House of Crabs, Redfern

  11 November 2013

Seafood lovers we salute you! The parental units had been stalking me on Instagram and when it was announced that House of Crabs (Level 1 of Norfolk Hotel, 305 Cleveland St, Redfern) would be opening for a Friday lunch we made a booking and convinced Helen that she needed some crabs in her life heh

Crab time yo!

The dealio is you order your shellfish by the 500g bag and decide what sauce you want. There’s also snacks and mains should you not wish to partake in the glory of the boil. Bibs and gloves are provided and the staff encourage you to empty the contents straight on the table and get messy and dig on in. We opted to leave the seafood in their respective bags as we had different sauces and didn’t want them mingling and meant dunking the free slices of bread all the more easier!

The father unit totally wanted to order all the crabs on the menu (blue swimmer, king and snow) but we opted for the meat packed Alaskan King Crab ($45) with Cajun sauce which was ridiculously addictive with a kick of spice. The crab is a little creepy and reminds me of Aliens haha but hot damn it was tasty crab! The legs are cracked in the middle which makes it much easier for those who are weak and unable to break things with their bare hands.. Crab crackers and uber sharp scissors are also provided so you can break into the hard to reach areas and suck out the sweet sweet flesh..

The QLD Prawns ($25/500g) in the lemon & pepper sauce are fat, juicy specimens and lol because they are the easiest to eat out of everything we’d ordered they are the first to disappear.

We were curious about the Little Neck Clams ($20/500g) and tried the Oriental sauce but it was more spicy than the Cajun sauce so I had to give up after a single clam which meant more for the others much to their delight.

There was a blackboard special of Yabbies ($34/500g) which I knew I NEEDED in my life if only to squeal IT’S PINCHYYYYY! Generally yabbies have a slight muddy taste so we chose the Cajun sauce but we needn’t have worried and we fought each other for the last one using the power of our eyeballs.

Oh and we ordered a side of Lobster Fries ($12) because well, who doesn’t love carbs fries? A blanket of molten cheese drapes oh so lovingly over crispy golden fries and is topped with a smattering of bacon bits, chives and juicy corn kernels. And while wishful thinking had us hoping for lobster chunks we are happily satisfied with the amped up flavour of the lobster gravy.

I get my sweet tooth from the mothership and so we shared the Neapolitan Ice Cream Waffle which was freaking massive! Toasted waffles hug a fat cross section of the tri coloured childhood fave (and automatically bringing to mind the the scene of Homer Simpson opening all the tubs of neapolitan ice cream and realising the chocolate section had been eaten).

House of Crabs is my new fave place in Sydney and I loved the awesome fit out with fishing nets and buoys suspended on the ceiling, the bar in the shape of a boat, lovely service (no hipster ‘tude hurrah!) and of course awesome finger lickin food! The music at first was old skool uncensored rnb which is tops at night but luckily the staff clued in and switched to 80’s rock when a couple of groups of the older generation came in for lunch. Pitchers of beer are good value but I totally want to drink the Hurricane Fishbowl next time!

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