2012 wrap up!

  29 December 2012

Ahhh the end of the year recap! I want to thank you all for reading my corner of the world, as always it’s been a blast and it just wouldn’t be as fun without you! Thank you for all the comments, emails and lovely messages on Twitter and Facebook, you guys make my world go round 😀 So ready for a time trip? So something I didn’t blog about:

The boy and I went to Fiji at the beginning of the year for an extremely belated honeymoon and it was amazing. Blue skies, even bluer water and the friendliest people ever. Days were filled with alternating swims in the pool or down at the beach and lazy arvo naps. We stayed at Likuliku Resort on an island off the mainland and visited the local villages and schools. Tried the cava ceremony which was a bad idea because I am a lightweight but the food! The food is amazing! The freshest fish we’ve ever had, tropical fruits galore and of course the tasty beverages with paper umbrellas at the beach were a mad plus.

This year there was copious amounts of fried chicken. So much fried chicken but hey that’s never a bad thing! Beschico (Epping), Arisun (Haymarket), Naruone (Sydney), Jazz City Diner (Darlinghurst) are my top pics of the year.

There was a looooot of donuts. I love donuts! I totally want to go on a road trip around USA just eating donuts! For now I’ll make do with awesome donuts in Aus from the American Doughnut Van (QV Markets, Melb), Flour and Stone (Woolloomooloo), Famous Donut Berry Van (Berry) and Walker’s Doughnuts (Melbourne).

Some super quick recipes because we all know life is too short for complicated goodness!

And then there was that time when I thought building a Tim Tam Colosseum would be a piece of cake…

My first ever visit to New Zealand, Cloudy Bay where there was scuba diving, foraging and incredible wines.

The movie Battleship came out. It was both terrible and awesome at the same time and to celebrate we recreated battleship BUT WITH SHOTS haha epic Battleshots is epic!

Aaaand to keep it short and sweet that’s it! By the time you guys read this I’ll be on a lil adventure with the boy to a part of Australia I never would have thought I’d visit so catch me on Instagram and here’s to an incredible 2012 and let’s make 2013 a year to never forget!

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