The Fish Shop, Potts Point

  12 January 2014

So like, I finally ate the best cheeseburger in Sydney. It was so incredible that I literally went there 3 days in a row with Raff and Lex. What burger place is this you ask? Wellllll it’s at Merivale’s The Fish Shop (22 Challis Ave, Potts Point) haha I know, I know, what am I doing order a cheeseburger from a fish place and not eating fish?! But the Fish Shop was previously Lotus and Dan Hong’s cheeseburger was so beloved by all that it remained on the menu and finally I was in the area and made it my mission to try this mystical cheeseburger.

But first thing’s first, a beverage to wet the whistle! The Bloody Caesar ($16) is a delicious concoction and not to be confused with the Bloody Mary which uses tomato juice. Bloody Caesar’s use clamato juice (a clam-tomato mixed juice) and it is tangy, refreshing and with just enough kick from the vodka to wake me up.

Dan’s famous cheeseburger ($17) is such a beauty. I mean, just LOOK at it. It comes with a cup of golden fries too but the focus is totes on the burger.

Cross section! A super soft bun hugs a juicy medium rare patty, slices of pickles, crispy bacon, caramelised onions, a dollop of mayo and ketchup and a melty slice of American cheese caresses each ingredient with all the love in the world. Seriously is there anything better than melty cheese?

SO GLORIOUS! Don’t you just want to wrap your jaw around this right now? I do. Just one bite and I was in raptures. It was like my little brain exploded with happiness and all I saw was rainbows.

Ice cream sandwich & salted caramel ($9) is as pretty as a picture, the creamy mascarpone parfait is sandwiched with thin layers of chocolate sponge and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. I would’ve liked the sauce to be a bit more salted as it was a little on the sweet side but it was still damn tasty and demolished with ease.

I’m already planning my next cheeseburger fix and am not too sure when I will try other things off the menu with a cheeseburger that perfect calling to me…
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