Street Sliders, Parramatta

18 December 2012, 23:29

So like, all those food trucks that rolled out earlier this year? I still have not visited a single one! I usually head home straight from work and hardly ever trek out to the city on the weekends but guess what westie peeps? Street Sliders is here to spread the food truck love in Parramatta! Street Sliders is run by brother and sister team Patrice and Nathalie and their launch was over the weekend with their truck parked in Church St Mall drawing curious passer-bys.

The menu is short and sweet for now with 4 sliders available and some sides, shakes and corn. $1 from every slider sold at the launch was donated to their chosen charity Barnardos Gift for Kids which was pretty awesome and they’re hoping to do more with them in the future.

There was a bit of a wait in the queue so the boy and I decided to order one of all the sliders just because :P We opted for the Trio Combo ($17) which comes with 3 sliders, a side (we chose the Salad Crunch) and a soft drink. Aaaand the 4th slider by itself ($5.50 each), a strawberry and buttermilk shake ($3) and elote/corn ($3.50).

YARMMMM! Piping hot and slathered in a secret sauce and spice the corn is sprinkled with a shaving of parmesan and kosher salt and is the perfect street food snack.

Helloooo sliders! First up is the Sancho Slider, a juicy patty on a bed of avocado and topped with a jumble of corn, tomato, red onion and coriander. I side step what I think is a pickle and palm it off to Noods who soon realises it was a slice of jalapeno! The Prime slider is my fav, mainly because of the awesome maple-caramelized bacon and melty cheddar cheese. The Brick slider has a fat piece of chicken and it’s the garlic aioli that totally makes it but it’s a close call with the smokey eggplant in the Smoke Slider for my second favourite.

The side of Salad Crunch got upsized to a normal portion rather than a side because of the wait and it was pretty tasty considering you know, it’s a salad :P

The Street Sliders Truck will be back this Saturday at Church St mall at 5.30pm so get there early if you’re in the area and follow them on Facebook to see where they’re at next!

ChocolateSuze was invited to the launch of Street Sliders



  1. Corn and sliders sounds awesome! Hope we get more food trucks out west.

    Ramen Raff    Dec 19, 06:39 AM    #

  2. you chose a salad over fries?! lol. eat ALL the sliders!

    Jacq    Dec 19, 10:18 AM    #

  3. hehe awesome! that grilled corn looks delish

    Vivian - vxdollface    Dec 19, 10:18 AM    #

  4. The salad looks good! Sliders is a pretty good, on-theme truck concept – I’ve only eaten from 3 of the Sydney-based ones…

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Dec 19, 10:24 AM    #

  5. yay a food truck closer to home. Imagine the crowds its going to attack. I’ll probably be an attacker this weekend… lol

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Dec 19, 11:23 AM    #

  6. YUM!! I love sliders and corn… I think Adelaide needs another food truck added to their 30+ trucks roaming the streets already.. heh heh! Getting a bit greedy here.. :)

    dee @ dbites    Dec 19, 03:42 PM    #

  7. I want ALL the SLIDERS please and thanks!

    penny aka jeroxie    Dec 19, 10:43 PM    #

  8. I’m totally going to stalk them. I can’t believe they have a veggie burger. Could it be?! That all looks awesome. I’de have to go the triple too :P

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Dec 20, 11:40 AM    #

  9. Foodie truck for Westie Peeps = Totes Like!!

    Shanks    Dec 21, 01:56 PM    #

  10. I really love their food – the eggplant slider was my favourite…and the corn! Hopefully they’ll stick around the west and get a bit faster with service as time goes on.

    Miss Piggy    Dec 21, 08:43 PM    #

  11. Wow! How delicious do those sliders look?? I want!

    Raging Cravings    Dec 21, 09:15 PM    #

  12. the first slider looks so good!

    tastyfoodsnaps    Dec 22, 09:56 AM    #

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