Lux Bite, South Yarra

6 January 2013, 23:04

Aaaand we’re back! Hope you guys had a faaabulous New Year! The boy and I took a few side trips over the holidays and first stop, Melbourne! I love Melbourne and one of the absolute must visit places you guys just absolutely have to go to when you’re in the area is Lux Bite (38 Toorak Rd, South Yarra). It’s where dreams for lovers of all things sweet come true.

Lux Bite is not in the Melbourne CBD so take a 10-15min tram ride (don’t ask me which I had nfi and had to taxi it lol). The cafe is bright and cheery, pass by the communal table in the middle and make your way to the back where the pretties live.

Hellooooo rainbow macarons! From mandarin jaffa to rosewater and lychee, pandan to watermelon guava, which one do you choose?

Inspired by Pierre Hermé‘s Ispahan, the Endless Love ($9) is oh so pretty in pink.

And check out the Meringue Monster ($8.50)!

I decided to go for the LuxBite tea set for 2 ($48) which comes with 2 drinks, 2 assorted gourmet finger sandwiches, 2 desserts and 4 macarons of our choice. I couldn’t resist a hot chocolate but suffered from major envy at Noods’ iced coffee which came with 2 scoops of ice cream and a coffee macaron which I promptly nicked.

Tee hee the Rudolph Supersized Love is too freaking cute and tastes like a Ferrero Rocher! The chocolate macaron shells sandwich rich hazelnut ganache and studded with hazelnut pieces. Best. Our second dessert is the Opera of Banoffee which has layers of hazelnut sponge, banana ganache, and a crunchy layer with pepper that weirdly works with the salted toffee buttercream.

Our macaron choices were the Creme Brulee macaron, Sour Strawberry macaron, my fav the Kaya Toast macaron which had a thick layer of fragrant kaya and a mini slab of salty butter in the middle and the Peanut Butter and Jelly macaron which totally nailed the balance of salty and sweet.

On the savoury side of things was the softest ever Bamboo Charcoal Brioche Bun with house made pork jerky (bak kwa), cucumber, crisp lettuce and a squiggle of Kewpie mayonaise and a Mushroom Mousseline and White Fungus sandwich which I may have pawned off to Noods in exchange for some of his brekkie.

Noods didn’t want any cake (muahaha more for me) and ordered the Eggs on Toast ($7.50) with a side of Maple Infused Bacon ($2.50). That bacon? Incredible. Seriously the best bacon ever! Salty and sweet and the right ratio of fat to porkilicious meat.

And thanks to the awesome Bernard we scored some delicious jars of kaya, salted caramel and vanilla caramel to take back to Syd! Definitely need to take another trip back stat!

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  1. The charcoal brioche bun looks intriguing and ahhh I miss their kaya macaron. All that’s missing is a milo dinosaur on the side. lol

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jan 6, 11:25 PM    #

  2. The kaya toast macaron was my favourite too! I was tempted to get the supersized love too but got the pretty pink endless love instead. Maybe I should’ve got both!

    Jacq    Jan 6, 11:25 PM    #

  3. welcome back to sydney! lovely post! just in time for my melbourne trip in 2 weeks!

    milkteaxx    Jan 6, 11:47 PM    #

  4. I want to go to there (again). The Kaya Toast and PBJ macarons were my favourites too. Tooooo loooong agooooo.

    Hannah Terry-Whyte    Jan 7, 03:05 AM    #

  5. So many pretties! This will be no.1 in my list when I go to Melbourne. I’m intrigued by the Kaya macaron.

    Ramen Raff    Jan 7, 05:28 AM    #

  6. Dam it!! I missed out on going to this when I flew down to Melbourne a few months ago to eat ALL the cakes!

    Food is our religion    Jan 7, 07:21 AM    #

  7. Lovely post! Kaya macaron looks amazeballs! I still haven’t tried any of Luxbite’s famous pastries, and I live really close by! Must remedy that soon. :)

    Sarah    Jan 7, 07:30 AM    #

  8. Woaah so much amazing deliciousness there! I would have an aneurysm trying to decide which macaron to pick.. lol

    Christine @ Cooking Crusade    Jan 7, 08:45 AM    #

  9. aaaaaaaaand a happy new year to you Suze!! Am so jelly of your melb and NT trip. I can’t wait to hit up lux-bite in march. I want it ALL. Are the jars of spread available to purchase?

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Jan 7, 09:21 AM    #

  10. I LOVED the PB&J and Kaya Toast macaron here – we made a special visit just to try that Kaya Toast number…sigh, so good.

    Miss Piggy    Jan 7, 09:59 AM    #

  11. Wow – that savoury plate looks interesting, especially the fungus sando! It’s been way too long since I’ve been to Melb…

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Jan 7, 11:34 AM    #

  12. that rainbow row of macaroons makes me swoon! delicious-looking AND color coordinated?! LOVE it!

    dayna    Jan 7, 01:40 PM    #

  13. ah so that’s what the lunch deal looked like – was going to have it with mum when i was there but we were short on time. lol not sure about the white fungus sanga though, texturally challenging for me

    Vivian - vxdollface    Jan 7, 02:18 PM    #

  14. New reader here! I freaking LOVE macarons! Wow… totally gonna go there one day if I get the chance to go to Melbourne… :) shame that I’m still a student haha.

    LilyChaSooRin    Jan 7, 06:09 PM    #

  15. Omg that looks so damn awesome. I just came back from the Sunshine Coast but you always make me want to take off agaiN!

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Jan 7, 10:07 PM    #

  16. Mmmmmm .. I’ve been meaning to go back here to get this set yummmm

    Melludee    Jan 8, 12:47 AM    #

  17. That made my stomach grumble. Delicious looking! happy eating in 2013 :) Looking fwd to more deliciousness

    May    Jan 8, 09:47 PM    #

  18. Impressed by the love, care and attention put into those macaroons n other sweet treats. A great find. Breakfast though, I’m with Noods bacon and eggs not cake thats for elevenses.

    Gareth    Jan 13, 09:16 AM    #

  19. No nail polish in that macaron shot? Suze!?

    — Anna    Jan 16, 05:09 PM    #

  20. tram no 8 (was just there yesterday! lol) sad though kaya toast sold out. but I bought the jam hehe

    laurachel    Jan 28, 05:42 PM    #

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