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  30 November 2014


I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for me to visit Sedap (Regent Place, 501 George St, Sydney) and I totally regret not visiting sooner! It was time for the weekly dinner with the family and we’d all agreed we wanted Malaysian food and the brother unit suggested Sedap because they had Penang Assam Laksa ($12). Not many Malaysian restaurants in Sydney do a decent Assam Laksa (Petaling St is still my fave) but Sedap’s is pretty bang on with the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy with heaps of pineapple, red onion, cucumber and chilli in the tamarind soup. There’s a huddle of slippery noodles and fish and thick shrimp paste sits in a spoon so you can mix in as little or as much as you like. Noods reckons the bowl is tiny but then, he’s an assam laksa eating machine.

The Chicken Laksa ($11) is also a tad on the small side, it’d be perfect size for lunch but for dinner if you’re wanting something substantial you might want to get something else to eat. But it’s tasty, rich and comforting and brought sparkles of happiness to shirloshirl’s eyes.

The Cereal Prawns ($20.80) are crazily addictive, each prawn was coated in an oat cereal batter then deep fried and KABOOM! FLAVOUR EXPLOSION! The prawns are fresh and juicy but it’s the rubble of cereal crumbs that totally has my heart instantly craving for more. I may have sneakily devoured about 80% of this plate by myself 😛

The Steamed Hainan Chicken ($12) is not as silky tender as Temasek or Istana but for 12bux it’s pretty awesome, though we sorely missed the usual accompanying ginger & shallots dipping sauce you would normally get. There’s also a pile of bean sprouts under the chicken if that floats your boat.

Ginger & Chilli Water Spinach ($12.80) met my daily requirements for leafy green vegetable matter. Hooray for health-giving properties!

I grew up watching the mothership make salted fish from scratch (and stinking out the entire house in the process) and our family absolutely loves the stuff so we had to order the Golden Rice ($12) which is basically a fried rice with ribbons of egg, prawns and lumps of salted fish. Just the right amount of salted fish too, enough that we got a salty hit every couple of spoonfuls but not too much that we were left thirsty.

We didn’t order dessert but there’s the usual Ice Cendol ($6) or Ice Kacang ($6.50). We did however order drinks, a Homemade Barley Drink ($3.50) for me and frothy Teh Tarik ($3.50) for the others. Next time I’m gonna get the Milo Dinosaur ($4.50), a mug of hot Milo with a crapload of Milo powder on top!

The tables are pretty close quarters but food comes out pretty fast and majority of menu items hovers around the $10-$15 mark making Sedap popular with the locals. I’ll definitely be back to try the rest of the menu!

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