Rupert & Ruby, Darlinghurst – CLOSED

  13 December 2014


With the amount of restaurants opening in Sydney, my To Eat List has been growing at a rate that even if I had unlimited funds I would need multiple stomaches. Sadly this means sometimes a restaurant may close and I am left cursing my singular stomach. Rupert & Ruby (78 Stanley St, Darlinghurst) is the second restaurant in Icon Park – the first crowd funded project dedicated to bars and restaurants and is nearing the end of its 3 month run.

The reason the eating machine and I were determined to visit before Rupert & Ruby closed? The Fried Chicken & Waffles ($24)! I mean, just look at it! ISN‘T IT BEAUTIFUL?! Two fluffy waffles are smothered with honey butter which created glorious pockets of melty sweet happiness. The generous scoops of creamy vanilla bean ice cream balances the sweetness and the golden pieces of fried chicken delivers the salty kick to your tastebuds with first confusion then joy. I dunno, I’ve always liked the sweet salty combo but I know it’s not for everyone. But maaaan dat fried chicken is ace! Perfect crisp batter and meat so juicy and tender my soul sung to the heavens.

We really wanted to try their burgers but since Raff had already made a cheeseburger for brekkie we opted for Ruby’s Wagyu Skirt Steak ($29) which was pretty fricken awesome and had us in raptures from the first bite. The steak was medium rare with a smokey char on the outside and just about melted in your mouth. There was also fat, juicy mushrooms hiding underneath and I loved the crispy yam chips and could’ve totally eaten a mountain of them. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I reckon I would’ve liked a little side salad or maybe some chimichurri just to cut through the richness? I know, I’m weak.

The cheesecake flavour changes every coupla days and todays offering was a Lemon Cheesecake ($15) with lemon curd, biscuit crumbs and fresh blueberries. It was the smoothest and creamiest cheesecake I have ever had! And lemon curd always has a special place in my heart. Right next to Nutella. And butterscotch. Aaaaand salted caramel.

There’s a whole bunch of cartoon dogs painted all over the place, with Snoopy out the front and Snowy from Tin Tin hanging out at the coffee station!

Santa’s Little Helper waiting for scraps under the table 😛 Sadly I didn’t spot Family Guy’s Brian Griffin but apparently he’s hiding in the corner somewhere.

I am extremely sad to see Rupert & Ruby go, they shut up shop on the 21st December so get in quick while you can! I will definitely have to hit Fat Rupert’s (249 Bondi Road, Bondi) to get more of that fried chicken action!

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