! Yes oh yes!

    Hannah Terry-Whyte    Dec 21, 11:45 AM    #

  20. Wow! This looks very mouth-watering. I am not much of a croissant fan but it looks like I am going to become one if I can personally taste the one with the chocolate.

    Luanne    Feb 4, 08:30 PM    #

  21. Hi there, yes,yes,yes, croissant heaven, all the mouth-watering patisserie of my Buenos Aires/ Rosario or any way the all argentiane sweet, sweet plus sweet, thanyouuu, so much

    — Marta Susana Hidalgo    Apr 17, 10:19 PM    #

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