Bread time

  19 May 2013

I heart bread. Soft pillowy innards and crusty golden edges? How can you not love bread? With butter of course 😛

And the best thing about bread? The smell as it bakes and fills the whole house. Zomg best!

The awesome peeps from Kitchenware Direct sent me a Sunbeam Smartbake Breadmaker and it’s been a pretty delicious time in the chocolatesuze household. You know how people say they only use a breadmaker once before it hides in the back of a cupboard? I’ve managed to go through a 10 kilo bag of flour baking loaves of bread! I guess the purists out there like to do the whole kneading of dough thing buuuut I’m hell lazy and have only baked bread once from scratch before giving up. So this baby? Already worth it’s space on my crowded counter.

Basic ingredients needed for plain bread: Bakers flour, salt, sugar, dry yeast, milk powder, warm water, butter.

The Sunbeam Smartbake Breadmaker comes with a booklet of recipes with straight forward instructions, the main thing is to remember to lift out the pan before adding your ingredients into it.

It bothered me a bit that the lid of the breadmaker is able to be raised while the dough is mixing, it doesn’t seem safe? But anywhos I freaking love the time delay function so I could set the bread maker to start mixing and finish baking at a designated time.

Waking up to freshly baked bread = awesome.

My pretties all in a row! There’s different functions which is tops, loaves can be baked in weights of 750g, 1kg & 1.25kg and 3 crust settings. They do get a tad burnt on the bottom if you leave them sitting in the machine too long, the bread maker has a keep warm function so the crust doesn’t get soggy but it also means the heat stays on the bottom longer if you don’t take out the pan when it’s done.

Aaaaand you can also set to a pizza dough function!

The recipes makes enough dough for 2 pizzas so hello Margarita time!

Side note, don’t put basil onto pizza except for presentation or they’ll shrivel and look like burning 😛

We were a little low on supplies so Noods created… a ham and pineapple pizza…

And attempted to make it classy with rocket hehe

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