Yasaka Ramen, Sydney

  2 November 2014

This my friends, is the queue for free ramen at newly opened Yasaka Ramen (126 Liverpool St, Sydney). Also note that it was fricken 35C! Noods had been eying this ramen joint for the past 2 weeks but had been too slammed at work to go for dinner so we cleared all our plans on the weekend to make the trek into the city and meet up with Will (hi Will!) for lunch.

NO RAMEN NO LIFE, RIGHT NOODS? Nothing gets in the way between Noods and ramen. Not even 35C temperatures! Anywhos we found out through the book of faces that the first 20 customers score a free ramen bowl and the first 50 receive free ramen! We were lucky that we arrived early enough to be near the front of the queue before it stretched down the block past Machiato but unlucky because we just missed out on the free bowl boo the bowls looked so purdy!

At the front of the shop there’s a window that looks into the kitchen of what seems to be a noodle making machine, we didn’t see anyone making the noodles but maybe they’d made all that they needed when we visited? It’d be cool if they made their own ramen noodles, I’ve only ever seen udon being made before!

There’s about 10 seats at the bar but plenty more upstairs.

We were seated upstairs but man I wished we were downstairs to watch all the kitchen action! Like watching takoyaki balls being made!

We scored free iced tea that was sweet, refreshing and most importantly, ice cold.

Ramen timez! We were able to get free Tonkotsu Shoyu ramen which is what Will got but Noods and I wanted to try different ramens off the menu and didn’t think we could eat an extra bowl of ramen each just because it was free lol so we ended up paying for our ramen on a day where ramen was free hahahaha logic we haz none. There are 7 types of ramen (Yasaka Original, Egg Ramen, Grilled Chashu Ramen, Kakuni Ramen, Double Grilled Chashu Ramen, Corn Ramen and Spicy Leek Ramen) and 3 different broths (Tonkotsu Shoyu/Soy, Tonkotsu Shio/Salt and Tonkotsu Miso).

Will’s Yasaka Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (normally $12.80) with extra Chashu ($2) and egg ($2). He gave the ramen a thumbs up and he slurped up his bowl with ease. I nicked some of his broth (hey you eat with me your food is fair game :P) and loved the broth which was thick and rich but not Gumshara hectic rich and didn’t make us feel thirsty afterwards.

Noods went for the Grilled Chashu Tonkotsu Shio Ramen ($15.80) with egg ($2) because a ramen without a gooey egg yolk is just crazy talk. I managed to try quite a bit and loved the melt in the mouth slices of fatty pork mmm and I think I preferred the Shio over the Shoyu just by a smidgen, the broth seemed richer? Or I may have imagined it. Either way we both agreed that we’d go back and happily order either of them.

Aaaand then there was my ramen, Kakuni Tonkotsu Miso Ramen ($17.80) with egg ($2). I’m still not entirely sure why I ordered the miso based ramen. Normally I don’t like miso based ramen and I think I was kinda hoping for a light miso soup with porky flavour but unfortch the flavours seemed out of whack with the simmered pork soft bone which while incredibly tender and with unctuous pockets of fat, had a super sweet sauce. I’ve had kakuni before and I know it’s meant to be slightly sweet but this was crazy sweet like I was eating dessert? Eh. Ah wells I still loved the noodles, firm with the perfect bite and of course the gooey egg was win. And corn! I heart corn! It’s my favourite non digestable food product!

So yeah, I’m happy to add another ramen joint to the list in Sydney! Yasaka doesn’t hold up against my alltime fave Gumshara (tho really Gumshara is in a league of its own) but I would definitely go back and super keen to try the rest of their menu which includes Curry Rice, Don, Ikayaki (squid pancake) and of course the Karaage!

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Yasaka Ramen
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Mon – Sun: 11:30am – 10pm

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