Terrigal Ice Creamery, Terrigal

  11 January 2015

I love ice cream. My increasing sensitivity to lactose has not put a damper on my adoration of ice cream and if you opened my freezer right now you would see containers and boxes all wedged in tetris style to fit in as much ice cream as possible. I have been lusting over this incredible ice cream sink from Terrigal Ice Creamery (6/18 Church St, Terrigal) for about 2 years now as the boy refused to let me order this to eat just between the two of us pfft!

Luckily the rellies have migrated over from Malaysia to Sydney and we introduced them to our favourite beach in Terrigal before I convinced them that they needed to partake in the age ol Aussie tradition of ice cream by the beach. I just didn’t mention how many scoops they were about to consume 😛 Terrigal Ice Creamery is 1 street away from the main beach with plenty of street parking available.

Wall of flavours!

The ice cream sink is $35 for 15 scoops, I was given an order pad and instructed to write the 15 flavours we wanted in our sink.

I’d first heard of the ice cream sink from @ffichiban, eater of all things epic and at last! My preciousssss! My selections were: maltesers, death by chocolate, hokey pokey, rainbow, salted caramel, oreo cookies & cream, white chocolate & raspberry, cookie dough, hazelnut, Ferraro Rocher, pecan caramel, macadamia, strawberry summer, apple sorbet, lemon sorbet and the whole shebang was topped with wafers, flakes, chocolate fudge and whipped cream.

The staff come out and take a photo of everyone who orders the ice cream sink and it’s displayed out the front which I think is a nice touch.

ATTACK! I loved the hokey pokey the most, followed by the Ferrao Rocher and then the salted caramel. These 3 were rich and sweet but not in the teeth-decaying-cloying way. The nieces had never heard of rainbow ice cream before and went silent as they attempted to extract that crazy neon hue. I’ll wait a couple of years before I ruin it for them and tell them what flavour rainbow really is heh.

School holidays means another trip to the beach and another visit for ice cream!

More chocolate was requested so we ordered: cookie dough, hazelnut, New York chocolate, Ferraro Rocher, pistachio, Bacio, chocolate, watermelon, chocolate chip, death by chocolate, milk chocolate, rainbow, pecan, snickers, cookies & cream aaaand of course the whipped cream, fudge, flake and wafers!!!

That Ferraro Rocher is the bomb! We weren’t too keen on the pistachio which had more of an almond extract flavour but eh 1 dud out of 15 is ok. One by one we ate as much ice cream as we could before slumping down in our seats with defeat. Except for Noods. He likes a challenge.

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