Excelsior Jones, Ashfield

3 March 2013, 23:48

I HEART pancakes. Give me a stack of fluffy fat pancakes or thin crispy crepes, it doesn’t matter I’ll eat them all! Like donuts, I WILL travel for pancakes and yes I can very well make them myself but well it’s just not the same :P Then word on the twittersphere started whispering sweet photos of the Sourdough Pancakes ($13) at new kid on the block cafe Excelsior Jones (139 Queen Street, Ashfield).

So one rainy weekend the boy and I rolled up just before noon and nabbed the last table in the corner by the window. A much needed caffeine buzz from a pretty tops coffee was downed before moving on to a super sweet butterscotch milkshake. In no time the pancakes arrives and they are very fine indeed, freakishly light and ridiculously moreish with the scattering of plump strawberries and just a drizzle of vanilla custard. But woe only 4 tiny pancakes meant I was staring mournfully at my empty plate before deciding on ordering something else.

Noods is always a Bacon and Egg Sandwich ($10) kinda guy, and declares the sambo a winner with the crispy bacon, a gooey poached egg and sourdough bread. While I loved the dollop of aioli, Noods much more prefers the capsicum relish but still polishes off the sandwich with ease.

Aaaaand then because we were both still a bit hungry we couldn’t pass up the chance of the Grass-fed Angus Beef Cheeseburger ($16) cos c’mon, who doesn’t love a good cheeseburger! And this cheeseburger didn’t disappoint with an incredibly juicy patty with melty Gruyere cheese and a side of uber crispy smashed then fried potato wedges. I may have retrieved the lettuce from my half of the burger and deposited onto Noods’ half but hey he’s totally into salads in burgers.

Excelsior Jones is in this pretty nondescript building so keep your eyes peeled when in the mostly residential area. There’s heaps of parking which is always a plus but the cafe itself can be a bit loud and echoey so be warned if you have had a pretty hard night out prior :P
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  1. I want pancakes now. Hopefully they’ll make them bigger in the future.

    Simon Food Favourites    Mar 3, 11:55 PM    #

  2. Loving all the foods you’ve mentioned, definitely plan to visit this weekend. Yum!

    — Cynthia    Mar 4, 03:17 AM    #

  3. I love cheeseburgers!!!!! mmmm gruyere in a cheeseburger sounds epic. Love light & morerish pancakes.

    Ramen Raff    Mar 4, 06:44 AM    #

  4. Yummy! Good to see more interesting places are popping up in suburbs like Ashfield. All of the food you ordered looks amazing.

    thesuzchef    Mar 4, 07:27 AM    #

  5. Definitely looks like it’s going to be a hit. When you say ashfield I just think of all the shanghainese restaurants. I’d have ordered another dish after those pankcakes too! Good choice with the burger ;)

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Mar 4, 08:19 AM    #

  6. i love this place! was here last weekend and the potato hash was amazing! this palce is dangerously close to me, not sure good tihng or bad thing.

    milkteaxx    Mar 4, 10:07 AM    #

  7. ooh those pancakes look good! and nothing wrong with a butterscotch milkshake to start the day :)

    Jacq    Mar 4, 10:33 AM    #

  8. Regretting we didn’t get the sourdough pancakes on our visit, but will definitely be rectifying this soon!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Mar 4, 11:43 AM    #

  9. Wow talk about non-descript! I’d definitely wouldn’t think the outside would appear to be a place to eat at whatsoever but gosh the food looks mighty fine! I miss Aussie food.. :(

    Sophie @ TeaThymes    Mar 4, 11:57 AM    #

  10. Omg I am always in Ashfield and I have never seen this place. Thanks for the write up about it. I will now have to hunt it down! Loving all these funky places opening in the west!

    Leah    Mar 4, 01:14 PM    #

  11. i went there just last week and it was lovely! you must try the salmon and hash next time, it was soo good! :)

    Eileen    Mar 4, 04:12 PM    #

  12. Noise warning for hungover patrons, I like!

    Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse)    Mar 4, 10:04 PM    #

  13. Ms. Suze, what does it taste like? with pancake and strawberries? hmm. but I love the presentation of your strawberry pancakes. Thanks!

    delicacies    Mar 4, 11:34 PM    #

  14. i don’t even remember seeing pancakes on the menu! but those wedges were so gooood.. dad didn’t share his burger so i’m assuming it was delish lol

    Vivian - vxdollface    Mar 5, 12:47 AM    #

  15. This makes me long for my Mum’s Ducth Baby pancake with lemon and sugar, even though it’s nothing like what you had here…

    Hannah    Mar 5, 02:31 AM    #

  16. I love places like this one!

    Holiday Baker Man    Mar 5, 10:21 AM    #

  17. i went here the other week for lunch, after having had to fast for 40 hours for medical reasons. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE.
    Shared the lamb sandwich and the veggie sandwich, plus a bowl of chippies and a butterscotch milkshake. All so good! Take that empty stomach!

    emma    Mar 5, 12:59 PM    #

  18. That all looks great. Can’t believe I’ve probably driven past that building without realising the goodies inside.

    Mary @ beyondjelly    Mar 5, 08:18 PM    #

  19. Breakfast cheeseburger <3

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Mar 6, 12:31 PM    #

  20. Love the look of the pancakes, even though they are woefully small. Perfect with a butterscotch milkshake though :)

    Cath @ confessionsofaglutton    Mar 7, 03:04 PM    #

  21. I really shouldn’t read food blogs when I am hungry… after all these yummy pics I am starving, everything looks delicious!!

    GourmetGetaways    Mar 8, 10:22 AM    #

  22. Aw no those pancakes were gone much too quickly! I would probably demolish that tastiness too :D Hehe cheesy goodness in a cheeseburger… How can you resist?

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Mar 8, 08:40 PM    #

  23. Mmmmm…. The angus burger looks really delicious!

    Liz @ yummyapplepie    Mar 11, 12:36 AM    #

  24. This is totally on my hit list now!

    thecitygourmand    Mar 29, 11:43 AM    #

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