Chocolate Cake Box

  5 May 2013

Mmm candy… I’ve been wanting to make this for ages! How can you not look at this epic sugar bomb and not chortle with glee? I totally made this for a grown up too because hey everyone loves candy 😛

A wall of Kit Kats, about a kilo of chocolate bars and candy.. And there is a cake under all that candy I promise!

So we start off with a cake. I used this recipe for a vanilla pound cake and swirled in about half a container of Nutella.

Whip up some chocolate buttercream and slather it on all sides of your cake.

And then the fun part! Candy time!

Start with the Kit Kat borders. Rage as you realise you’re one short a Kit Kat and have to run out and buy some more.

Chop up some candy bars. One for you, one for me.

Aaaand fill your box up and tadah! Happiness in a box!

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