Brunch at Pinbone, Woollahra

18 November 2013, 02:12

It takes a lot for me to get out of bed on a weekend, or any day really cos sleep is awesome. And this gloomy rainy weather we’ve been having all week just made me want to burrow under the covers and never leave. But after stalking Mike Eggert and seeing some pics on Pinbone’s Instagram I knew I had to get to Pinbone (3 Jersey Rd, Woollahra) as fast as humanly possible for their once a week Sunday brunch.

The Bacon, maple, pumpkin tart ($8) was totally worth the drive from the burbs! Bacon + maple syrup = DELICIOUSNESS! I loved the the sweet pumpkin pieces and the incredibly flaky pastry which of course shattered all over me thanks to my ability to drop food no matter what. There was a refreshing side salad of mint, rocket, dill and chives but um after a forkful or two I turned my attention to:

The queen of all sandwiches, the Croque Madame ($14, side of fries $4)! Slices of ham are smothered in melty Gruyere cheese, sandwiched in crusty bread and topped with a fried egg. It was deceptively filling and I struggled to make it halfway before Noods happily took over.

There’s the usual bacon & egg rolls, museli and toast but Noods likes ordering things off the menu that he has no idea what the ingredients are and chose the Fregola, creamed corn, poached egg ($18). Turns out, fregola is a type of tiny, round pasta with a slightly nutty taste. We loved the bite of each grain and the pop of juicy corn kernels and gooey egg yolk innards makes everything right with the world. It’s just like a hug in a bowl- warm and comforting and so fricken amazing.

I don’t usually blawg a place that’s just opened but that fregola smashed it out of the stadium with its tastiness and there’s deeeelicious wines (the Pyramid Valley sparkling riesling tastes like sunshine!) so I want everyone to go there stat! Pinbone is open for brunch only on Sun 8am-4pm but I definitely plan on returning for dinner (Wed-Sat 6pm-late) as I hear the ribs and desserts are outta this world.

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  1. The fregola does sound tasty. Corn and egg yolk – how can you go wrong?

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Nov 18, 02:41 AM    #

  2. YUM. Looks good, love the sound of the fregola!

    thesuzchef    Nov 18, 08:49 AM    #

  3. I have been online stalking Mike Eggert too hehe. Can’t wait to check out Pinbone. Everything looks so good especially the fregola

    Chris @ MAB vs Food    Nov 18, 08:58 AM    #

  4. that fregola looks and sounds like a burst of sunshine – i could do some of that today…

    Chris    Nov 18, 12:29 PM    #

  5. That fregola would be so perfect right now.. it feels like winter just paid a visit again

    Dan    Nov 18, 12:39 PM    #

  6. The fregola sounds totes amaze! But a bacon, maple, pumpkin tart???!! Whoa! Mind blown.

    Ramen Raff    Nov 18, 01:14 PM    #

  7. love how noods just has to be different. but different can be good because it can sometimes turn out for the better which it did in this case (luckily) hahaha!

    Tina @ bitemeshowme    Nov 18, 03:16 PM    #

  8. That fregola sounds amazing!

    Karen - missklicious    Nov 18, 09:01 PM    #

  9. You had me at Bacon & Maple.

    Denny@feedmycamera    Nov 19, 10:18 PM    #

  10. Bacon and maple syrup!! YUM! I do love them fregolas! Discovered them when I was in Sardinia last year. Pinbone sounds delightful! :)

    Cindy (A Foodie's Joy)    Nov 20, 08:48 PM    #

  11. I want a hug-in-a-bowl! The tart looks amazing, too.

    Mary @ beyondjelly    Nov 20, 09:56 PM    #

  12. Bacon, maple, pumpkin tart sounds amazing, i would totes get out of bed early just for that!

    milkteaxx    Nov 20, 10:10 PM    #

  13. Mike Eggert and Pinbone convinced you and in turn, your description of the Fregola is utterly convincing – I’m on my way there this Sunday to have a bowl. Ta.

    Kelly @ MsBrulee    Nov 21, 12:56 AM    #

  14. Oooo Fregola. My Mum always buys me cool ingredients and this is one of them. It’s sadly still in its box though. What an awesome breakfast find!

    Cass @foodmyfriend    Nov 22, 09:59 AM    #

  15. OMG !! that Fregola soundss freaking amazinngggg!!!!
    So close to me, I have no valid excuse for not going! pwahaha!!

    Cassie @ Next Stop: Food    Nov 22, 11:34 AM    #

  16. omg look at that poached egg. I want to pop it so badly…

    Food is our religion    Nov 24, 04:52 PM    #

  17. Bacon and maple syrup is always a winning combination :) Was looovely meeting you at the picnic, thank you and Helen for organizing such great event :)

    Olivia @ mademoiselleinsydney    Nov 24, 09:50 PM    #

  18. Fregola is one of my favourite pasta types. Always surprises people. Love the look of the fregola dish… but am totally in love with the sound of that pumpkin and maple bacon tart!

    Amanda@ChewTown    Nov 27, 08:59 AM    #

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