The Tuckshop, Glenhaven

2 February 2014, 23:52

(Thanks for all the comments, emails and tweets about my Goong Goong guys! It’s been a rough couple of weeks but we appreciate all the love!)

So The Baron in Castle Towers is my favourite place in the Hills area to grab a bite to eat. Their peanut butter and bacon Elvis sliders on brioche are the bomb, as are their milkshakes and incredibly smooth coffees. Owners Mike, Ricki and Matt always have cheeky grins at the ready and they have teamed up with Parramatta Eels Nathan Hindmarsh for their second venture. The Tuckshop (78 Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven) opened over the weekend to the grateful cheers of all the locals and it’s freaking awesome.

There’s a communal table inside and some picnic tables around the side and when the boy and I swung by on their 3rd day of trading we luckily arrived just before the lunch rush. Check out the menu, pay at the counter, take your table number and grab a seat.

Drinks arrived first, my Malt Milkshake ($5) was super malty which was tops and Noods for some reason decided he wanted to be healthy and ordered the Green Smoothie ($7) which was made up of kale, spinach, berries, banana, mint and coconut water. All the hipsters (hah yes it seems all the hipsters out west were magically drawn here!) were drinking the green smoothies but eh GET THE MALT MILKSHAKE!

The menu has the usual tuck shop offerings but everything’s deliciously amped up- the Bacon & Egg Rolls ($11) come with house made tomato and onion jam, there’s Coopers Beer Battered Fish ($19) and the Hot Chips (s: $3.50, l: $6) are seasoned with old bay.

But it’s the burgers that have caught my eye, in particular the Cheesy ($10) which I doubled up for an extra $3 because I thought I was mega hungry. And it is glorious. GLORIOUS I TELL YOU!!! Lip smacking, drool inducing,

Golden brioche buns were soft but still able to keep their structure intact as my jaws chomped through fat, juicy patties with pink medium rare centres and melty slices of cheese. It’s the stuff of UNICORN LADEN DREAMS! The fries were pretty tasty too, I definitely prefer shoestring fries over fat chips. The burger was pretty hefty. Like, need 2 hands to hold it, hefty. And no I couldn’t finish it but that’s ok cos that’s where Noods comes to the rescue!

Noods zeroed in on the Southern Fried Chicken Wings in Frank’s hot sauce ($12) which had a crunchy batter, tender innards and a hot sauce that bordered on oh god this is spicy but oh man so tasty and I can’t stop dunking into the aioli. I avoided the celery because it’s the one vegetable that I have issues with but Noods loves them and reckoned they helped his tongue from burning.

I was hoping to grab the House made soft serve ice cream with a curly wurly ($3.50) but sadly the machine had carked it. As I was deciding what to get instead, the fabulous Karen and Shaun arrived where I promptly nabbed a bit of their tasty Slow roasted pork roll with siriracha and house slaw ($13).

All the cakes, tarts and slices are baked on the premises but had sold out already so I ordered a fresh coconut ($6.50) and strawberry milkshake ($5) to tide over my sweet tooth.

I’m super glad that there’s another place out in the hills to get my coffee and cheeseburger fix! There’s plenty of parking here so I can choose to avoid the horror that is Castle Towers car park lols get your butts over here and try the cheeseburger!

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  1. Errmahgerd! That cheeseburger looks so legit and so boss!! I need to get my butt here ASAP.

    Ramen Raff    Feb 3, 12:44 AM    #

  2. Maaaaan that double cheeseburger looks amazingly cheesy woo!

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Feb 3, 02:23 AM    #

  3. Yay the hills are coming alive finally! We definitely need more local joints like these. I predict many lazy cheeseburger/milkshake lunches in the future.

    Karen | Citrus and Candy    Feb 3, 04:15 AM    #

  4. You always give me burger envy! haha damn it looks good and with proper American cheese cheese :D

    Vivian - vxdollface    Feb 3, 10:30 AM    #

  5. lol I can’t believe that Noods got the green smoothie but then he ordered the fried chicken so it’s ok, we can still be friends. Hahaha

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Feb 3, 10:39 AM    #

  6. Oh my gosh!! That burger looks way way way too good!

    Sarah    Feb 3, 12:44 PM    #

  7. Very intersting that Nathan Hindmarsh is a part owner. And double cheesy looks awesome! I will need to get my butt there soon, like everyone else!

    Chris @ MAB vs Food    Feb 3, 01:50 PM    #

  8. Same with the whole celery thing! But I’ll take that southern friend chicken any day.

    mr.C    Feb 3, 02:57 PM    #

  9. those wings!!!

    milkteaxx    Feb 3, 03:04 PM    #

  10. That’s one good looking burger! And who needs green smoothies when there’s milkshakes to be had!

    Jacq    Feb 3, 05:16 PM    #

  11. My husband can’t get his head around The Baron guys (aka Roosters supporters) opening a cafe with an Eels player…LOL. Men! As for me, that cheeseburger looks good.

    Miss Piggy    Feb 3, 06:22 PM    #

  12. OMG Suze! The cheese burger looks amazingly tempting! I want to go there ASAP after reading your blog! :)

    Cindy (a foodie's joy)    Feb 3, 09:45 PM    #

  13. look at that burger. ‘nuff said!

    tina @ bitemeshowme    Feb 4, 10:18 AM    #

  14. That burger looks freaking awesome. First you post Dan Hong’s burger at the Fish Shop and now THIS! I really need to try both of them. Keep the burgers flowing!

    Vinnie @ Jarhead    Feb 4, 12:08 PM    #

  15. I cannot wait to try it. Is it in the little group of shops near the school?

    Carly @Sweet as Plum    Feb 4, 06:08 PM    #

  16. Carly: Yup! Glenhaven Court I think it’s called?

    chocolatesuze    Feb 4, 06:17 PM    #

  17. I’m looking at that picture of the hot wings and I’m salivating. It’s 11 o clock at night and I feel like hot wings. I blame you. =)

    Tammi@insatiablemunchies    Feb 4, 10:49 PM    #

  18. There it is! There’s that amazing burger which I stalked on twitter, followed by some amazing looking buffalo wings too.

    Big Yum!

    Alice    Feb 6, 11:35 PM    #

  19. That cheeseburger!!!! I need that right now!

    Denny@feedmycamera    Feb 9, 12:11 PM    #

  20. Oh Hai Ms Citrus & Candy! Burgers look great Suze, though, really couldn’t do the kale smoothie Noods style, nup, nope, nahuh.

    Sara | Belly Rumbles    Feb 16, 05:25 PM    #

  21. I have a family from port Macquarie coming to sydney over the Easter weekend to attend the Easter show and go to the stadium for the eels v tigers match

    My question to you is Nathan attending the shop during this period as I would love to take them there to meet him and get autographs/ photos in an endeavour to really make their weekend
    Hoping to hear a favourable reply

    — Ray glanville    Apr 8, 09:53 PM    #

  22. Hi Ray
    Sorry but this was just a review of the shop, I’m not sure when Nathan is there. If you want you can contact the shop, their number is: 02 8850 5549

    chocolatesuze    Apr 8, 10:22 PM    #

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