Mr Crackles, Darlinghurst

1 April 2013, 00:35

YOU GUYS!! I THINK IM IN LOVE!! His name? Mr Crackles!!

Mr Crackles (155 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst) is a magical place run by ex Wharf chefs Carlos Justo and Sam Horowitz and it is all kinds of amazing. Think unicorns and rainbows amazing. Their bread rolls are sourced from Laurent Bakery and the caramel apples on the counter are from Dem Apples Pty Ltd but everything else is made in house and it smells incredible.

Look at that pile of crackle!!! Just look at it! Bask in its glory!

AND YOU CAN BUY IT BY THE CUP!!! And all for the heart stoppingly low price of $5! Insert all the superlatives of crunchy, golden and just plain delicious right here because damn just one bite and I was hooked. You will be too. Unless you’re vego then well, maybe skip this..

But we couldn’t just eat crackling now could we? (Well I could but Noods wouldn’t let me..) The Classic Pork Roll with Vietnamese Salad ($10) is a must, the crusty bread houses the Banh Mi style pickled vegetables but instead of the weird processed flat slices of meat it’s stuffed full of tender, juicy nubbins of pork and topped with pieces of that glorious crackling. The rolls come in 2 sizes ($7 for the small) but really, just get the normal size. Orrrr I may try the Manwich ($15) next time which has double the meat and half the salad mmm

We also got the roll of the month, the Philly Cheese Beef ($10), which had slices of tender corned beef, pickles and Philly cream cheese. I loved the corned beef buuuut I must admit that my mind automatically assumed the roll would be more like a Philly Cheese Steak, you know, with melty cheese? It was still tasty though!

We ended up getting the small Wagyu Beef roll ($7) for the road which was filled with braised meaty goodness, beetroot, spinach and relish. Normally I have issues with beetroot but oddly the flavours worked and I regretted getting the small roll not the normal size lol

Mr Crackles opens till the wee early hours on Fri & Sat which means no more dodgy late night maccas runs down Oxford St! I want to try the rest of the menu esp the Hotdogs and the Lamb Rolls but I know it’ll be hard to go past the Classic Pork Roll…
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  1. Wow! This is truly amazing! Nice find Suze! You had me at pork cracking…

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Apr 1, 02:01 AM    #

  2. That crackle looks perfect – and so much of it!! Am intrigued by their take on the Vietnamese pork roll… Must try!

    thesuzchef    Apr 1, 07:08 AM    #

  3. glad you finally got to this place being the queen of crackling :-)

    Simon Food Favourites    Apr 1, 09:03 AM    #

  4. oh my lord … i’m making my way there ASAP !!

    K P    Apr 1, 12:10 PM    #

  5. I could come here & just eat crackles! Crackles!!!!!

    Ramen Raff    Apr 1, 12:11 PM    #

  6. Holy mother of god – one way trip to porky heaven, here I come! What a find!

    Maggie    Apr 1, 12:24 PM    #

  7. Think I’d just go for the cup of crackle…looks epic.

    Miss Piggy    Apr 1, 12:28 PM    #

  8. After your recommendation at lunch we went there as soon as the clock said it was time for dinner! Thanks for widening our dining options!

    — @alwayseating    Apr 1, 01:15 PM    #

  9. Ha I would have expected a Philly cheese steak sambo too. And have you finally turned the corner re: beetroot? lol. But enough talk… give me the crackle!!!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Apr 1, 09:22 PM    #

  10. holy smokes.. can’t believe a place sells pork crackling like that other than cabra (which isn’t really all that fresh). I need to give this a go. need a long lunch break now…. meet me there? :P

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Apr 1, 09:51 PM    #

  11. OMG. I truly thought this is an april fool joke! CRACKLES!!

    — Yas    Apr 1, 09:59 PM    #

  12. Aaaahahaha! This world of ours…

    Hannah    Apr 2, 04:50 AM    #

  13. All that crackle! I could do a lot of damage in that store. What great looking food – so tasty xx

    Hotly Spiced    Apr 2, 01:00 PM    #

  14. this may possibly be the best post ever! cracklling by the cone?!? oh my! and i just happen to have work training there next week……

    milkteaxx    Apr 2, 04:09 PM    #

  15. zomgoshhh gimmmeeeeeeeeeeee!! Good luck trying the rest of the menu cos that classic pork roll looks amazeballs!

    Food is our religion    Apr 2, 06:30 PM    #

  16. Classic pork roll with Vietnamese salad…Hell yeah would I order that after a night drinking.

    angela@mykikicake    Apr 2, 07:42 PM    #

  17. holy moley!

    jenny (minibites)    Apr 2, 08:35 PM    #

  18. O…M…G…!!!
    a trip down oxford st is now being inserted in my calendar now!!

    Cassie @ Next Stop: Food    Apr 2, 10:42 PM    #

  19. Whoa never thought I’d see the day a whole store would be dedicated to Crackling! The pork roll looks to die for…

    Excuse Me Waiter    Apr 3, 10:35 PM    #

  20. Finally a place elevating the post midnight feasting options! So necessary and looks so unbelievably good, you may even be able to taste it with a vodka sodden tongue.

    Eat This Wear That    Apr 3, 11:13 PM    #

  21. I’VE HEARD ABOUT THIS PLACE! All that crackling… Ermergherd.

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Apr 4, 05:16 PM    #

  22. I found the crackling too crunchy. I’m sure my dentist will be pleased.

    joey@FoodiePop    Apr 7, 03:47 PM    #

  23. All that crackling looks very naughty but I am sure it tastes great!

    Chris (MAB vs Food)    Apr 8, 10:33 AM    #

  24. LOL at the name ‘Manwich’! Crackling by the cup for $5, oh em gee XD

    Cath @ Confessions of a Glutton    Apr 9, 11:35 PM    #

  25. Pork crackling is one my favourite things. Looks so good!!!!

    L    Apr 25, 06:27 PM    #

  26. Oh man, I shared the pic of crackling around my office and had everyone drooling! So need to go here!!

    @BlondeTourist    Apr 30, 05:33 PM    #

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