Super Easy No Bake Raspberry Mousse Cheesecake

14 October 2013, 00:24

So ok, I’m still loving how ridiculously bright pink my Kenwood Kmix is and I just couldn’t help making another pink dessert! I give you: an easy recipe for a cheesecake that DOESN’T use gelatin and doesn’t need baking! The filling is light and mousse-like thanks to the addition of whipped cream and with summer berries slowly lowering in price (I hear Aldi is selling punnets of raspberries for $4.99!) this raspberry mousse cheesecake will be a smash hit at your next gathering/dinner/party/shindig! Oh also sidenote, all our plants in our backyard died thanks to the combination of my green thumb being non existent and the soaring temperatures so Noods dug everything up and we now have a rock garden haha

Prep time takes about 15mins max but you do have to chill it overnight (or shove in the freezer for a couple of hours if you’re in a hurry) and yes because this cheesecake isn’t baked or use gelatine means it will melt if it’s heaps hot. I’ve tweaked a recipe from Very Best Baking and used my usual biscuit base.

500g cream cheese, softened (in above pic there’s only 1 block lol my bad)
1½ cups icing sugar
2 cups frozen raspberries, plus extra fresh raspberries for decoration
2/3 cup thickened cream
250g digestives biscuits (my usual brand is Nice)
100g butter, melted

1. Blitz the biscuits until nice and crumbly. 2. In your mixing bowl, dump in the crumbs, add the melted butter and mix thoroughly. 3. Tip the biscuit mix into a springform cake tin and press down firmly to create an even layer. Chill in the fridge while preparing the cheesecake mixture. 4. Blitz frozen raspberries.

1. Beat the 500g cream cheese with 1½ cups icing sugar until creamy (about 5mins on medium). 2. Add in the blitzed raspberries and mix until just combined. 3. Add in the 2/3 cup thickened cream and beat mixture until still peaks form.

Dollop mixture over chilled base and smooth in tin making sure there are no air bubbles. Chill overnight or if you’re in a hurry freeze for at least an hour.

When you’re ready to serve, carefully run a knife around the edge of pan before releasing the latch. Top with fresh raspberries. Aaand a dusting of icing sugar always makes everything right with the world :D

Have a delicious week guys!



  1. Ooooh def gotta try this baby out for summer. Love hassle free baking (yes I’m all for easy despite what I put myself through).. and lol at your rock garden – at least there’s less maintenance now :P

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Oct 14, 12:40 AM    #

  2. Omg that looks amazing! You make it look so easy :D

    JENisHUNGRY    Oct 14, 12:47 AM    #

  3. so the lemon plant finally was laid to rest LOL. At least rocks won’t die right? Love your biscuit base!

    Ramen Raff    Oct 14, 06:58 AM    #

  4. Love these easy recipes, especially ones that don’t use ingredients that I will purchase and then have loiter in my pantry, never to be used again – yes, gelatin, I’m looking at you!

    thesuzchef    Oct 14, 08:47 AM    #

  5. oooh, no bake and no gelatine! Will it melt easily though…? Love your cake stand too :)

    Tina@foodboozeshoes    Oct 14, 09:07 AM    #

  6. I would definitely be making more pink recipes if I had a pink stand mixer hehe. This looks fabulous and is perfect for breast cancer awareness month as well hehe

    Christine @ Cooking Crusade    Oct 14, 09:29 AM    #

  7. Yumm it looks so good. My favourite desserts are fruit ones.

    angela@mykikicake    Oct 14, 11:10 AM    #

  8. So simple and it looks so delicious!

    Eileen    Oct 14, 11:29 AM    #

  9. Yum looks great. Have you used McVites digestive biscuits before? Just wondering how that would compare to a Nice biscuits, biscuit base. McV isn’t available at my local IGA so if Nice is similar it would be an awesome replacement

    Sam    Oct 14, 02:21 PM    #

  10. YUMMM! I love cheesecake, but I’m not a fan of gelatin so this recipe is perfect! Definitely going to try this out soon! :)

    Kat @ KatCakes    Oct 14, 06:55 PM    #

  11. HOLY YES.

    Hannah    Oct 15, 02:42 PM    #

  12. the shade of pink of the raspberry filling totally matches the mixer! lol love the rock garden – no need for watering anymore!

    Jacq    Oct 15, 04:37 PM    #

  13. Thanks for the tip on the raspberries at Aldi, what a bargain! mm cheeeesecake

    Vivian - vxdollface    Oct 15, 11:01 PM    #

  14. Love a recipe that doesn’t require baking! Thanks for sharing your recipe :D :D :D

    Nessy Eater    Oct 16, 09:54 PM    #

  15. I love the look of this and I know I would love the taste! Your new rock garden makes for a beautiful background for food photography – win!

    Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy    Oct 17, 12:06 PM    #

  16. Pretty in pink! (also love a easy to make recipe)

    missklicious    Oct 17, 12:19 PM    #

  17. Everytime I see your mixer I get so jealous. Mine is red and it just doesn’t cut it. Love using the K mix though. Oh.. and your cheesecake is beautiful :P

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Oct 17, 02:52 PM    #

  18. It sure looks easy enough to make! The cheesecake looks beaut! :)

    Cindy (A Foodie's Joy)    Oct 17, 04:50 PM    #

  19. Looks gorgeous. is your blender for blitzing also Kenwood?

    — Tiffany    Oct 19, 01:47 PM    #

  20. The cake looks delicious! Very awesome that you have a rock garden now, so zen.

    Karman @ foodlee    Oct 20, 01:41 PM    #

  21. Love how you look pictures with the rocks. I love the juxtaposition of the cake with nature.

    Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate    Oct 25, 02:11 PM    #

  22. YUM! looks amazing!

    renee@chocolatepeanutbutterohmy    Oct 31, 02:56 PM    #

  23. This cake is so gorgeous it hurts! Love everything about it.

    Amanda@ChewTown    Nov 6, 08:44 AM    #

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