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1 July 2013, 02:09

I’m baaaack! Farewell USA I shall miss you and your gigantic servings of food and everything being open 24/7! Sorry for not posting last week dudes but jet lag hit me like a tonne of bricks and I’m still not sure which side of the road I’m supposed to be on haha but anywhos my trip with Helen and Lex was awesome with many a shenanigans happening :P

It all started with the talk of food. In my case it was the wistful thoughts of travelling to America and eating all the donuts in all the land. Cos you know, donuts are awesome and how incredible would a donut tour be? And then somehow with less than 3months planning it happened, we arrived in LA with eager and empty stomaches and ready to take on the land of plenty. I’ll be mainly blawging about the many donuts consumed but be sure to hit up Helen’s blog who will be attempting to write about every single place we ate at!

Our first donut stop was at the The Donut Man (915 E Route 66, Glendora), about a half hour drive from downtown LA. The Donut Man is open 24hours which was good because we were still on Sydney time and wide awake with the munchies at 2am.

We parked our car and rounded the corner and Lex swears my pupils dilated when faced with the amount of donuts to choose from. We stood for ages watching the bakers pull out freshly fried donuts and then glaze them. It’s a beautiful thing.

The most popular donut was the Tigertail donut (US$1.60), a behemoth foot long donut that was incredibly light and airy and surprisingly not too sweet.

We also picked up a Seasonal donut packed full of fresh strawberries (US$3.25), a Maple Bar donut (US$1.35) which WAS tooth achingly sweet, a Devils Food Cake donut (US$0.90) that was denser in texture and a Raspberry Filled donut (US$1.70) that had the perfect jam to donut ratio.

Definitely a winner though I may be slightly biased as this was the very first donut stop hehe

In and Out (7009 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles) time!

Hands down the best burger I’ve ever eaten! Crazy soft bun but not so soft that it melts from meat juices, gloriously melty cheese and tasty meat patty! No tomato or lettuce for me thank you very much. Pink lemonade and Animal style fries mmm baby!

And then there was Bouchon Bistro (235 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills) where I couldn’t resist the Croque Madame (US$18.95) with Truffle (US$35). That wasn’t just your ordinary run of the mill ham and cheese sandwich, nay. A thick slice of buttery brioche topped with a gooey egg and smothered in mornay sauce, it was the richest concoction I’ve ever had. So rich in fact that I was left not wanting to eat anything for the rest of the day and the very thought or sight of food made me nauseous.

But then they gave us free donuts! Well, Beignets du Jour (US$6). I managed 1/4 of the raspberry filled, sugar coated pastry before admitting defeat.

Then there was late night stumbling around the Chinese Theatre where I bumped into a very eery Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike.

Found Arnie! And got very incensed when Lex found out that Jackie Chan’s prints weren’t around anymore. Tho Mr Google is telling me that he redid his prints a week after we were there? Tch

Found Bruce Lee’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It’s Shrek!

While checking out the Original Farmers Market (6333 W Third St, Los Angeles) I head straight to Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts (Stall #450).

So tempting to get a neon coloured dinosaur!

Sensibly (hah!) stuck to a Cream Filled Long John (US$1.45), Buttermilk donut (US$1.20) and a ginormous Cinnamon Roll (US$1.45) that was the size of my head. Oh and an Iced Tea to wash it all down heh

Last but not least of the donuts in LA, I present you the epic Randy’s Donuts (805 West Manchester Ave, Inglewood). You can’t miss the giant donut!!! And drive thru donuts!

A little donut-ed out but oh look at all the pretties!

You get a discount if you order 5 dozen or more. Unfortunately we didn’t partake in this offer and settled with a Jelly Filled donut (US$0.90) that had just the right amount of jam, a Devil’s Food donut (US$0.80) which was perfectly light and chocolatey and a Crumb Cake donut (US$0.80) which tasted exactly like it sounds but er in donut form?

Oh and there was that time where Lex convinced us to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain (26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia) and I was sure I’d lose my cookies on an unexpected upside down zoom.

I lasted 2 rides before begging off the next ride and then wandered off and got myself a ginormous Turkey Leg. I usually hate turkey but this was pretty damn tasty and tender!

One cannot live on turkey alone… so we got a Bacon and Maple Funnel Cake! Ridiculous is the word that comes to mind. Piping hot and surprisingly not greasy, this baby pretty much tastes like donuts but in drizzle form, studded with freshly fried bacon and drowned in maple syrup. Oh and a ‘light’ sprinkle of icing sugar.

Oh ok there was also the Oreo Funnel Cake because well, it was there in giant letters on the menu which meant it was epic. And it was. See that mountain of ice cream? And all those Oreo bits? Deeeeelicious!

Aaaand I leave you with another hadouken pic :P



  1. Oh the calorific memories! Did we really eat all this in LA? lol That tiger tail was pretty darn awesome though!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jul 1, 02:32 AM    #

  2. Well done!! Haha I’m surprised you guys were able to down all those donuts! That croque madame has got me drooling :p

    Vivian - vxdollface    Jul 1, 02:40 AM    #

  3. So much donuts… so little….. d’oh!!

    billy @ A Table For Two    Jul 1, 03:00 AM    #

  4. Dude! You did go to the donut place at Farmer’s Market! Bob’s! love their beignets and choc glazed donuts! Love all this donut action hahaha

    Ramen Raff    Jul 1, 07:10 AM    #

  5. i guess you really did eat all the donuts! :P Best hadouken shots too! hahaha

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Jul 1, 08:39 AM    #

  6. You are hilarious woman! You really did eat ALL the doughnuts! I can’t wait to tick off the giant turkey leg when I visit!

    Food is our religion    Jul 1, 08:45 AM    #

  7. Sooooo epic!! You guys tortured us so much while you are away and now you’re back torturing us even more!! RAHHHH..

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Jul 1, 10:16 AM    #

  8. Aaah, In’N‘Out… my favourite too. Those animal fries, the burger, the pink lemonade… I ate it about 4 times in the 5 days I was in LA and then driving up to SF. It’s the best road trip food ever – beats McD’s hands down!

    Loved that you had a doughnut tour of LA – can’t wait to see the rest of your adventures!

    thesuzchef    Jul 1, 10:35 AM    #

  9. omg i love your haduken photos!! epic!!! :D
    Randy’s Donuts makes me think of the Simpsons ^^
    man, seems like you guys had an epic food filled trip!!
    Must say, you have both Candice and I planning our USA trip for next year now!! ^^ Especially with your instagram updates too!!

    Cassie @ Next Stop: Food    Jul 1, 10:45 AM    #

  10. so much donuts! im sure you could challenge homer to a donut eating comp! loving your hadouken shots!

    milkteaxx    Jul 1, 12:38 PM    #

  11. OMG!!!! SO MUCH DONUTS! love it!!! i miss USA too :(

    gastronomous anonymous    Jul 1, 12:46 PM    #

  12. eat ALL the donuts! Looks like you guys had an epic time in LA and I love all the hadouken pics lol

    Jacq    Jul 1, 01:09 PM    #

  13. My god that is a lot of Donuts :) the bacon & maple funnel cake looks amazing. I just blogged San Fran and had to include my In-N-Out burger too.

    angela@mykikicake    Jul 1, 01:35 PM    #

  14. I swear we ate more donuts than that haha!

    Lex    Jul 1, 01:45 PM    #

  15. I feel sick just reading this but then again, I’m a lightweight when it comes to donuts. But man, I so can’t to read more about your epic trip! x

    Karen | Citrus and Candy    Jul 1, 02:47 PM    #

  16. Looks amazing. I would be HUGE if I lived in the states.

    Things She Eats    Jul 1, 02:48 PM    #

  17. WOW!!! I have never seen so many donuts!
    …did you leave any for anyone else, it seems like you succeeded in your mission to eat all the donuts. Some of the other foods looked kind of tempting too :)
    I think if I do a US trip I will pack some stretchy pants :)

    Gourmet Getaways    Jul 1, 03:14 PM    #

  18. So cool! Feeling a bit of sugar overload from the donut pics, but it is easily compensated for by the jumping photos.

    Bel | Ooh, Look...    Jul 1, 04:23 PM    #

  19. oh my…so many donuts…and epic hadoken shots too!

    chris    Jul 1, 06:11 PM    #

  20. Gotta say, I loved IN+OUT so much when I was in vegas + LA + san fran. Just a great eating burger.

    LA is an awful city tho.

    bob    Jul 1, 07:23 PM    #

  21. suze, you should try amish donuts. specifically from beiler’s in philadelphia. they also have awesome sticky buns, pies and a full deli.

    — Elaine    Jul 1, 08:04 PM    #

  22. OH MY ! That is a lot of doh-nut… :D Really really want to try the Tigertail. Epic photos!

    Nessy Eater    Jul 2, 01:34 AM    #

  23. Oh wow. Land of plenty indeed. I can feel a coronary coming on just thinking about all that food. Gotta love the states.

    Tammi    Jul 3, 08:19 AM    #

  24. Oh. My. God. This is insanely epic. Your In and Out hat, that turkey leg, and the hadouken pics – amazing :-D

    Chanel    Jul 3, 08:55 AM    #

  25. That’s A LOT of donughts. My tour of the USA would have to be a burger tour….the In & Out meal looks crazy delish.

    Miss Piggy    Jul 3, 11:24 AM    #

  26. Oh mah gah. Animal fries are insane. Cool new hair colour btw.

    Mr.C    Jul 3, 12:44 PM    #

  27. Omg…omg…so…epic. [shoves face into monitor] I wish I could’ve eaten around LA with you! You’ve eaten way more there than I have. I’ve been to LA a few times, but when I was younger and, uumm, mostly visiting Disneyland. I’ve never eaten a donut in LA. I feel sad now. So empty. Must fill this emptiness with fried dough.

    Robyn    Jul 3, 03:39 PM    #

  28. Oh stop it! You are a junk food machine :P Haha. What a great foodie trip! I would leave such a fattie though!

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Jul 3, 09:37 PM    #

  29. Whoa soooo many donuts!! Them crazy American junk foods :P

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Jul 4, 11:33 PM    #

  30. I feel a diabetic rush coming on just from the thought of eating all those donuts! I wish I knew how you do it! That Oreo Funnel Cake looks pretty delicious though! :D

    Gummi Baby    Jul 6, 01:19 AM    #

  31. Your visit to LA seems really great, so many donuts and donuts all-around. I am feeling a little jealous. That turkey leg and Maple Funnel Cake, both looked awesome. Lovely post!

    B&B Brugge    Jul 8, 07:03 PM    #

  32. So glad I got to have a dinner with you and Helen, dear Suze! Also… why is it that I’ve decided that I actually don’t mind donuts after all… less than two weeks before I leave the US too? BOO! :P

    Hannah    Jul 12, 08:22 AM    #

  33. You look like you could totally work at In and Out ;) You fit right in with the hat and red top :p

    Angie    Jul 12, 12:50 PM    #

  34. My goodness!!! Just seeing all the sugar makes my teeth ache. I love it. Sounds like it was a spectacular trip!

    Amanda@ChewTown    Jul 12, 09:19 PM    #

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