Barbecue at The Oxford Tavern, Petersham

  9 August 2014


So dreams of a good ol american barbecue and drooling over Jamie’s pics led the boy and I to The Oxford Tavern (1 New Canterbury Road, Petersham) and followed the sweet sweet smells of smokey meats being cooked low and slow.

We made our way out back to the beer garden and queued up at the window near the meats. The barbecue is available only on the weekends from noon until sold out or there’s the normal menu of tacos, pizza, burgers etc that you gotta order from the bar.

The menu is on the wall opposite the meat land and everything is available by the 100g or by piece.

Point and choose time!

Brisket! Lamb ribs! Pulled Pork! 1/4 Smoked Chicken! Smoked Pork Snag! All the meats come with bonus side of buns and slaw. I asked for a bit of everything and paid about $55 for this meatalicious platter.

The Lamb Ribs ($6/100g), were my favourite of the lot- smokey, sweet and with meat falling off the bones made for finger licking happiness. The Smoked Pork Snag ($7) was also a winner, the blistered skin giving way to juicy and fatty innards with just a hint of spiciness.

Noods found the ribs too fatty and instead was enamoured with the 1/4 Smoked Chicken ($8) and Pulled Pork ($6/100g).

The Brisket ($8/100g) isn’t quite as melt in the mouth as Papi Chulo’s but is still tasty with an edge of caramelised fat. The pile of slaw is surprisingly addictive and provides acidic relief from the onslaught of meat.

We smashed our platter and also got the mega Dino Rib ($8/100g) that was tender and also the Burnt End Beans ($6) which was all kinds of soul comforting for the tail end of winter. I found the buns a tad on the dry side so ended up dunking into the beans which made everything right as rain.

Hot Sauce. For someone who fails badly in the spice-o-meter, I was scared to try the hot sauce. Buuuut I am a sucker for pain so gave them a go and was pleasantly surprised that while both were spicy, they had a good tangy burn. I loved that each table had a roll of paper towels haha the ‘cue at The Oxford Tav is all about digging in, enjoying the meats and not worrying about getting your hands dirty!
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