Short Sweet Bakery, Parramatta

18 March 2013, 00:32

It takes a lot for the boy and I to roll out of bed early enough to make it for breakfast anywhere. Usually by the time we’ve stumbled out of the house it’s nearing noon and our craving for something with eggs is left unsatisfied buuuut Westies rejoice! Short Sweet Bakery (Shop 17, 162-172 Church St, Parramatta) to the rescue for all your baked goods and breakfast needs! They’re closed on Sundays but open from 6am week days for the caffeine deprived souls heading to work.

Follow the lively tunes of the band parked out front every Saturday near the Hungry Jacks and make your way up to the counter and drool with indecision. On Saturdays there’s a breakfast menu and hopefully soon to be during the week too.

Mini tarts just crying out to be held!

Golden, flaky pies at $5 a pop.

Scrambled Eggs, Avo and Toast ($9) is pretty damn incredible, the eggs are freakishly light and fluffy and I just want to bury my head in the cloud like pile.

I can’t resist ordering the Waffle with Honeycomb ($9) and while I love honeycomb and I love waffles I kinda wished they weren’t together? I like my waffle toppings to be either pourable or spreadable and I ended up just stabbing the honeycomb and saving it to the end to eat it separately. But hey it was tasty and sufficiently satisfied waffle craving I’ve been having for the past couple of weeks.

I was drawn to the breads counter and couldn’t stop staring at the piles of freshly baked croissants, carrot cake and banana bread loaves.

Emergency secondary stomach was activated as I couldn’t leave without trying the Vanilla Mille-feuille which tasted every bit as delicious as it looked with its layer upon layer of pastry sandwiching a velvety vanilla cream.

Noods loves a good lamo so one Panncotta Lamington was ordered. And yes I know you guys will ask if it’s better than Flour and Stone but honestly I reckon it’s two completely different lamingtons. Flour and Stone’s lamington is damn tasty but to me it isn’t a true lamington because I like sponge cake to be well, spongey and not so er wet. So I prefer Short Sweet’s lamo over Flour and Stone but I prefer Flour and Stone’s coconut shaving exterior :D

Unfortch all the hot cross buns had sold out before we’d rocked up and Noods had had his heart set on bringing home a bag of hot cross buns but luckily a lonely survivor was found and a light toasting with a pat of butter and all was right with the world.

We roll out the door but not before taking a quick peek at the shelf against the side window for packaged takeaway treats, from giant clouds of meringue to golden anzac biscuits and jars of cocoa powder.

If you spot her, have a chat with Leanne Beck of Sweet Infinity fame, she is an incredibly energetic force of nature and worked hard at getting Church St cleaned up and made beautiful with the addition of beach deck chairs in the mall. I’m glad to have found Short Sweet Bakery and will definitely be back to try out the tarts and pies!

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ChocolateSuze + Noods received complimentary meals with thanks to Short Sweet Bakery



    … haha that is all I can say … haha!

    Cassie @ Next Stop: Food    Mar 18, 12:48 AM    #

  2. Seriously, all the sweet stuff looks epic. Everyone has their own take on things so its good that no two things are the same as anyone else’s! It sounds pretty dangerous to have a place like this so close to home.. uh oh.. trouble :D

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Mar 18, 05:31 AM    #

  3. It’s good to have another good brunch option in Parra – wish they were open on Sundays though. I totally agree with you on the Panacotta Lamington situation…must be spongy not wet.

    Miss Piggy    Mar 18, 08:56 AM    #

  4. i was here a few weeks ago and i loved every moment of it! having breeakfast at 2pm is awesome!

    milkteaxx    Mar 18, 09:08 AM    #

  5. I walk past this place nearly every day and have never ventured in, but dem tarts have enticed me – TODAY IS THE DAY TO TART. Delicious write-up!

    Maggie    Mar 18, 11:38 AM    #

  6. Suze! You can’t walk in and not try their pies! Had one a fortnight ago when it was pouring and the humungous lamb chunks gave me fuzzy feelings and warmed me right up!

    — Michelle    Mar 18, 07:17 PM    #

  7. That vanilla mille-feuille looks amazing! The lamo sounds delish too.

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Mar 19, 12:42 AM    #

  8. I want to take that lamington, slice is in half, spread peanut butter on it, and GO TO TOWN.

    Hannah    Mar 19, 04:17 AM    #

  9. I love finding little places like this!

    Holiday Baker Man    Mar 19, 04:53 AM    #

  10. Pannacotta Lamington…yumm!

    angela@mykikicake    Mar 19, 12:21 PM    #

  11. i thought the same about the lamington!

    muppy    Mar 21, 03:36 PM    #

  12. It all looks good, but I particularly would like to try the vanilla millefeuille – looks light with a delicious custard. Yum.

    Andrea @ EatTravelBliss    Mar 22, 11:06 AM    #

  13. Hubba hubba – those pastries look delish.

    the hungry mum    Mar 22, 09:55 PM    #

  14. everything just looks so goood!!!!!

    Stefanie    Mar 23, 10:49 AM    #

  15. Starting to see lots of yummy pics come out of this place.. might just have to trek to Parra yet again! :)

    catty    Mar 25, 08:35 PM    #

  16. Mini tarts!! I haven’t been to Parra for a while now, but I will swing by this bakery if I’m nearby

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Mar 27, 09:54 PM    #

  17. Re:lamington-There is only one thing leaders need…that’s followers :)

    — Nadine Ingram    Apr 1, 02:20 PM    #

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