Brighton The Corner, Petersham

13 July 2014, 22:09

Brighton on the Corner
I heart crumpets. Their purpose in life is to be fluffy and soak up whatever topping is drizzled on top and generally just make everyone happy. Am I right? So I convinced my brunch buddy that we needed to visit Brighton The Corner (49 Palace St, Petersham) for brekkie for the House Made Crumpets ($14). And they were beeyootiful with caramelised pears, quenelle of Dulwich Hill honey butter and a light dusting of cinnamon. The crumpets are on their all day menu but I hear every now and then they sell out so get there early or be prepared to experience crushing disappointment!

Brighton on the Corner
Raff ordered the Braised Brisket ($17) and I immediately had food envy. Luckily we have an unspoken rule of sharing or we would not be friends haha :P

Brighton on the Corner
The brisket was tender and rich and the shards of golden potato hash along with the perfectly poached egg lifted me to my happy place. There was some mojo verde on the side to cut through the richness, and onion rings with ethereally light batter crowned the lot. Perfect comfort food for winter!

Brighton on the Corner
By the time we’d finished eating it was 12pm which meant the lunch menu had just started and Raff was super keen to try the Pork Belly Sandwich ($11) with fennel and quince paste. While the pork belly was nice and tender, we both wished that there was just a bit of crackle because well, crackle makes us happy.

And because I was still a bit peckish and wanted something savoury to balance out my sugar intake, I ordered the Hot Smoked Salmon ($17). I was envisioning a nice slab of salmon but what came out instead was a salad of pickled radish, fennel, peas, quinoa and topped with a gooey poached egg. The salmon is smoked inhouse and it was super tasty but oh how I wished there was more of it! I normally have issues with pickled things but I was in love with the pickled radishes and searched desperately for each and every piece and the pop of the fresh peas was just so addictive!

Brighton on the Corner
Oh and here’s our drinks, a piccolo latte ($3.50) to wake me up and a refreshing Watermelon and Basil house made soda ($4.50).

Brighton on the Corner
The service is attentive and friendly without the hipster ‘tude. The kitchen does get a bit smashed when it’s busy but the food is amazing so it was worth the wait.

Brighton on the Corner
There’s plenty of street parking and it’s just a 5min walk from the station which is win.

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  1. Those crumpets have been showing up on my Instagram a lot lately. Must go and try it!

    Chris @ MAB vs Food    Jul 13, 10:30 PM    #

  2. The crumpets are amazing aren’t they? Once you’d had homemade ones you can’t go back!

    Helen (grabyourfork)    Jul 13, 11:20 PM    #

  3. Oh man! Those crumpets were off the hook. Dayum! Brisket was so amaze!

    Ramen Raff    Jul 14, 12:08 AM    #

  4. This place looks charming. I heart crumpets too, and wow, them sweet house-made crumpets look damn good!

    Padaek    Jul 14, 02:59 AM    #

  5. Very clever, wait til the lunch menu kicks in just to eat more! :)

    Gaby    Jul 14, 08:04 AM    #

  6. mmm tasty looking crumpets!

    Jacq    Jul 14, 01:23 PM    #

  7. those crumpets!! HAHA food envy! i know that feeling!

    Cassie | Journey From Within    Jul 14, 01:33 PM    #

  8. Omg! The food looks incredible! I’ve never had crumpets before, but now I really want to try!

    Stephanie    Jul 14, 01:48 PM    #

  9. Oh god, I LOVE crumpets too. Those bad boys look gorgeous.

    Amanda @ Chew Town    Jul 14, 07:37 PM    #

  10. This place has been on my list ever since I found out they did cruffins. Looks like they’ve got lots more going for them – Penfolds, seriously? Wowwwww.

    Michael Shen    Jul 14, 08:19 PM    #

  11. How could anyone deny a good crumpet. Those ones look super tasty :)

    angela@mykikicake    Jul 14, 09:47 PM    #

  12. Was the wait ridiculous like I’ve heard from others? Luckily my friends know to share too!

    C @ delectablydegusting    Jul 14, 10:04 PM    #

  13. Wow brisket looks good!

    The Sydney Noob    Jul 14, 11:44 PM    #

  14. next time I’m back at home in Sydney i will definitely be attending this place, i can never go past a good brunch place! thanks for sharing!

    Thalia @ butter and brioche    Jul 15, 09:25 AM    #

  15. mmmh I’m a sucker for brisket :) and these crumpets look delicious!! Last time I tried making my own crumpets, it was a complete fail!

    Olivia @ mademoiselleinsydney    Jul 15, 12:08 PM    #

  16. Looks great! Might visit this weekend. :)

    Yvonne Tee    Jul 15, 05:05 PM    #

  17. Mmm brisket! And yup crumpets definitely makes me happy too :)

    Felicia @ Next Stop: Food    Jul 16, 12:04 AM    #

  18. A little bit of sugar never hurt anybody :P The watermelon soda sounds super good!

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir    Jul 16, 12:36 AM    #

  19. AWESOME find, thanks for sharing! I’m in the area on Friday and was wondering where to go for lunch – now I know!!

    Nagi    Jul 16, 09:51 PM    #

  20. so need to go to Petersham more often for all those new cafes. all the dishes that you had look really yummy!

    Annie @ The Random Foodie    Jul 17, 12:51 AM    #

  21. so many cool cafes in petersham, another one to add to the visit list!!

    missklicious    Jul 18, 07:39 PM    #

  22. visited this place today, was lucky enough enter just before the lunch hour and sat next to the kitchen. The food was amazing, loved both the crumpets and the salmon. After Marrickville, Petersham will be the next cafe destination!!

    Neel @ Spice Sugar and Soda    Jul 20, 09:35 PM    #

  23. yeah definitely needs more smoked salmon in the salad, you can barely see any haha!

    Vivian - vxdollface    Jul 24, 01:13 AM    #

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