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  9 November 2014

I drink a lot of juice. I know it has a lot of (natural) sugars but I figure it’s better than drinking soft drink and at least I’m getting some kinda nutrition right? I’d been toying with buying a juicer for a while now but have always canned the idea because everyone always says juicers are a b!atch to clean and you’ll use it once before you shove it to the back of your cupboard.

But then the lovely people at Crazy Sales offered to send me a juicer and I get to give one away to my readers and I was like, well hey, awesome! So this Stainless Steel Slow Juicer (RRP $129.95) has been given one helluva workout these past couple of weeks, basically I’ve been juicing everything in sight! Keep on reading for your chance to win!

So this juicer uses low speed extraction method which basically means the juicer extracts instead of grinding and ‘retains all the nutrients and enzymes for a healthier natural juice.’ The juicer is only 6.25kg so it’s super light to lift and store but has non slip silicon suction feet so it won’t move while you’re juicin’.

So first I made a giant batch of fruit punch because it’s almost summer folks and I can’t wait to drink bucketloads of this stuff at the beach! Watermelon, pineapple and oranges ftw!

Aaaaand a can of lemonade to make it fizzy (because I didn’t have soda water) and a generous glug of vodka 😛

Fresh oranges juice is da bomb. I bought 5kg of oranges, peeled and halved them, chucked into the juicer and boom enough juice to last me a week.

There’s separate containers for the juice and for the pith which is awesome and just enough pulp goes into the juice.

I hate eating green apples but for some reason I love them as juice.

To make it super healthy you could probably chuck in some cucumber, kale, spinach or other green things but I’m not quite there yet haha

Hipster mugs!

The parts are ridiculously easy to wash. No blades to cut myself on, the juicing screw and the strainer wash out super easy and there’s a toothbrush sized scrub brush in case anything gets stuck in the chutes.

So are you ready to win this awesome Stainless Steel Slow Juicer from Crazy Sales? All you gotta do is leave a comment on this blog post answering:

What would be the first thing you juice with the Stainless Steel Slow Juicer AND why?

The most delicious sounding entry will win this prize! You can enter as many times as you like, but you must be an Australian resident. Please enter a valid email address, it will not be made public and you will only be contacted if you win. Competition closes Monday 24th November 2014, 10am AEST. Good luck!
Congratulations to Mary for your entry! I will be emailing you shortly to get your details to send you the juicer!

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