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9 September 2013, 02:56

OH HAI! I’m just you know, chilling with a cigar :P Good news Westies, there’s a new Japanese restaurant in town! Sabu(321 Church St, Parramatta) is snuggled in the middle of all the pizza and pasta restaurants and is a welcome addition to those needing a Japanese hit that is more than just sushi or teppanyaki.

The boy and I start with the signature Sabu Cigars with Bloody Mary Shot ($18)- minced tuna rolled in a crispy pastry shell with avocado on one en, tobiko at the other and held together with a band of seaweed. The ‘ash’ was an awesome sesame powder which pretty much blew my mind and I would’ve loved this if it was in some kind of dessert! Or just give me a bowl of the stuff and I’d be a happy camper. Hiding under the ash was a spicy mayonnaise and to wash it all down came shots of Bloody Mary’s made with sake instead of vodka.

We chose the Snapper Carpaccio with cucumber and ponzu ($16) over the Kingfish Carpaccio with char garlic dressing mainly because Noods has this thing for anything with ponzu. While the snapper was beautifully fresh I wished there was a bit more ponzu in the sauce, we love ponzu and want it to smack us in the face with its zingyness.

We debated over ordering the Sashimi Platter ($39) but settled on the Beef Kushiyaki ($18) because I knew I wanted to save room for dessert. The amount of beef on the skewers was pretty generous, each piece was plump and tender but it was the pile of ridiculously addictive potato fries that has us wishing for more!

I love miso cod, it’s my weakness whenever i see it on a menu so of course I had to order the Marinated Miso Cod ($36) which was fricken delicious tho would’ve liked more of it haha there was also cubes of silky tofu with curls of fresh coconut which was bloody awesome.

I cringed at the price of the desserts but our waitress convinced us it would be worth it so I chose the Snow ($16) which was a yuzu parfait layered with pistachio ice cream, topped with pine foam and nestled with pistachio and matcha crumbs. Absolutely beautiful presentation, pistachio + matcha is always a winning flavour combo!

Sabu is definitely a welcome addition to the neighbourhood! While prices border on the exxy side, the lovely service and food means we’ll return for that sashimi platter soon!

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  1. Such a fancy japanese place rocking up in parra! Love miso cod, but I find no place ever serves enough of it on the plate lol

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Sep 9, 10:21 AM    #

  2. I really need to get my butt out to Parramatta. Seems like there is so much good food to be explored out there!

    thesuzchef    Sep 9, 10:41 AM    #

  3. Such purty snow! I call this ‘new age’ Japanese :)

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Sep 9, 11:06 AM    #

  4. loving your pink hair! the presentation is amazing!

    milkteaxx    Sep 9, 11:11 AM    #

  5. Nice! Will have to keep this place in mind when I’m craving for Jap but don’t want to go all the way into the city for it. Those cigars look awesome!

    Phuoc'n Delicious    Sep 9, 03:35 PM    #

  6. Everything looks so vibrant and colourful but Im totally sold on that dessert!

    Martine @ Chompchomp    Sep 9, 05:21 PM    #

  7. innovation in suburbia thumbs up!

    char    Sep 10, 01:17 PM    #

  8. UM wow, it certainly looks fancy! I’ll have to visit soon….. but I can never seem to pass up Circa!

    Jennie    Sep 10, 04:42 PM    #

  9. Gah. Love miso marinated cod. So fancy, lah, but I bet you licked that sesame powder clean :)

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Sep 10, 06:29 PM    #

  10. Love the quirky cigar dish! and the dessert looks so purty!

    ironchefshellie    Sep 10, 09:17 PM    #

  11. I heard there was a new Japanese restaurant opening in Parra. Your pics of the food look delish. Mental note to check it out since Parra is in my vicinity!

    Cindy (A Foodie's Joy)    Sep 11, 12:17 AM    #

  12. haha! those cigars look so awesome!!
    i did think they were dessert too!! but … bahhh … FOOD IS FOOD CASSIE! hahaha!!

    Cassie @ Next Stop: Food    Sep 11, 10:32 AM    #

  13. The food looks so delicious!! I just love the look of everything YUM!

    GourmetGetaways    Sep 11, 08:24 PM    #

  14. Oh my, saw this tonight on my way down Church St, did look nice (but pricey!!)

    Will have to give it a try!

    Lawrence @ Fight The Craving    Sep 12, 02:14 AM    #

  15. Wow – pricey for the sizes but that presentation is gorgeous!

    Chris    Sep 12, 02:32 PM    #

  16. been a while since a visited your blog!!! shame on me! LOVE the hair still :D that cigar starter looks amazing. I love cool food ;)

    catty    Sep 12, 04:51 PM    #

  17. Go Parra! Glad to see Parra’s got a new awesome Jap place. Can’t wait to try!

    Ramen Raff    Sep 14, 10:15 AM    #

  18. Very happy to see a new Japanese place open in Parra. Will definitely check this place out with my family. Love that Snow dessert. anything with matcha is a win for me too :)

    Chris @ MAB vs Food    Sep 14, 09:56 PM    #

  19. I wanna try it now lol…

    Jem    Sep 15, 02:37 AM    #

  20. sabu cigars???? that’s so cool!

    Food is our religion    Sep 15, 10:32 PM    #

  21. I may take up smoking if all cigars are like this. cool and quirky, I like :)    Sep 20, 03:10 AM    #

  22. Finally a Japanese place in Parra! Looks good! Dessert especially :)

    Potato Princess    Sep 29, 11:31 AM    #

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