Super Easy Peach Pie + Bosch Food Processor Styline Giveaway!

21 January 2013, 11:09

So, I love summer because of all the beautiful stone fruits finally in season and something I’ve always wanted to make is fruit pies! I’ve always been a bit put off making the pastry because I don’t have a food processor to make simple pastry but thanks to the awesome people at Bosch I was sent a Bosch Food Processor Styline and I’ve got one to giveaway to my readers! So keep on reading for your chance to win!

It’s pretty darn sexy I can tell you right now! Everything is ridiculously easy to clean and weighing at 5kg it’s light enough that I can move it without swearing but heavy enough that I won’t worry about it toppling over if I’m mixing a heavy dough.

It even has a drawer to store the blades and attachments! Love not having to dig around trying to find the parts for an appliance!

Ready for a super easy recipe for a peach pie? This recipe is adapted from Foodie Crush. Note, if you want to make it even more simpler you can use a tin of sliced peaches instead of going to the effort of peeling and slicing the fresh fruit :P

2 cups plain flour
170g cold salted butter, cut into cubes
1 Tbsp caster sugar
1/2 to 3/4 cup ice cold water
1.5kg peaches (or 825g tinned sliced peaches)
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp allspice
zest and juice of one orange
1 egg beaten with 1 Tbsp milk
2 Tbsp caster sugar

First, zest an orange and set aside. Attach juicer to processor and juice orange and set aside for filling. Add 2 cups plain flour, 170g butter, 1 Tbsp caster sugar, orange zest and pulse 4-5 times until butter is the sized of small peas but do not over mix. Add 1/4 cup iced water and pulse on and off until pastry is just combined. Add more water 1 tablespoon at a time until dough comes together when pressed.

1. Roll out dough between sheets of baking paper. Knead a few times and divide into two discs approx 20cm in diameter and chill in fridge in cling wrap for 15 mins or until able to be handled.
2. For the filling, peel and pit the peaches and slice 1/2 inch thick. In the processor bowl, combine peaches with brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and orange juice.
3. Place one crust in pie pan, saving the second circle of dough for top of pie. Scoop the peaches but draining the liquid and pile high in the center.
4. Top with second prepared pie crust and cut four slits in the dough and brush top of pie crust with egg wash and top with sugar. Place pie on a baking sheet and bake for 50-55 minutes at 190 degrees. Allow pie to rest for about 30 minutes before serving.


Buttery crust! Sweet peach innards!

And left over pastry means mini peach pie! Yep that’s my ideal ratio of ice cream to pie :D

So are you ready to win this awesome Bosch Food Processor Styline with RRP of $199? All you gotta do is leave a comment on this blog post answering:

What would be the first thing you make with the Bosch Food Processor Styline AND why?

The most delicious sounding entry will win this incredible prize! You can enter as many times as you like, but you must be an Australian resident. Please enter a valid
email address, it will not be made public and you will only be contacted if you win. Competition closes Monday 4th February 2013, 9am AEST. Good luck!



  1. Man, that pie looks good!

    My food processor/blender is broken so I’d love to win this prize! Managed to drop the processor bowl which put a hole in the bottom, which I have repaired using duct tape, haha. So it still works but it’s a bit dodgy. I can’t use it for dough as it gets stuck in the taped area so I’d definitely make a pie first! Cherries are plentiful at the moment so I’d make a cherry pie with frangipane to fill around the fruit… yummo.

    Bri    Jan 21, 11:58 AM    #

  2. I would make Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals as they all use a food processor! As I don’t actually own one the meals are taking 30-45 minutes and my boyfriend laughs at me :( (I begged him for the book)

    — Sue    Jan 21, 12:43 PM    #

  3. I have no food processor, hence would love this one :D I think I’d make a lemon meringue pie – I HATE HATE HATE grating anything. And this thing has a grater. I also see a whisk function, making beating egg whites a breeze!

    — Ophelia    Jan 21, 12:58 PM    #

  4. Okay, story/confession time: my boyfriend’s faaaaaavourite dessert is pumpkin pie. He just loves it. He was recently diagnosed with coeliac disease, and he was so sad to give up his favourite baked goods (he worked as a baker for 6 years…. cruel twist of fate or what?!), so I decided to surprise him by making a gluten free pumpkin pie. The pie crust itself was a BREEZE. No problem at all. I was pretty chuffed with myself, and turned my attention to the ‘easy’ bit of the job – the pumpkin filling. It needed to be processed until smooth, but I don’t have a food processor… so I used the blender. MASSIVE, MONSTROUS, STUPID MISTAKE. A bit of pumpkin got caught in the blade, it stopped spinning, and the lid was blown off it, spraying bright orange pumpkin mess ALL over our white ceiling. The day before our rent inspection. Crap. I clambered up onto my kitchen bench so I could reach to clean it off, but it just… smeared. I kept at it, using every cleaning product I could think of, until bits of paint began to rub away. Finally, I gave up, and left it with vague pale orange smears all over the ceiling. To this day (MONTHS later), I am finding bits of pumpkin around our apartment – on books on our shelves, the TV antenna, behind the sofa….. andddd the ceiling is still an odd shade of orange in parts.

    In short: I need a food processor because I can’t be trusted to make wise kitchen decisions without one.

    Lizzi    Jan 21, 01:30 PM    #

  5. That pastry looks awesome. I would make powerballs (oats, almonds, cocoa, sultanas, dates, coconut and water blitzed in food processor) because my family eats so many of them and I’m tired of making them in my food processor with a broken lid.

    — Jo    Jan 21, 01:30 PM    #

  6. Not having a food processor has always put me off making my own pastry or something that needs biscuit crumbs, so the first thing I’d bake is a massive apple pie (like the one at the Pie Tin!) and your peach pie recipe has also given me encouragement and inspiration. Or I’d try the Momofoku crack pie. My taste buds win whichever one I make right?

    — Jackie    Jan 21, 02:48 PM    #

  7. The first thing I’d make with a new food processor would be a RAINBOW CHEESECAKE because I can’t make the crumb base the same without one. It needs that fine crumb base for perfection.

    Each layer would be a different flavour too. Strawberry (red), banana (yellow), lime (green), blueberry (blue/purple) and maybe a mango layer for orange.

    Served with food processor made icecream of course.. haha

    <3 can’t believe you got this opportunity for an awesome giveaway

    Tamz    Jan 21, 03:28 PM    #

  8. I’ve never owned a food processor and at least half of Nigella’s baking repertoire is evading me because of it!

    My husband doesn’t understand why I need a processor when I already have a mix master and a blender.

    He will understand when I am able to make pastry. And lots of it.

    — Joanna    Jan 21, 03:31 PM    #

  9. I never made desserts that requires pastry as I don’t have the electronics to make one. If I did have one, first thing I’d make is a Lemon curd tart! I buy one almost every weekend as an afternoon tea snack with my coffee. It is the only thing I look forward to in the afternoon! Love the short bread pastry and the tangy and smooth lemon curd. Would love to try make my own once I get hands on a food processor to make the pastry!

    — Michelle    Jan 21, 03:32 PM    #

  10. I live in a shoebox apartment. No exaggeration. All I ever want to do is cook – I know it’s clichéd but I’m going to say it – cooking is like therapy. The first thing I would make with my stylish Bosch Food Processor is not just one thing… I would invite all my friends over for a three course meal that would involve; gruyere, fetta and ricotta stuffed tempura zucchini flowers (three-cheese stuffing made in Bosch processer), followed by Szechuan crusted duck breasts on a parsnip and cauliflower puree (made in Bosch processer) with a plum sauce, followed by a dulce de leche cheesecake with coffee bean toffee shards (cheesecake base and filling made in Bosch processer). I currently do not have a food processer so please, please – pick me. Let me make this meal for my friends.

    — Anna    Jan 21, 03:46 PM    #

  11. The first thing I would make is shortbread. Trying to use a hand creanked food processor is just too tiring and so ineffective to get that melt in your mouth shortbread. Would really love to have such a pretty one on hand :)

    — Erin    Jan 21, 04:16 PM    #

  12. Peach and mango pie, I want to bake this for my baby’s first birthday and wouldn’t know where to begin, Hopefully i can begin with pulling out the new Bosch food processor styline!

    — Anita Law    Jan 21, 04:20 PM    #

  13. Wow that pie looks amazing! I could totes go for a new food processor coz I stopped making pastry since mine started dying… sadness. I would definitely make a peach pie if peaches were still in season, otherwise it would be apple pie with lots and lots of cinnamon!

    Jacq    Jan 21, 04:42 PM    #

  14. I would make a lilac and pink ombre multi tiered cake for my cousin’s baby shower!! Heres to hoping I win the new Bosch Food Processor Styline!

    — Candice    Jan 21, 04:44 PM    #

  15. SO many recipes come to mind! The first thing I would make would be one of the below:
    1. Mexican layered tortilla lasagna
    2. Buttermilk biscuits with Garlic fried chicken (mmm I LOVE Southern food!)
    3. Dulce de Leche banana cream pie

    I honestly dont know how I’ve gone without a food processor for so long! Attempting the above recipes with my $25 blender isn’t ideal :(

    — Jess    Jan 21, 05:11 PM    #

  16. that peach tart with ice cream sounds and looks amazing! if i win this awesome food processor the first thing ill make is the humble apple pie w/ maggie beer’s sour cream pastry! yum!

    milkteaxx    Jan 21, 05:28 PM    #

  17. OH my good gosh! That looks so good :D

    MJ    Jan 21, 06:08 PM    #

  18. Hi! Your tart looks amazing but… The first thing I would make is creamy, luscious, homemade peanut butter, lots and lots of it and different flavours as well like chocolate pb and caramel pb and honey cinnamon pb! Omg, and then I’d make your tart :P

    — Tina    Jan 21, 06:29 PM    #

  19. I definitely know what I would make! I have always wanted to make my own nutella! I recently found a recipe online and have always needed a food processor to blend down those hazelnuts to a paste! I bet homemade nutella would taste amazing with warm croissants or just by the spoonful :D
    Thanks for the opportunity Suze! <3

    — Chau    Jan 21, 06:34 PM    #

  20. The first thing I would make is macarons. I know, you’re gonna go ‘Huh? Macarons with a food processor?’ But it’s not what you think it is!! I’ve made macarons ONCE before, and sadly they failed because the grounded almonds I bought were not dry enough. I’ve read this recipe online one day where you can actually ground your own almonds in a food processor for macarons! I really want to make macarons again, this time with home-grounded almonds instead of store-bought, ‘wet’ ground almonds. I bet they would turn out better than my last time, which were too dry, too chewy, not crispy and had teeny tiny baby feet. Thanks so much for the opportunity Suze!<3

    PS You can probably tell from the link that I’m not a proper food blogger LOL. My folks wouldn’t let me cook hahas. The only time I get to cook was at friend’s house. The only website/portfolio I have is a writing web, so please excuse the website!

    LilyChaSooRin    Jan 21, 07:04 PM    #

  21. I would make my great grandmother’s berry delicious (pun intended) frangipane tart. The recipe has been handed down from generation to generation and I would love to make it!

    — Sue Somerly    Jan 21, 07:18 PM    #

  22. That recipe looks so good! The first thing I would do with a food processor would be make ECLAIRS and profiteroles (which leads up to a croquembouche!) I’ve tried it a few times, but my choux pastry is always a bit to watery.
    I’ve also always wanted to try make an amateur version of Sadaharu Aoki’s Éclair au Sésame Noir.
    Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck to everyone!

    Serena    Jan 21, 07:22 PM    #

  23. A raspberry pie for my husband as it’s his favourite and one of the dishes he misses most from his mum in Canada. I love your pie and ice cream ratio, it’s exactly what I do!

    — Stefanie    Jan 21, 08:49 PM    #

  24. CHEESECAKE!!!!!! I do not own a food processor so have been beating up the biscuit crumbs for the base with a rolling pin. This will make my life complete as I would be able to construct the perfect cheesecake!

    — Ruth    Jan 21, 09:02 PM    #

  25. I have never owned a food processor and my lovely little hand mixer decided to combust with smoke billowing out of the motor while whipping up egg whites for meringues! Basically all of my baking efforts have now been placed on hold due to technical difficulties :(

    SO I would LOVE to have this food processor so I could start it all up again. The first thing I’d do is make a lemon meringue pie! Combines my love for zingy citrus and sweet sweet meringue.

    — Allison    Jan 21, 09:35 PM    #

  26. I always dreamt of owning a food processor!

    I would dream to make a Lemon Meringue Tart/Pie. Why? Simply because I love pastry desserts but never dared to attempt them, but I believe winning this food processor will boost my confidence and encourage me to expand my dessert experiments!

    Rachel    Jan 21, 10:07 PM    #

  27. Suze, peach pie looks divine!! Whenever I see pie I think of agent cooper off twin peaks!! The first recipe I would try would be a raw mango cheesecake. I had one made for me at xmas and omg i’m converted. It was Rawsome!!

    — Jo    Jan 21, 10:24 PM    #

  28. HI Suze,

    Damn that machine is sexy. I would bash up some pumpkin and chickpeas to make a soup topped with some spicy chorizo. :)

    — tim    Jan 21, 10:48 PM    #

  29. The closest thing I have to a food processor or blender is a cup with glad wrap secured with elastic that I shake! So I would enjoy the simple things first:
    Chai powder + milk + ice + icecream + extra spice for good measure = heaven

    — Liz    Jan 21, 11:10 PM    #

  30. I’d like to make an apple crumble with chopped pecan nut topping to sprinkle over the vanilla ice-cream I’d plate this with.

    — cinta sha    Jan 22, 01:20 AM    #

  31. All the things I’ve tried to process in my blender that failed: nut butters, biscuit crumbs, metal spoons . . . Wait, scratch that last one!

    — Jen    Jan 22, 02:03 AM    #

  32. OH HELLO PEACH PIE. Needs more ice cream :P In saying that, I would probably use the food processor to make more ice cream. A cheats version. With this whacky weather, you can’t go wrong with home made simple ice cream!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Jan 22, 08:19 AM    #

  33. Chocolate-Candy Icebox Bars, I could go “nuts” with a food processor hehe (pardon the pun):)

    — Meg Attwater    Jan 22, 09:35 AM    #

  34. I love bananas and I love cheese. I’d make a Banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Perfect for when my girlfriends come over

    Jasmine    Jan 22, 10:00 AM    #

  35. Lemon Sugar Biscuits
    brown sugar
    vanilla essence
    lemon essence
    grated lemon grind
    plain flour
    baking powder
    sugar for sprinkling

    Jasmine    Jan 22, 10:13 AM    #

  36. White chocolate berry cheesecake – A creamy cheesecake with fresh berries <3

    Jasmine    Jan 22, 10:16 AM    #

  37. the first thing i will make is kaya mile fuille. thick luscious layers of kaya will be spread and then topped with shreds of toasted coconut and slabs of butter . the pastry would be homemade puff pastry for maximum buttery-ness! to finish it off, the whole thing will be drizzled with kaya and served with ice cream and whipped cream.

    milkteaxx    Jan 22, 10:25 AM    #

  38. I never tried doing my own pie. But with the fruit processor and your delicious recipe I would try your ‘Super Easy Peach Pie’ :)

    — Helga    Jan 22, 11:34 AM    #

  39. I would make a french Cheesecake, sweet biscuit base, creamy rich filling, nicely chilled, served with some fresh strawberries and a dollop of cream…and of course a nice glass of dessert wine!

    — Narelle Rock    Jan 22, 11:41 AM    #

  40. Liked on facebook, so i can follow your yummy recipes and ideas. Love the bathtub full of ice cream :)

    — April Jane    Jan 22, 12:32 PM    #

  41. Peach pie! YUM! I would try this recipe, Spritzkuchen a german pastry and Black forest cake :)

    — April Jane    Jan 22, 12:33 PM    #

  42. I would make pie….lots of lovely pie. I find it hard to make pastry by hand and I don’t have a food processor! I would most likely start with this pie!

    Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy    Jan 22, 12:45 PM    #

  43. I would love to make a strawberry shortcke, called A la treebeard. But for short I call it to get the husband to do anything you like !!!!! It has him salivating when he knows im making it and its not very difficult. It oozes, strawberries and whipped cream and the shortcrust melts in your mouth. With these wonderful appliances I might make them more delicious and the kids might run around like hubby :)))))

    — kerry santillo    Jan 22, 01:34 PM    #

  44. Suze, I love to make home made pies, sweet and savoury and this prize would make it quicker and easier to make the pastry bases and tops for my luscious home made pies. I am making a ‘Lamb Pie’ for Australia Day and the Bosch Food Processor would really help to speed up the process!! Am I a little early?

    — Wendy Ambrose    Jan 22, 02:15 PM    #

  45. It’s beautiful :) I love the draw! I would make hummus. I’ve heard about a new trick where you blend it with ice cubes and it fluffs up more. Yum!

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Jan 22, 02:38 PM    #

  46. I would be most definitely making a chocolate and peanut butter tart for my mum who is an absolutely fanatic with both dark chocolate and peanut butter! My family and friends are quite possibly the most generous, loving and patient people I have ever encountered and to be able to make treats for them is something I’ve always dreamt of doing. With a collection of recipes ready to go, I am always finding myself in the kitchen without the right or any utensils! This food processor would be absolutely heaven sent, and will be used to share love in the form of food. The best kind of love out there.

    Emma Chu    Jan 22, 03:17 PM    #

  47. Easiest yummiest recipe of all, Timtam balls, always a hit, and oh so yum.

    — tracey kruger    Jan 22, 03:19 PM    #

  48. Brilliant photos!

    I think I would use the food processor as a carrot to dangle in front of boy so that he would make me cream cheese pecan pie.

    Mary @ beyondjelly    Jan 22, 04:26 PM    #

  49. I would make this delicious bowl of pie for sure, the pictures look luscious, enough said.

    — Lauren    Jan 22, 06:40 PM    #

  50. First thing to make are hand made hk style fish ballls! yay!

    — K.L    Jan 22, 07:43 PM    #

  51. I want to try making a hot molten dark chocolate souffle. Dark chocolates means less fat, so one can eat double the portion! Yum.

    — karina w    Jan 22, 07:47 PM    #

  52. Firstly, seeing your Photo of the pie I was praying you would serve that with a big fat scoop of icecream, and then I saw your final picture and cheered!!!!

    I would make a hazelnut Cheesecake, it would work perfectly for Wizzing up hazelnuts into a nice crumb to sprinkle over the top…Secondly it would blend cream cheese and nutella to perfection, smooth creamy nuttelary (Yes that is a word, I totes just created it) goodness…I would make half a batch of chocolate cake to use as the base of this Cheesecake aswell- Afterall, There is No such thing as “too much chocolate and Nutella” right?

    sandie patane    Jan 22, 08:55 PM    #

  53. It was a very cold day but inside a little silver house, the temperature kept rising. Dough was temporarily staying here, just for an hour, to get away from the cold.

    After an hour, Dough left the house…but what was happening to him? His skin was cracked, his body sore and he seemed to be covered in soot.

    But it all became clear to him later. He never really did mix in well with the crowd so he felt broken and depressed. He thought “If only I had Bosch Food Processor Styline, I would be able to mix in properly”.

    Dough, in his future life, wished to be the perfect and crispy apple pie he had always wanted to be all his life.

    — Jess    Jan 22, 10:25 PM    #

  54. Something nice

    — Kira    Jan 22, 10:58 PM    #

  55. The first thing I would make is a batch of fruit filled shortbread cookies….still craving Christmas.

    Holiday Baker Man    Jan 23, 04:37 AM    #

  56. I would make some sort of a pie like your super easy peach pie or a banoffee pie :) Then using the left over fruit, i would make a deliciously refreshing smoothie! So there would be no waste and i would be able to use the machine twice!

    — Leanne    Jan 23, 08:01 AM    #

  57. Oreo cookie base for an Oreo cheesecake . Helllooooooo diabetes!

    Sunny    Jan 23, 09:35 AM    #

  58. Suze! What wouldn’t I make?! I would whip up a batch of flaky sour cream pastry (delicious and versatile for savoury and sweet delights) and make individual sweet bbq brisket pies topped with my home grown tomato jam!!! Then heading into seriously sweet town, I would use the left over pastry to either use some of the gorgeous red cherries growing in my backyard for an American diner style cherry-licious pie…..or maybe a creamy and tangy key lime pie. Yummmm!!!!

    — Boo    Jan 23, 12:37 PM    #

  59. Ahh so much food processor love. I have a baby one the size of a coffee mug that is quite possibly the most useless thing in my kitchen. To make hummus from one can of chickpeas invovles about five batches haha.

    I’d make Smitten Kitchen’s ridic looking hazelnut brown butter cake because it looks amazing and I might want to not so secretly marry it.

    OR potato everything!! I have been banned from slicing potatoes to avoid losing anymore chunks of my thumbs :) So a food processor would definitely make that a breeze and reaccquaint me with my favourite vegetable. Hello creamy, cheesey, potato casserole stuffed inside a breadroll. Carbs carbs carbs!

    Emma    Jan 23, 12:48 PM    #

  60. Love the processor, especially with the drawer for the attachments, clever idea. I would make a fish and prawn mousseline. Such a quality processor would give a superfine texture to the mousseline that is combined with cream and tarragon. Lovely served with Nantua sauce – a beautiful sauce made using the prawn heads ground up to make the most amazing sauce ever.

    — ROBYN LITTLE    Jan 23, 01:20 PM    #

  61. The processor sounds great. Making chocolate croissants with my own home made pastry would be breezy with this mini machine!

    — Anh    Jan 23, 02:40 PM    #

  62. Perfect crumble topping. Be amazing not having to dedicate so much time to it, hand rubbing the butter into the flour.

    — Di    Jan 23, 03:28 PM    #

  63. My delicious creamy tuna & parsley pasta sauce. You can’t make it without a food processor, and I’m dying to devour this dish again soon.

    — Diana O    Jan 23, 03:30 PM    #

  64. Your ideal ratio is totally perfect ;)

    Nic@diningwithastud    Jan 23, 03:57 PM    #

  65. This is an awesome giveaway Suze! I don’t have a food processor, but boy would it make things easier in the kitchen! This will be my first Australia Day as an Aussie, so I’d use this to make Lamingtons of course!

    Maria    Jan 23, 04:38 PM    #

  66. I would love a food processor to get the base of cheesecake or tarts perfectly! First thing I would make is.New York cheesecake!

    — Annie    Jan 23, 05:39 PM    #

  67. Gorgeous looking pie Suze! I especially love the super cute mini one :) The first thing I would make with a food processor would make my fave batch of cookie dough dip.. with extra chocolate chips :D yum! :)

    Christine @ Cooking Crusade    Jan 23, 06:07 PM    #

  68. flaky croissant with molten kaya and butter centre! lovely contrast of the crispy flaky pastry with a molten and ultra sweet river of kaya and butter!

    milkteaxx    Jan 23, 06:17 PM    #

  69. mmm that pie looks goood! Gosh there’s so many thing I’d want to make..given that Chinese New Year is coming up, I think I’d make deep-fried peanut ‘kok chai’ and use the food processor to grind the peanuts and sesame into smaller bits =) Omgoodness or use it to make a delicious crumble with oats, walnuts, pepitas and almonds for an apple + peach crumble, topped off with vanilla icecream.

    Dumpling Love    Jan 23, 06:30 PM    #

  70. I would made the classic american apple pie! Served with ice cream ala mode :D Because it’s my favourite comfort food that really relaxes my body – especially after a long week!

    — KayC    Jan 23, 08:34 PM    #

  71. Looks great Suze! Would be a perfect dessert especially in winter! Love the mini ones :)
    The first thing I’d make with the Bosch Food Processor is a Gula Melaka Cake. It would have deliciously layered pandan+coconut chiffon innards made with fresh pandan leaves and separated by a creamy gula melaka. The chiffon would be coated with a decadent and smooth and creamy gula melaka frosting sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt on top! :)

    Ming Hua Ho @ helloitsming    Jan 23, 11:07 PM    #

  72. WOW I love that it stores its own stuff. Nothing worse than having to find homes for all the bits and pieces.

    Hmm what to make what to make with it. It is a toss up between an icy cocktail with fresh summer fruit or something chocolatey with some peanut butter added for good measure.

    p.s that pie looks pretty darn good.

    — Ellie    Jan 23, 11:11 PM    #

  73. great looking pie you have there. would love a food processor to achieve my meals in under 15 minutes like Jamie. I spotted a delicious and healthy rainbow salad on his show with a tarragon dressing which I’d love to make with it. And with Mardi Gras coming up in Sydney it’s perfect timing for a bit of rainbow food too ;-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Jan 23, 11:15 PM    #

  74. I’ll make a salted caramel and chocolate tart because last time I made this was using bare hand to knead the dough it was not flaky but the tart was nice. I’m sure with this processor the tart would turn out perfect !

    Wendy    Jan 24, 07:22 AM    #

  75. Fresh Mango Icecream with Ginger Paw Paw Sauce.I would love to teach my beautiful Grand Daughter some delicious and nutritious cooking. Wouldn’t it be a treat to achieve this with an amazing processor like this Bosch beauty.

    — Kathryn Farrell    Jan 24, 08:08 AM    #

  76. I would have to make your peach pie Suze! It looks simply amazing, and so packed with fruit. Looks like pastry is a huge, buttery success in that machine!

    GourmetGetaways    Jan 24, 08:13 AM    #

  77. Cake pops! I get sooo creative with those things! Whenever a friend has a birthday, I make cake pops to look like them! But I tell you crushing the Oreos by hand is a mission! A food processor would be awesome, and I’m sure I’d eat less bikkies if they were crushed in an instant instead of an hour! ;) Thanks so much for a fabulous giveaway!

    — Anita Cooney    Jan 24, 08:37 AM    #

  78. The food processor will replace my good ole mortar and pestle to make Thai dishes. We all know that cooking can be such a hard work sometimes especially when trying to crush garlic, ginger, chili, and other tough herbs. With this food processor, I can make lemongrass marinade for my Gai Yang Ta-Krai(grilled chicken with lemongrass), or curry paste for my Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut soup). I’m drooling thinking about these dishes~~~

    — Sirinut Sawatdeenarunat    Jan 24, 10:51 AM    #

  79. Lemon meringue pies would be the first treat. I would love t explore my creative side and with a friend like this I could not possibly go wrong.

    — Sarah Collett    Jan 24, 05:38 PM    #

  80. a food processor will allow me to make my own almond meal which means make plenty of macarons! blueberry marshmellow! kaya toast! matcha and red bean flavour! woohoo!

    milkteaxx    Jan 24, 06:44 PM    #

  81. i would make masterchef’s frangipane tart, with strawberry jam, fresh blueberries, raspberries and a scoop of icecream on top! yumm

    — Michelle    Jan 24, 08:10 PM    #

  82. Recipe is amazing! I’d make dips – gotta love how you can chuck in random ingredients then kit becomes a lovely tasty accompaniment to bread!

    — kat    Jan 25, 09:56 AM    #

  83. I would make pastry. I have never made it before ahd I have never owned a food processor and understand it is easy to make with one. My filling would be fresh apricots and almond slithers!!!

    — Dianne    Jan 25, 11:31 AM    #

  84. I’d make a HUGE apple pie, got to give The Pie Tin’s “The pie that ate Newtown” (an XXXL apple pie) a run for their money.

    RagingCravings    Jan 25, 11:43 AM    #

  85. I would make my beloved 4 hour vanilla bean cheesecake. It has 3 layers, including one that is baked! I havent made this since I left home 4 years ago, as my mother held onto her food processer with an iron grip and wouldnt let me have it! I miss my vanilla bean cheesecake… But it is too difficult to make without a food processor… Please be my enabler!! :)

    — Ann    Jan 25, 03:24 PM    #

  86. with a new food processor i would make a extra tall banoffee pie! it will have a crumbly short buttery pastry filled with a river of the gooey-est dulce de leche and perfectly ripe bananas. to finish off this monster, a generous serving of cream is plopped on the very top! extra cream may be requested!

    milkteaxx    Jan 25, 11:54 PM    #

  87. S’mores pie with graham cracker crust and homemade marshmallows!!! Yum yum. And to be extra delicious maybe add a layer of crunchy peanut butter. :D

    — Cathryn    Jan 26, 11:08 AM    #

  88. This would come very handy for my upcoming jaw surgery (to correct a malocclusion). After the surgery, I am banned from eating solid food for 6 weeks. Essentially the food processor will be used to process everything and anything. Think mashed hamburgers (I probably won’t go that far), lots of soups, curries (I’ll blend thai chicken curry), and protein drinks from ground nuts, flaxseed powder, soy milk, etc.

    — isidore    Jan 26, 12:07 PM    #

  89. I would make macarons :) I am making them for my friends wedding favours and I’m getting sick of blending the icing sugar and almonds in the grinder attachment of my hand held blender (its very time consuming!!)

    — Karlee    Jan 26, 08:10 PM    #

  90. That is one pretty mighty kitchen gadget. It has every little imaginable attachment thing.

    i so want this, couldn’t really decide the first thing i’ll make with this one, but probably hidden vegetable brownies for my lovely daughter, where the vegetable needs to be grated, and i have far too many accidents with plain grater and she really loves brownies, not so much with vegetable :D

    — yuliany    Jan 26, 10:14 PM    #

  91. Looks great Suze! Would be a perfect dessert especially in winter! Love the mini ones :)
    The first thing I’d make with the Bosch Food Processor is a Gula Melaka Cake. It would have deliciously layered pandan+coconut chiffon innards made with fresh pandan leaves and separated by a creamy gula melaka. The chiffon would be coated with a decadent and smooth and creamy gula melaka frosting sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt on top! :)
    Why?? Well because I love the taste of pandan and find it hard to get my hands on an authentic and fresh pandan cake. the processor would totally help to extract the pandan flavours :). i’m a total softie for anything gula melaka – this cake would make me very happy :)

    Ming Hua Ho @ helloitsming    Jan 26, 10:59 PM    #

  92. The first thing i’d make is without a doubt is a pavlova roll using raspberries, strawberries, marshmallows and vanilla cream. Because i don’t have a mixer or anything fancy, my previous attempts at this failed miserably (as i was using a milkshaker), and having this processor would make my life so much easier and so much tastier :’)

    — dzhang    Jan 27, 10:51 AM    #

  93. a simple chicken ravioli drowned in a 4 cheese sauce! ill use the food processor to mince the chicken meat and herbs for the ravioli! the ravioli will have a super smooth herby chicken paste and a river of molten cheese inside! pair it with more cheese and some crunchy croutons! in heaven!

    milkteaxx    Jan 27, 06:22 PM    #

  94. rainy and cold weather calls for caramel swirl cheesecake! buttery short pastry is a must with a lovely creamy cheese filling and caramel swirls! yum!

    milkteaxx    Jan 28, 11:27 PM    #

  95. Looks gorgeous!
    I would definitely hit up a white chocolate cheesecake with the Bosch food processor. I have been dying for one lately and a stick blender is zero help when you need a little power and a lot of smooth creaminess!

    — Victoria    Jan 29, 12:41 PM    #

  96. atm i feel like some homemade marshmallows, so maybe a whip up of fresh rasperberry or mixed berry marshmallow is the solution!

    milkteaxx    Jan 29, 08:19 PM    #

  97. The first thing I would make would be hommous as this is what I have on my toast nearly every morning! The next thing would be some cashew butter. It’s a bit annoying and messy trying to use the Bamix for everything…..

    — Nuts    Jan 30, 08:48 AM    #

  98. I’d make a spanakopita dip! All you need to do is fry the onion, garlic & shallots, then add the spinach ( which you chop in the processor). Put the mixture back in the processor & roughly purée. You then add Greek yoghurt, Greek feta, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Takes less time than a pie!

    — Hungry    Jan 30, 09:02 AM    #

  99. your ice cream to pie ratio sounds about perfect suze.. :)

    i’d make some of dietmar sawyere’s vichyssoise with oyster beignets.

    steph    Jan 30, 10:21 AM    #

  100. I would make a delicious dark chocolate tart with cream and raspberries. Something a chocolate lover like you could appreciate I’m sure!

    Dilhara    Jan 30, 02:51 PM    #

  101. Ohh what a perfect comp! Since watching Jamie’s 15 and 30 minute meals I’ve been wanting to get a food processor to follow his recipes. First thing I’d make are the stuffed peppers from his tapas feast episode. Second thing is my own bread crumbs for chicken schnitzel! Such joy from the simple things in life :)

    char    Jan 30, 02:52 PM    #

  102. I love having friends over for nibbles and drinks; but who can afford to buy expensive dips all the time?! I would whip up some basil pesto, olive tapenade, beetroot dip and who can forget the zesty guacamole (which can also top those delicious midweek nachos). Hey presto, all zipped, diced and mixed in a matter of seconds and as a bonus I know exactly whats in them, totally healthy, flavoursome and utterly fantastic foods right at my fingertips thanks to the Bosch Food Processor Styline!

    Belinda Mallinson    Jan 30, 03:36 PM    #

  103. I would make good old apple pie, I’m so use to making pastry by hand, I wouldn’t know myself … hmmm I can make two maybe three :)

    — Lana Stirrat    Jan 30, 08:35 PM    #

  104. Apple pie, one recipte i have always wanted to do better than mum’s and this would give me the best shot at it for sure.

    — Renee Ballantyne    Jan 31, 10:49 AM    #

  105. First thing would definitely be a delicious apple pie with melt-in-your mouth pastry! Never had a food processor like this so would LOVE to make my first pastry!

    — Andrea    Jan 31, 12:35 PM    #

  106. I would make a nutty chocolatey Belle Helene, with extra macadamia nuts and caramelised pear in the middle, all crowned with a dollop of mascarpone.

    — Iris Long    Jan 31, 05:53 PM    #

  107. I would love to make anything that involves Chocolate! A delicious Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake sounds good to me!

    — Melinda    Jan 31, 11:23 PM    #

  108. The first thing I would make is my own home made nut butters! But not just any nut butters, seed butters too. Savory and sweet to mix it up and use it to add spice to some short breads (also made in the processor^_^)

    Belinda Lo    Feb 1, 02:26 AM    #

  109. I’d delve into maroon macaroons with chocolate centres – they wouldn’t be marooned on the table for long…5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – goneski!

    — Felicity    Feb 1, 03:07 AM    #

  110. I’d make a carrot cake for my mum, because it’s her favourite and I like to treat her with it every now and then to thank her for everything she does to me! Plus, the novelty of saving myself from sore arms grating all those carrots would be a great way to christen this gorgeous appliance!!!!!

    — Charlotte    Feb 1, 10:41 PM    #

  111. I love to make fresh tomato sauce for pasta and lasagne so this wonderful appliance would come in very hand indeed to puree the tomatoes.

    — Maria    Feb 2, 10:49 AM    #

  112. Ive never owned a food processor so can only guess at all the great things they do but I know the first thing I’d make is Mum’s Rocky Road

    — Mick G    Feb 2, 04:08 PM    #

  113. If i got my hands on one of these sleek machines, forget recipes, I’d be off to the confectionery aisle of the supermarket. Maltesers, smarties, jaffas, several blocks of chocolate, cherry ripes, jelly beans and mint slices added in batches to test all the different attachments. Tip in a tub of ice-cream and let the processor give it a gentle whirl through, then generously dollop over a split banana- with the rest containered back up and thrown in the freezer to keep me salivating! Mmmm Mmmmm….proper recipes can wait, first up it’s playtime!

    — Sharon    Feb 2, 05:36 PM    #

  114. No sugary sweetness for me… I’d tackle home-made HUMMUS!
    No additives, extra garlic, hint of smoky paprika. Perfect for snacking on and the kids can each as much as they like!!! :D

    — Jennifer B.    Feb 3, 12:27 PM    #

  115. I would purchase a pie and tart book, start at the beginning and work my way through to the end, ranking as I went. Arthritis makes pastry very hard by hand

    — Sonia C    Feb 3, 03:30 PM    #

  116. hiiii! seeing as its summer i would try to make a rainbow salad to try and be good! Chucking in beetroots, apples, cabbage, carrots, radishes and onion for color and crunch! due to the rain, i think i might make a sticky date pudding also just to balance out the cold and wetness by eating something warm, comforting, and sweet!
    Oh Sunshine, wont you stay for a little longer?

    — Marie    Feb 3, 09:56 PM    #

  117. Hi Chocolatesuze! I would like to make homemade dips like hummus, baba ghanoush and more so I would love the processor to make my own creations that money can’t buy as they are too strange for the normal consumer LOL I’m thinking for my first dip a mixture of guacamole, baba ghanoush, chilli and walnut!

    — Annie    Feb 3, 10:33 PM    #

  118. I have always wanted to make Frozen Yoghurt and Sorbet so the first thing I would use the Bosch Food Processor for would be Passionfruit & Peach Sorbet and by making extra i,d make healthy but delicious iceblocks to enjoy on a hot day

    — Rhonda Lockery    Feb 3, 10:59 PM    #

  119. I would make up the most underrated desert in Australia and convert the masses to embrace the pumpkin pie. Melt in your mouth pastry, sweet pumpkin with cinnamon and nutmeg topped with cream
    that makes you want scream

    — Ashley    Feb 4, 12:36 AM    #

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