Manpuku, Kingsford

2 June 2013, 13:26

Danger Will Robinson. There’s a new ramen joint in town! And when I say ‘town’ I mean the general area of Sydney. Manpuku (482 Anzac Parade, Kingsford) has only been opened for less than a month and already it’s popular with the locals and especially the UNSW students. The first time we rocked up we managed to arrive at 2.05pm and they’d completely sold out of ramen. SOLD OUT. We were sad. And all the more determined to return.

So our next visit we deliberately arrived early around 12ish and waited approx 15mins which gave us plenty of time to ogle those inside and debate our choices. The system is basically you’re only allowed into the restaurant once a table is free, once you get the go ahead aim straight to the front and pay and grab your table number and then back to your table you go. Chilled water is free and is self service from the water keg out front or there’s soft drinks available. We were also very amused by the constant cries of “sha, shaaaa!” thinking they were doing a hadouken cry and fireballing out ramen. Turns out we weren’t too far off and they said it when a bowl of ramen was ready for pick up lol

I have chosen the Manpuku Black ($13.90), a garlic flavour soy based pork soup (minus the bean sprouts because I hate bean sprouts with a firey passion). The garlic flavour isn’t too intense and doesn’t completely overpower the soup which is tops. I’m not sure why but I prefer ramen with garlic that isn’t too strong but just enough that you can taste it though I prefer El Jannah’s garlic sauce to smack me in the mouth with garlic potency. That was a little off topic but anywhos! Loved my ramen but I think next time I’d ask for no mushrooms. Ramen lovers- is it normal to have mushrooms in ramen?

Noods has deliberately chosen the longest ramen name on the menu not caring what it was: Kono Deaini Kanshashite Aijou to Jonetsu Komete isshoukennmei Tukutta Ochirano Icchan Sukina Manpuku shiawase Ramen ($12.90). Basically the menu explains it’s a Northern Japanese style soy based pork soup. Not too sure why the long name.. anyone? Noods’ bowl looked smaller than ours but it’s a deceptive looking bowl and seemed to never end which was good for Noods because when he has to wait in line for food he gets hangry.

Jabs has gone for the Sia Tonkotsu ($12.90), a salt based pork soup. IT IS AMAZING! Intense porky flavour, though not as thick as Gumshara (though really, who else is) and so freaking incredibly satisfying from our sneaky dips into his bowl. Noods and I end up returning the following week to order this and added extra pork ($3 pieces $4.70) because the pork? IT IS ALSO AMAZING! Fatty and melt in the mouth amazing. The extra pork comes out in a side dish and while initially not as melty soft all it needs is some time to bathe in the tonkotsu soup.

If you’re coming from the west like us, the travel time is a killer. But I reckon Manpuku has knocked off Ryo’s from it’s #2 position on my ramen list and is a close contender with Gumshara and Ippudo :P

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  1. Your post couldn’t have come in better conditions than on a very grey and very dreary day – ramen weather! Will have to try this restaurant, especially as winter has officially hit. So funny re Noods ordering the dish with the longest name just cos. Such a guy thing!

    thesuzchef    Jun 2, 02:44 PM    #

  2. Ooooh I saw this last weekend and we weren’t sure about it cos it wasn’t talked about in the japanese community yet.. I asked Yos about the name and he said it didn’t really make sense to him but means something like “i’m grateful for this day including love and passion worked very hard to make Icchan of Ochirano (person’s name) likes Manpuke happy Ramen”

    — Tammy    Jun 2, 03:25 PM    #

  3. Awesome! Another ramen place to try out.

    missklicious    Jun 2, 04:34 PM    #

  4. I gotz to try this ramen awesomeness ASAP!!

    Ramen Raff    Jun 2, 04:41 PM    #

  5. Oh Noods. Lol. And that sia tonkotsu sounds oiishi!

    Helen (Grab Your Fork)    Jun 2, 06:08 PM    #

  6. The pork broth looks amazing :9

    Chris @ MAB vs Food    Jun 2, 10:47 PM    #

  7. You just can’t have ramen without the fatty porky pieces! It is a must :D

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Jun 3, 12:52 AM    #

  8. I went there recently too. Pretty good stuff. Certainly up there with some of the best.

    Simon @ the heart of food    Jun 3, 01:59 AM    #

  9. You are one determined lady, to drive all the way to the south east and queue for ramen. Must try sometime.

    john | heneedsfood    Jun 3, 08:58 AM    #

  10. unbelievable that they sold out of ramen by 2pm?! It must be good! haha to your EJ’s garlic sauce reference. gold.

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Jun 3, 09:45 AM    #

  11. Damn it! I want ramen now…

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Jun 3, 10:46 AM    #

  12. My little bro goes to UNSW…I told him to check it out! Next time I so happen to be in that area, I’ll be sure to knock on their door.

    angela@mykikicake    Jun 3, 03:11 PM    #

  13. Oh man. I want some NOW! Urbanspoon page says they’re open for dinner. Will have to make the trip this week :)

    JB    Jun 3, 06:57 PM    #

  14. Great review!! I had this the other day (there was a line too!)

    Thought I’d try the extreme spicy one…eazypeazy!! Will be back to foodblog it :D

    Lawrence @ fightthecraving    Jun 4, 12:31 AM    #

  15. Oh it looks so good! No wonder it is doing so well… another place to add to my list… so much good food :)

    GourmetGetaways    Jun 4, 07:59 AM    #

  16. The pork broth soup looks yummy. Can’t wait to give this a try !

    Vanny Tang @ Nessy Eater    Jun 4, 12:26 PM    #

  17. whenever i see black garlic on the menu i have to order it! this place sounds delicious too bad its a bit out of the way!

    milkteaxx    Jun 4, 03:48 PM    #

  18. Lol @ Noods choosing the one with the longest name! I was wondering what that queue was for when I drove past the other day.. can’t wait to try their ramen!

    Felicia @ Next Stop: Food    Jun 5, 09:44 AM    #

  19. Wow!!! That’s sounds like a seriously good place to eat… I have taken note… Arrive early.

    GourmetGetaways    Jun 28, 11:50 PM    #

  20. i went after reading this! and i really liked it too =] =] but yeah, its a bit of a trek…

    Ramblesfromarandom    Aug 13, 06:23 PM    #

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