Henri Marc, Penrith

29 September 2013, 23:42

Caramel on toast ($4.50). Say whaaaaat? Just look at it. Gaze at its beauty and rejoice in happiness that Henri Marc (438 High St, Penrith) has brought this creation to the lucky peeps out west. A fat slice of sourdough is drowned in the most incredible salted caramel sauce and it was just so delicious that it just blew my mind. And seriously only four and a half smackerooneys? Totally worth the trek guys! I am totally in love with this place!

I first heard rumblings about a sexy new cafe from Mike Eggert and after a quick google search I was drawn to the beautiful photos over on tea-vie.com. My first visit to Henri Marc was with Ramen Raff for a long overdue catchup and then because I was dying to try more of the menu I dragged Noods along over the weekend hehe so don’t freak out that this post has heaps of food :P

On my first visit I was intrigued by the Rabbit Hole Organic tea ($4.50). I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of tea, I mean, I’ll drink it and oddly I prefer drinking tea if I’m eating cheese but yeah I just couldn’t resist ordering the Banana Split tea and freakily it smelled exactly like perfectly ripened bananas with a hint of vanilla! Noods tried the Licorice Allsorts tea and while he loved the smell he thought it tasted a little too much like Sambuca and had to order the Salted Caramel Milkshake ($7) which I immediately fell in love with and ended up sneakily downing the contents.

Duck eggs, prosciutto and toast ($10). Tee hee the eggs are looking at meee! I much prefer the taste of a duck egg to a normal hen egg as it’s richer and creamier and made for the perfect breakfast slathered onto the buttered sourdough. Oh and that prosciutto baked to a crisp pretty much disappeared within seconds and I may have asked for another slice to nibble on later..

Egg and Bacon ($12). Gooey eggs + crispy bacon = amazing. Together forever! And much <3 to the sourdough bread that Henri Marc sources from Bakehouse On Wentworth in the Blue Mountains.

The Braised Brisket Roll, Mustard, Pickles ($13.50) was stuffed full of smoky juice dripping meaty goodness and it was all kinds of tasty though I kinda wished for a bit more fat because hey once you’ve tried Texan brisket you just don’t go back man!

We couldn’t resist the Roast Pork Belly, Apple & Cabbage Slaw ($16) which was beyootiful! The tile of crackling could have been a bit more cracklier but other than that it was pretty close to perfect with tender meat alternating with thin layers of delectable creamy fat.

Market fish, Chorizo Puree, Pickled Celery, Farro ($17). The fish of the day was sea mullet and it was phenomenal. Several bites later and the crispy skin fish with flakey flesh is destroyed and sitting happily in our stomaches. Noods loved the Chorizo puree but did say the amount under the fish slightly overpowered the delicate fish and I normally hate celery because I think it tastes like sadness but pickling them had me happily munching away.

A basket filled with sugar crusted donuts was sitting in direct line of sight on the counter and proved to be too much of a temptation at only $1 each. $1 each yo!! There is always room for fried dough! Freshly baked, these babies were light and was perfect to mop up any caramel sauce remnants.

Absolutely loved Henri Marc! From the quirky Surry Hills feel layout, to the down to earth and friendly service and of course the amazing food at ridiculously good prices, I know I will be back as soon as possible before word gets out and there’s queues around the block!

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  1. best photo to begin the post! im impressed at the dishes and it’s prices! and who woulda thought a place like this would be in penrith?! hope the queues don’t get too long.. haha

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Sep 29, 11:59 PM    #

  2. I’m surprised such a trendy place is hiding in Penrith! Must organise a trip to try it out sometime :)

    Excuse Me Waiter    Sep 30, 12:12 AM    #

  3. wow I wish it was closer to where I live!!! Definitely going to try convince the boy to trek it all the way there…….. tehe

    jenzyeats    Sep 30, 03:32 AM    #

  4. Errmahgerd I’m in love with the caramel toast and that crisped prosciutto! Also, the crackle on that pork belly was cracklier on our second visit (maybe they heard us whispering about it lol). Awesome catch up man! Love this place.

    Ramen Raff    Sep 30, 06:42 AM    #

  5. Celery tastes like sadness… Bahaha! Loved that line!

    Food looks great and the prices are fabulous – only $16 for that slab of pork belly?! Only in Penrith!

    Good to see that there are lots of cool food places stretching out west.

    thesuzchef    Sep 30, 07:17 AM    #

  6. This looks like a fantastic addition to Penrith’s food scene. I can’t believe the prices – so very reasonable. I just love the look of that pork belly which is what I would definitely order and I wouldn’t be able to leave without a few of those $1.00 desserts. One dollar? I can’t remember when I last was able to buy anything in any restaurant for only $1.00 xx

    Hotly Spiced    Sep 30, 08:44 AM    #

  7. Oooo! Penrith! Penrith is near me! (In a 40 min drive down the mountain kind of way). I have been meaning to explore Penrith though, so thanks for pointing me in a donut-y direction. :)

    Mary @ beyondjelly    Sep 30, 08:52 AM    #

  8. Next time I am out Penrith way to watch my sisters basketball I am checking this joint out. Hells YES to caramel on toast.

    angela@mykikicake    Sep 30, 10:18 AM    #

  9. bahaha I think celery tastes like sadness too. Those donuts look awesome!

    Jacq    Sep 30, 11:21 AM    #

  10. Dammit, want donuts now!

    Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse)    Sep 30, 05:51 PM    #

  11. The food here sounds amazing! And loving the rustic vibe they’re giving off!

    CJ    Sep 30, 10:30 PM    #

  12. Love the quirky plates and lol at the eggs! Did you turn their faces away while you ate them? Heh.

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Oct 1, 08:23 AM    #

  13. Ah the food sounds great!

    I wish it wasn’t so far away :(

    philsosophyy    Oct 1, 01:34 PM    #

  14. If I’m ever in the far areas of Penrith, I’ll be sure to drop by! Because that pork belly is calling out my name :P

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Oct 1, 05:25 PM    #

  15. OMG OMG OMG!!! the caramel and toast!! SAY WHATTTT????
    omg the poached eggs with bacon looks AMAZINGLY GOOD TOO!! dies

    Cassie @ Next Stop: Food    Oct 2, 10:07 PM    #

  16. Ahahaha! Celery tastes like sadness! That was gold. I cannot get over that caramel toast!

    Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy    Oct 3, 06:18 PM    #

  17. Really wish I was in Penrith right now! Ill be close to there soon so ill have to check this out!

    karl    Oct 4, 01:26 AM    #

  18. Seriously, everything in this post looks ridiculously tasty. I’m frantically trying to now find a date to head over there immediately and try everything. Great post.

    Amanda@ChewTown    Oct 4, 10:04 AM    #

  19. Drooling over that Caramel on Toast! =S

    From Across the Kitchen Table    Oct 4, 02:01 PM    #

  20. That toast looks so good! Everything looks so good! Yup, will make an attempt to go that far :)

    Eileen    Oct 4, 11:15 PM    #

  21. What a great addition for Penrith. I would travel from The Shire to try them out! The faces on the duck eggs are just too adorable.

    Sara @ Bellly Rumbles    Oct 6, 05:27 PM    #

  22. Caramel on toast – genius!

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Oct 8, 12:25 PM    #

  23. Who would have thought they’re bee a good cafe in my old hood. Defs gonna check it out.

    The Hedonist Life    Oct 10, 12:33 PM    #

  24. I’ve recently started working at Penrith and have been lamenting at the lack of decent coffee – most probably due to lack of time to explore the area. Thank you Chocolatsuze for finding this gem!

    — Angela    Oct 27, 11:16 PM    #

  25. Penrith! This looks so amazing. I’m so stuck in the Eastern Suburb and isn’t really big on exploring out west. Guess I should start my car and head over.

    Invidiaz    Nov 7, 08:03 AM    #

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