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14 January 2013, 00:49

Aaaand part 2 of my eats in Melbourne! Absolutely GOTTA have the half pound chocolate eclair from Walker’s Doughnuts (26/2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne) which is all kinds of amazing with rich chocolate icing, fluffy cream innards and light choux pastry.

Word on the street is that Lord of the Fries will be finally coming to Sydney soon but meanwhile I will grab a regular fries with French Canadian sauce every time I see it! I mean, what’s not to love? Golden fries, pile of cheese and a river of gravy? BEST!

We hit Degraves Street for awesome coffee and people watched all the hipsters amble by.

QV markets is high on the hit list to visit where there’s cheeses, cured meats and fresh produce galore. We grabbed a whole bunch of stuff plus a bottle of wine and had a picnic in our hotel room after a crazy day of shopping.

Battle of the burger time! I’ve been hearing so much about Huxtaburger (106 Smith St, Collingwood) so a tram ride later we grabbed a seat at the counter and ordered the Theo ($11.50) to share- a huxtaburger with bacon, double pattie, double cheese and bbq sauce. It was freaking tasty but it kinda collapsed in on itself with the amount of juices a-flowing.

We were wandering down the street and stumbled past Rockwell and Sons (288 Smith St, Collingwood) another joint well known for their burgers. The Double Patty Smash Burger ($10) with Kraft cheese, Special Sauce on a Seeded Bun is epic. It was juicy but didn’t fall apart and the Kraft cheese surprisingly worked in that it didn’t overpower the patty. Best fricken burger I’ve had in a long time!

There was Steak Tartare ($18) for Noods at Bistro Vue (430 Little Collins Street Melbourne) which made him incredibly happy.

Aaaand to round things off there were rainbow macs from La Belle Miette (30 Hardware Lane, Melbourne) where Caramel Fleur de Sel, Pimm’s & Pomegranate and Pistachio were smash hits with the tastebuds. Oh Melbourne what a delicious city you are!



  1. So much epic awesomenessss! I have to hit Degraves St & La Belle Miette when I visit Melbs.

    Ramen Raff    Jan 14, 06:30 AM    #

  2. Apparently you are meant to just buy the sauce from LOTF and dunk some wicked wings into the sauce. I missed my opportunity to do that after all the booze!

    Food is our religion    Jan 14, 07:26 AM    #

  3. Wow that Kraft cheese burger is making me want burgers at 8am in the morning – looks delicious!! I love Melbourne for lots of reasons but mainly for Lord of the Fries & the QV markets (especially the jam doughnut truck)! Miss it & your posts are telling me I need to go back!

    thesuzchef    Jan 14, 07:57 AM    #

  4. I’m so glad you did these Melbourne posts… I was thinking I’d have to do some research for my upcoming trip… but now I can be lazy. ;)

    Mary @ beyondjelly    Jan 14, 07:57 AM    #

  5. Melbourne is just awesome. We don’t have nearly as much as what they do, but then I suppose its vice versa. Love degraves, I don’t know what it is but the coffee is just so good wherever you get it!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Jan 14, 08:04 AM    #

  6. Gah so jealous! I love Melbourne. That eclair looks so effin amazing.

    Steph    Jan 14, 08:14 AM    #

  7. hotel picnics are awesome :) gahhh now I’m craving for a burger and I only just had breakfast!

    Vivian - vxdollface    Jan 14, 09:00 AM    #

  8. lol at your love affair with the half-pound eclair! I can never resist the poutine fries either. Can’t wait for it to open here!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jan 14, 10:16 AM    #

  9. Lord of the Fries here? Yes please!!! Their vegan nuggets are pretty hilarious ;)

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Jan 14, 10:58 AM    #

  10. Come visit me in Canada and we’ll have real poutine!!

    Hannah    Jan 14, 12:18 PM    #

  11. oh man I need to try that rockwells & son burger. Has my name all over it :)

    Julie    Jan 14, 12:19 PM    #

  12. love huxtable! will have to check out rockwell and sons next time we are in Melb!

    gastronomous anonymous    Jan 14, 01:20 PM    #

  13. oh man those burgers look epic! love la belle miette macarons – the pimms and pomegranate one sounds interesting

    Jacq    Jan 14, 06:52 PM    #

  14. How oisome are the burgers on Smith St!!!! Love the buns they use.

    Adrian (Food Rehab)    Jan 14, 08:38 PM    #

  15. I want an epic eclair too! Looks so awesome!

    I love me some chips and gravy and am most pleased to hear Lord of the Fries is coming to Sydney!

    Neen    Jan 14, 09:28 PM    #

  16. What great news that LoTF is coming to Sydney! La Belle Miette macarons are the bomb too, especially the Pimm’s flavour.

    Excuse Me Waiter    Jan 14, 10:02 PM    #

  17. Ahhh great minds think alike, Lord of the Fries with French Canadian sauce is da bomb!

    Raging Cravings    Jan 14, 10:26 PM    #

  18. Oh how pretty those macarons are! And mmm… Drooling at those burgers.

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Jan 15, 04:22 PM    #

  19. Dang I do love a good melted cheese on a beef patty. Yum.

    Tammi    Jan 17, 09:48 AM    #

  20. So firstly, how do you manage to stay so skinny?! and I really think that that eclair would have been big enough for us to share… hmm?

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Jan 17, 09:57 AM    #

  21. NICE. planning to combat my post holiday blues with a quick weekend trip to Melb. Will defo check out these spots!!

    catty    Jan 17, 03:33 PM    #

  22. haha that is the biggest eclair I’ve ever seen! Love all the little Melbourne laneways, need to get down there soon :)

    JJ - 84thand3rd    Jan 18, 12:01 PM    #

  23. WOW! Thank is one huge Eclair! Did you manage to get through it all or did you share ;)

    GourmetGetaways    Jan 19, 09:28 AM    #

  24. so much good eating to be had in melb! the rainbow macs are so cute as well :)

    Christine @ Cooking Crusade    Jan 20, 10:00 PM    #

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