Sake Restaurant, The Rocks

  13 May 2013

To all the mothers out there, hope you had a great mother’s day! The Wong/Thye clan took the Mothership to Sake Restaurant (12 Argyle St, The Rocks) and we managed to nab the last reservation for the first dinner session. It is incredibly dark in Sake and I only managed to take this photo on my iphone hence the not so great photo above (sorry Mum!)

We start off with the famed Kingfish Jalapeño ($22), fat slices of fresh kingfish bathed in the tangy deliciousness that is yuzu soy and topped with jalapeno and coriander.

The Mothership is the biggest fan of grilled miso eggplant so a serve of Nasu Dengaku ($18) is a requisite order, a drizzle of light and dark miso paste on eggplant that is unctuously soft and creamy.

The Brother Unit requested the Crispy Chicken ($16) which satisfied our need for deep fried with juicy chicken and golden crispy batter. We couldn’t get enough of the accompanying sauces either, alternating bites with schmears of the spicy jalapeno sauce and refreshing tomato salsa. I’m happy to say I’m slowly moving my way up the chilli tolerance scale! The trick is to ignore the burning..

The Sashimi Tacos ($17) were bloody amazing BUT $17 for 2 tacos and 2 shots of sake hurts when you’re a table of 6 = $51. I mean, the tacos are freaking awesome, crisp shells filled with diced salmon or tuna sashimi with a dollop of chilled tomato salsa. But yeah. Ouch.

Salt & Pepper Tofu ($12) were pillow soft cubes of comfort. Like a hug! For your insides! That sounds a tad wrong so let’s move along now shall we?

The Steamed Prawn Dumplings ($17) are adorable and ridiculously delicious with the spicy ponzu dipping sauce. Like, I would’ve loved some alone time with that steamer basket. The dumplings are Chinese-inspired shumai but instead of wrapping the prawn innards with a single wrapper they are tossed in finely sliced gyoza wrappers before being steamed.

We were worried the Sashimi Combo ($47) would be too massive for us so I chose the Aburi Sushi Selection ($27) instead. I heart aburi anything mainly because I love seared smoky flavours. Tastes like a good kind of burning! We didn’t think cutting up everything would work so it was each man for themselves. I managed to score the salmon which has the perfect ratio of fatty belly to sweet rice.

The Brother Unit chose the Spider Maki ($18) because he loves soft shell crab and who am I to argue when it was pretty damn tasty especially covered in all that tobiko!

Who doesn’t love tempura?? The Scampi Tempura ($36) had a light and crisp batter and was piping hot from duh being baptised in oil. The scampi portions were surprisingly large and we eyed each other off for the last piece.

Big Dada is a fan of of pork belly in all forms and I am a sucker for anything with gooey eggs which meant we absolutely had to order the Buta no Kakun ($28). Huge chunks of the 12 hour braised pork belly are nestled around the onsen 64C hens egg which Noods took great delight in stabbing. When the dish first arrived we could smell truffle oil which felt a bit out of place but luckily couldn’t discern much in the dish. Next time I’ll order this with a bowl of rice to soak up all the meaty juices.

Bill worked out to be $400/6 people which was a bit pricey but well, we are in the touristy area and everything was delicious and I guess in hindsight we should’ve gone with the degustation menu as the prices would’ve worked out the same. I’m always wary of special menus on those celebratory days but the service at Sake was spot on and it was nice that they gave each mother a bouquet of flowers. So in the words of Rove, say hi to your mum for me!

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